“Bigfoot UNCLASSIFIED: An Unconventional Assessment” by L. Shane Land, Ph.D., founder of the Hominology Magazine

By L. Shane Land, Ph.D., founder of the Hominology Magazine

Coming in November, “Bigfoot UNCLASSIFIED: An Unconventional Assessment” by L. Shane Land, Ph.D. Join me on my continued journey into the Bigfoot phenomenon from an UNCLASSIFIED and unconventional perspective. As a former intelligence professional in both the US military and US government, I readily apply the “tools of the trade” and many years of real world experience to the phenomenon. “What do we really know about these beings?” is a question that is addressed throughout the text.

In what has been graciously described as a “truly unbelievable book that finally gives us more answers than questions,” I provide a comprehensive analysis to the released FBI documentation of not only 2019, but also 1996. This analysis reveals what I consider to be the most important evidence of US Government/Scientific involvement with, and the belief of, Bigfoot existence finally admitted to date.

Other topics covered include an extensive behavioral analysis of “Patty” as exhibited in the Patterson-Gimlin film as well as what should have been considered “lessons learned” from the Albert Ostman abduction. I go even further in providing a plausible, scientific explanation of the “cloaking” ability exhibited these beings which has been witnessed by so many. And if that weren’t enough, I’ve also discussed the possibility that these beings are, or are not, a form of modern day descendants of the Nephilim.

As Ron Morehead says in his eloquently written Foreword, “This book will not disappoint.”

Stay tuned for more information as the time approaches for the official release. Come over to Hominology Magazine’s page on Facebook and give us a like or follow us or, visit the Hominology Magazine website at this LINK.

Yowie Kincoil QL

Yowie statue, Kilcoy, Queensland, Australia

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