FBI releases documents on Bigfoot from records vault, June 2019

This is a great scoop to convince for those who doubt that there has been a cover up of Sasquatch evidence or that biological samples have been collected. Learning of this official report, we can wonder where did Peter Byrne get at least 15 tissue samples and why did the FBI covered it up.

FBI releases documents on Bigfoot from records vault, June 2019

Jun 5, 2019. Source: KHQ

WASHINGTON  – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a number of documents from their records vault on Bigfoot.

The documents date back to 1976 and 1977. They include letters between The Bigfoot Information Center and Exhibition (BIC) and the FBI Lab and paper clippings from Bigfoot sightings and phenomenons.

The letters outline inquiries from BIC, which researches, “the Bigfoot phenomenon of the Pacific Northwest of the USA,” whether or not the FBI Lab was analyzing an unidentified hair and tissue sample and whether or not it was linked to any other known species.

Letters from the director of BIC, Peter Byrne, were sparked by an article from The Washington Star News, with a photo of Sasquatch caption, “Recognition at Last!”

The article said, “a sample of reputed Sasquatch hair was analyzed by the FBI and found to belong to no known animal.”

The documents released outline how multiple people had reached out to the FBI after this article but the FBI were, “unable to locate any references to such examinations.”

The documents also say the editor of the publication, Dr. Steve Rice, was contacted in Seattle and asked where he received the information but he was unable to find his source.

In the early months of 1977, the director of BIC, Peter Byrne, had delivered 15 unidentified hairs and tissue samples related to his search for Bigfoot which the FBI agreed to examine.

1957 abominable snowman film

Photo: Scene from the 1957 movie ”Abominable Snowman”, depicting the Yeti Expedition in the Himalayas in which Byrne took part from 1956 to 1959, before leading the Pacific North-West Expedition hunting for Sasquatch for years, all funded by CIA’s Tom Slick.

5 thoughts on “FBI releases documents on Bigfoot from records vault, June 2019”

  1. So from the report it appears the hair was from the deer family? It appears to be another moshpos of info. This info doesn’t help those none believers. I know these grand beings exist and are alive and well on Vancouver Island. Dave


    1. This info is just the tip of the iceberg indicating that there has been a well organized cover up and denial of all evidences produced by governments and institutions. It’s a topic too wide and deep to be covered in any single article and mainstream will never address it. It will be covered in details with many documented facts in my upcoming book…


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