Vision of the Sasquatch Council of Elders, by Shekinah

By Shekinah

The Council of Elders

Today while in meditation I was shown something very very deep and sacred. There was a cave and in the back of the cave with a small fire sat a Council of the oldest Sasquatch I have ever seen. Not that I have seen many, but these Elders these Sasquatch are as I am told and shown The Council and are literally as old as time. The Council is male and female, mostly male also there was only that I could tell 3 females and about 5 males.

I don’t know where this cave is, in fact I do not want to know where for I would never want anyone not anyone to find that cave because people would just sell the access to people, teach people how to find them and not realize they were teaching hateful people accidentally which has happened before! No matter what I know one thing, I want nothing ever to happen to those beings, their presence is more sacred than anything I have ever come across, the love in their hearts is more powerful than anything I have ever experienced, all I can say is the vast expanse love that they hold and emanate is immeasurable and I would die to protect these beings. This is why I am told it is very private and in fact I was told you have to be shown this and it is I am afraid top secret due to people with illness who want to seek out this place and find the Elders for they are the Ancient ones, the Guides the Guardians of Earth’s Life Heartbeat.

As I sat in meditation, I felt the presence of joy and heard the Mamas singing, they love singing, and they are becoming very familiar to me now. They came in on a rainbow, the Mamas, they ride in on frequency much like a rainbow Bridge. Apparently, the energy of the climate change protest was so high that it opened up a portal. It was through this Portal that I was taken to the cave by the Mamas, they are like my new best friends, they show up regularly and seem to really like that I am taking their messages out.

The Mamas had contacted some Matrilineal ancient Mamas, the GrandMamas I guess you could say, for they were old, white, and much slower, also incredibly deep like as in don’t look in their eyes unless you are prepared to go travelling down the most exquisite rabbit holes ever. Major transmissions come from their eyes. It takes a lot of courage to meet their gaze. The GrandMamas were the ones who wanted me to see the Council of the Elders and they wanted me to take their message out. The timing was right; however, timing is not based on time but on frequency. Frequency they say either locks and blocks or unlocks and unblocks. It is my frequency they say that is allowing this all to happen.

Also, since I was in a group of very powerful Earth conscious beings standing, singing, and protesting for the rights of Mother Earth and the climate changes that we are facing, which they say is all being manipulated, but because there was so much love available and they loved all our children out there, they love children so much, they say children hold way more Spiritual Essence because it is drained out of us if we are not careful the older we get, so children just vibrate way more on the level of Sasquatch which connects them. The vision they wanted me to see was all about what is going on here on Earth.

It is all charges like electrical charges they say. Positive Negative. The Balance. The wheel within the wheel. The Heart, which is the Center, the Wheel of Life, the Zodiac, the Cog, the Heart, the Sun. The wholeness, Holiness has been fragmented, divided and pitted against one another. The Sacred Hoop has been broken but they say they are Mending it and the Sinew or thread is Love. They are saying right now we are so on the precipice the literal combination in the lock that has been placed on Gaia is almost unlocked.

Our energy is what is unlocking this giant Combination Lock. Once we unlock the code completely all the Evil which has been allowed to run its course will be wiped out like Penicillin. There will be a major pulse, a major frequency that will be emitted. The frequency of the pulse will go through the Earth through all the Underground Bunkers, tunnels, cities, and operations. It will go through the Galaxy and will be intergalactic.

They are gathering the frequency and they are asking for our Help. They have shown me some movements and are saying everything matters, everything emits a frequency, every frequency matter. Judgement day will be this Pulse. They say now your Life Purpose will be to help people become resonant to these Sacred transmissions they are giving me and to others to share. That is all I am able to share today.

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