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Experiencer story, by Ashley Veenstra, from Alberta

Experiencer story, by Ashley Veenstra, from Alberta

I really do agree with most of your theories with our Forrest friends. I think we have very similar views!
Today I took my son out skiing to Nikiska and on the way home stopped at a location that a friend mentioned to me there had been some sightings. I took a walk on a small trail that led to the top of a hill to get a good view and make a call for them. My son was with me and it was about 4:30 pm. The sun was about to go down but the moon was out very bright out.
After some time we heard a Sasquatch howl over the road a mountain away and I could hear another one on the other side booming towards the tree line lower then us. We took a walk around and I found some interesting foot prints and or ice cast/trails. I will send you them and the video.
Today only two big guys around us and two sets of older tracks we found. I was whistling and talking to one in the treeline and he was whistling back, did a few rock clacks too. I think he isn’t much use to a female and little boy communicating with them around these areas haha.
We were there about 30-40 min but I had to go train a client in Calgary and it was getting cold and dark. I’ll return with an offering.
Do all Sasquatch families communicate>? Would they know my son and I from the other family I know well.
They are not to far away from them, about 1.5 hours through the mountains.
Well you can repost these videos and pictures if you like on your website…
Ashley Veenstra
Ashley 1 jpegAshley 2 jpegAshley 3 jpeg

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