Message of Guidance for our times, by SunBôw

Re-sharing a message of guidance for our times…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Message of Guidance for our times, by SunBôw

Where are we heading now? It’s up to every one us…

Prophecies fulfill. Dreams come true. Visions manifest. Signs appear. The White Buffalo has returned, Condor and Eagle reunited, the doors of the House of Glass were opened to the Indigenous Peoples, the four colors have come together, the last baktun was completed, the Rainbow warriors are circling, we are the 7th generation, the 8th Fire is being lit. What’s coming next on our walk towards Unity and Peace on Earth?…
Re-sharing here a message received in dream in February 2015:

Humanity is about to enter the hardest phase of its evolution since the beginning of its existence. It’s time for all the spiritually conscious Light workers, healers, wisdom keepers and medicine carriers to come together and unite as One. We must quit thinking as ‘I’ to think as ‘We’…

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Comments from viewers of SunBôw’s interview on Canadian Awareness, November 2022

Comments from viewers of SunBôw’s interview on Canadian Awareness with host Anthony, November 2022: @babsimorob7962: You can tell Sunbow is a kind human, as well that contact with these beings changed him forever. Great show. @jennyperkin4624: Sunbow’s books are breathtaking thank you Anthony for bringing him on the show. @skyehoefke3424: Thank you @CANADIANAWARENESS for sharing… Continue reading Comments from viewers of SunBôw’s interview on Canadian Awareness, November 2022


Gifting, altars, tree structures and spirit plates, by SunBôw

How to make contact? Re-sharing this post answering frequently asked questions with tips and examples from first hand experience…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Gifting, altars, tree structures and spirit plates, by SunBôw

Greetings SCENIC readers, as many have been asking about gifting lately, we will start this new year by addressing this practice of friendly exchange. Here are a few tips learned from direct experience with our forest Elders that could be useful for others seeking to establish contact and develop inter-species communication with Sasquatch.


First of all, do not take the habituation approach as if feeding animals or trying to lure them. Take rather the gifting approach, as if honoring respected Elder and wanting to make trusted friends. Absolutely no weapon should be carried and as little technology as possible. Phones and cameras usually shy them away or alter the quality of the contact, as they dislike being recorded. Don’t try to trick or fool them as they read our thoughts and it’s the best way to turn them off…

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GATHERING OF THE ANCIENTS: A Convergence of Earth Keeper Wisdom

The Gathering of Ancients is a 3-day gathering and campout to celebrate universal wisdom, ancestral knowledge, ancient teachings, nature spirits and each other as stewards and care keepers of Mother Earth. This convergence is hosted by the Children of Earth Coalition and is an expansion of the Sasquatch Family Reunion and Sacred Spirit Gatherings from… Continue reading GATHERING OF THE ANCIENTS: A Convergence of Earth Keeper Wisdom


Do Sasquatch attack Humans? by SunBôw

Reblog: Do Sasquatch attack Humans?… There are way more accounts of peaceful and even friendly encounters than there are of attacks. Sadly the mainstream Bigfoot world banks on sensationalism and promotes mostly scare stories and monster hunts. I know over 400 people by now who have had peaceful, friendly and often enlightening encounters and communication with them, including many Native Elders and medicine people, and only heard first hand of a couple of alleged attacks, which when studied turn out to be mainly fear based without any harm…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Do Sasquatch attack Humans? by SunBôw

I just wrote the following today to a friend asking me this question:

Sasquatch are people and they have the same emotions as humans. They are not all spiritual masters and there can be rogue individuals.

It is true that there are reported cases when Hairy Humanoids (Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, etc) attacked or killed people, but a deeper study into the subject shows that they were isolated cases among thousands of encounters.

Most often those alleged attacks were easily justified when for instance hunting parties were chasing them or people shooting at them out of fear. Many of those stories have been highly exaggerated and several simple sightings were interpreted as attacks, as documented in my encyclopedia.

What is less known is that there are more recorded cases of humans hunting, chasing, wounding, capturing and killing them than there are of Sasquatch harming humans.

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Sacred Sasquatch Symposium Virtual Summit 2/22/2022

Sacred Sasquatch Symposium Virtual Summit On 2sday 2/22/2022, seven Facilitators will share Sacred Sasquatch Wisdom from personal experiences, channeled messages, activations, healing wisdom, Earth stewardship, Soul and Consciousness Evolution and guidance for making personal connections. The event will be online via Zoom from 9:00am - 6:00pm PST with each of the seven sessions lasting for… Continue reading Sacred Sasquatch Symposium Virtual Summit 2/22/2022


Regina Meredith’s interview series with SunBôw

Re-sharing my interviews (3) with Regina Meredith from 2-3 years ago…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By SunBôw

Regina Meredith’s interview series with SunBôw

10/10/18: Yesterday I had another interview with Regina Meredith, the second one in person and 3rd one in a series started last year on the same date. It should be released on Friday next week. You can watch the first two interviews on these links:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Or on Regina Meredith .com.

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The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective, via La Luminista

Re-sharing this message from The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective, for those who might need to hear (or rehear) this…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Channeled by La Luminista, 2019, shared with her permission

The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective

This is the time of community, of coming together, hearts entwined. Standing as one in a vision of light, love and all that is. The coming times are recluse against what is to be. Pull together, ignite your inner flame. Bring community together. Pool your resources, and go back to the ways of old. Create your own reality within your community of love.

You are supported. You are nourished. You are endearing to us. We consider you precious cargo on this great planet of yours. Invaluable cargo. You are to illuminate the world, illuminate each other. Take each other into the fold.

You do not need to fear what is coming. You only need to fear the fear within yourself, that once extinguished will free your soul, and you will become the highest version of yourself.  Pull…

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Don’t look for us outside. Find us within.

Revisiting Sasquatch country on the West Coast…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By SunBôw

”Don’t look for us outside. Find us within.” This is the highlight of what the Sasquatch have been teaching me lately. I haven’t had time to write since my two week trip on Vancouver Island and the coast this month, but much happened. Apart from visiting fabulous places and natural wonders, beaches, old growth rainforest, caves, wild lakes and rivers along a trail of totem poles, with a cruise around the Nootka Sound and on four other ferries, it was a pilgrimage to the source within for recharging the soul.

The time available does not allow to describe in details the experiences and messages received, but I’ll share the highlights. Having had two life-changing encounters on the Island before, I was expecting some spectacular manifestation. But it came rather in the form of new connections and inner guidance, mainly about spiritual work on my Self.

At the Kamloopa…

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Shamanic encounters and teachings with ancestors, Sasquatch and Star Elders

Re-sharing this story from two years ago…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By SunBôw

Shamanic encounters and teachings with ancestors, Sasquatch and Star Elders

This is a rather long, but intense story that happened this weekend. Encounters keep happening on a regular basis, too often to report, but in such special occasions, the Elders ask me to share the teachings transmitted, for those who may benefit from them.

Last night we did a sacred fire and prayers on the ceremonial grounds by the river here. After some time, the spirits of the ancestors manifested visually and asked me to cleanse around and inside the sweat lodge with sage smudge. There was a whole crowd inside the lodge of many different tribes with a wide diversity of headdresses and regalia.

These were all the ancestors that have been joining us here in ceremonies since almost two years. They asked me to allow them to return home to their higher dimensions and bid them…

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