The Supernatural Sasquatch, documentary by Sasquatch Alberta

The Supernatural Sasquatch, documentary by Sasquatch Alberta

The research team at Sasquatch Alberta examines the possibility of Sasquatch having supernatural abilities, after witnessing and capturing on camera some strange phenomena on a call to investigate Sasquatch reports.

Visit Sasquatch Alberta’s newly launched website.

2 thoughts on “The Supernatural Sasquatch, documentary by Sasquatch Alberta”

  1. You are on the right track, but you shouldn’t ever go alone! They have advised me that they cloak them selves by using their hair to reflect the area around them! We can sometimes use our video cameras to see this phenomenon, by positioning your camera on you shoulders facing aft; where they can and do come out on the trail behind you and you just might be able to pick it up. Yes, others have done just this and have picked up some of very strange things. please be advised, these are a people of some kind; where some are good and some not so good, but you will know that differences, because they do send out their feelings regarding how they feel towards you!!! You just have to follow their lead on that subject!


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