Channeled Message from Star Elders

Message channeled from Star Elders,  received by Kelly Lapseritis and translated by SunBôw, June 29, 2016…

”From heavenly kingdom we send good waves bearing abundant blessings. Shining Goddess Kianh’ray and Knowing Lord Tronak’ranon from (…), bringers of good, expert true wise magi, enjoy being your very good spiritual family kin, by Divine desire and power. For the benefit of all beings.”

”We have been remote viewing you, watching you with attention, sending you enlightening inspiration and sacred visions interdimensionally, from our realm to yours, awakening your ascending soul. We are connected in the same spiritual lineage eminently re-emerging as in the golden age of your Lemurian ancestors in the sector of your Solar system…”
This is how I translated the message received by Kelly tonight.
I copied and searched most of the words, answers came from Hindi, Thai, Korean, Japanese, etc… Lemurian born languages. This gave me clues, but most of the meaning is channeled.

Then I went outside and sure enough, the same star ship I saw with my Anishnabe friend last night is flying around again.

We are part of a greater cosmic Universal Family with countless relatives and many spiritual allies. We are not at the top of the evolutionary chain nor the most enlightened species and we have a long way to travel still on our path of awakening and ascension.

The following is the message exactly as Kelly channeled it:

”In diyka menon olaemin negak Kianh’ray and Tronak’ranon
jnygiem bone gosu drumaj gozzi baentinon blon katonje phralgorn bylorda kieodn ghuakar For the benefit of all beings foaoim yutranh slivyonta oietll senveiol aeironse ytlestomsei owoeihiil a hyuklan imenit kedoryj lemekenkh dydjat Solinae”

We are all relatives and interconnected. Blessings to all beings…

vimanas star elders

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