The Chehalis Recordings, from the Sasquatch to you

Re-sharing these Chehalis Recordings. I have recorded some sound tracks since in Australia as well, but will need to sort out and process the files…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By SunBôw

The Chehalis Recordings, from the Sasquatch to you

In a previous POST describing with photos my journey on the West Coast and on Vancouver Island this summer, I briefly mentioned my encounter with the local Sasquatch clan one night at the Sasquatch Crossing Eco-Lodge in Chehalis, from where the very name ”Sasquatch” originates and how they allowed me to record their voices. I’ve been hesitating whether or not to publish, but I’m guided to share these two tracks.

That second time I spent a night in Chehalis this year, between two and three in the morning, my attention was first caught by an insisting loud whistle calling me outside, where the shining eyes of the local Elder named Elconahtl, whom I had previously met, greeted me. For a long time I could hear grunts, whispers, mumbles, and voices having a conversation in the woods just a few meters…

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