SunBôw’s latest interview on Twilight Epiphanies Radio, with Cindy Magnuson

SunBôw’s latest interview on Twilight Epiphanies Radio, with Cindy Magnuson: HERE

via Cindy Magnuson


SunBôw TrueBrother – The Sasquatch Message to Humanity
Author/History Keeper joins me to discuss the messages he has received in communication with Sasquatch, messages that began with this species in his own ancestry and as a young child. Our discussion focuses on the information regarding the development of our planet and the life forms that have come, gone, and still exist in other realms and as well in the memories stored in our own DNA.

“SunBôw received and transcribed these messages from an Elder Sasquatch named Kamooh in 2015 while in British Columbia, Canada. The Sasquatch People asked us to disseminate the information as it’s a message to the world for us each to do our part to save Earth and the human race! Our Sasquatch Elders want to “talk” with people in a powerful decision-making capacity because we must comprehend all the negativity that is happening and take a stand in creating a peaceful and environmentally-friendly world for a healthier planet in Spirit, Mind, and Body.”


SunBôw TrueBrother, a French Canadian man accepted by nearly 30 Native American tribes as being an Oral History keeper for the role he has taken in this life as a Sasquatch communicator, joins me to discuss the history of mankind, as he has received in communication with an Elder Sasquatch named Kamooh.

7th Show in the Series: “Our Altered Histories”

Through channeled messages, SunBôw has written the book Series: “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity” (Books 1-3), of which he joins me to discuss the history of life on our planet in the varying forms of life that were developed in conjunction with the Star Elders who seed new life forms working with the Divine plan of the evolution of souls.

Who are the Star Elders and how does one reach the status of Star People?  Who are the Lower Lords who deviate from the Divine plan and create division, war, control and domination?

The major categories of life that evolved on the planet: Fish People, Mer People, Ant People, Lizard People, Bird People, Sasquatch and Humans


SunBow can be reached via his website or fb pages:


To Purchase his book(s):

2018 Chewelah film

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