Negative Conditioning

By Michael Bodewitz Monster movies portraying paranormal or other worldly beings coming to earth to kill humans or monsters in the forest give our forest friends a bad rap. This kind of media conditions people to see unknown beings as enemies or dangerous and out to kill us. We must not support this type of… Continue reading Negative Conditioning


Sasquatch Speaks, trailer of the documentary coming out on February 4th

Sasquatch Speaks, trailer of the documentary coming out on February 4th. Our friend Hale Mednik and Emergence Media finished the production of an excellent series of interviews taken with Sasquatch communicators at the 3rd Annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat in Chewelah, WA, this last September 2018. The guests interview are: Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis, Su… Continue reading Sasquatch Speaks, trailer of the documentary coming out on February 4th


Sound Recording: “Wisdom of the Sasquatch”

”Wisdom of the Sasquatch”. Poem by Ana Daksina

Timeless Classics


We without those white suits and guns must go
If wisdom of the Sasquatch we would know

“Wisdom of the Sasquatch” (1:27)


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Last week the Sasquatch gave me an interesting piece of information. It is what they call DEMing. DEM was given to me by them. It stands for Dna Energetic Modification. I was then told how it works. It is performed by a certain Sasquatch that has the ability to energetically take specific codes and elements… Continue reading DEMing

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“Leave it there”

A very neat connection happened the other day. I was reading book 3 of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity and put it down. "Leave it there" said a Sasquatch I did not recognize. I said ok and left it sitting there. "I will give you a page number when you meditate" said this mysterious Sasquatch.… Continue reading “Leave it there”