To be or not to be, message channeled by Shekinah

By Shekinah

To Be Or Not To Be



As I write this my eyes fill with the salty waters of life; My heart my body my being reverberates in utter humility, honor, reverence, and love as I reflect on the power of the message I was given today.

As I was out on my morning gratitude walk, I began calling the directions of the Medicine Wheel as I do every morning in the forest, my church, really feeling an extra charge in the atmosphere causing my senses to stretch and my heart to open.

I felt the Sasquatch come and heard them as they always do some tree knocks letting me know they are there, as if the hairs on my body aren’t already standing up.

 They are so mindful, heartful, respectful. I know they watch me every day as I call the circle of life together and as I invoke the Sasquatch of the North, the Fay and Angels Winged Ones of the East, the Dragon Nation of the South, and the Mer Folk or Mermaids of the West and all my beloved kin of Star Nation Families who guide guard and walk with me, walk with us!

 Keera Anna, my personal Sister of the Sasquatch Nation who lives now on my land and I began communing and I let her know how much my heart has been hurting with all the loss of life going on in Australia, telling her and her crew who had shown up along with her … which was funny because I was like where have you been? I haven’t communed with my beloved friends for awhile, which ironically enough Keera Anna told me that she and the Guides and Guardians have been very very busy. She calls them the GGs.

I quote “The GGs have been very preoccupied as there are major advancements happening! We are moving timelines and dimensions much more quickly as there has been many decisions made recently amongst the Star Nations and the Galactic Council which will trickle down to your 3D.” More upon this later.

 I was crying trying to articulate my feelings which I knew she was already very aware of everything I was going through as we are bonded and one with one another so we can dream speak … share without needing words.

She understood about how I am so worried the Humans would initiate WW3, and how I just energetically had noticed there was a lot of darkness and despair in the collective consciousness just after the New Year and how it has really felt like an ongoing slap in the face having to wake up and exist in this Babylonian System where people are convoluted, lost, still fighting, still behaving like savages.

I expressed how I just wanted it all to be over to be done so that all my beloved relations; the trees, the snowflakes, the animals, the organic living breathing Mother Earth herself and all our Cosmic Family could be set free and released from the parasitic forces of the Black Goo Forces.

That is when Keera Anna began getting excited and just absolutely changed everything I was feeling as she called out “Stop Shekinah stop right now do not speak any further!”

Surprised by her words as she has never spoke to me that way, I let her explain and explain she did.

“The GGs have spoken; the time has come to be or not to be.”

Keera Anna had told me as had Sunbow my brother teacher and beloved friend, that Sasquatch Medicine is Honesty. They do not lie. They can not lie it is not their way. So, when they speak, listen, it is the truth coming to you.

“The GGs have spoken, they say that everything below 5D is all infiltrated with Viruses; Mind Viruses, Emotional Viruses, Spiritual, Psychic, Biological, and even worse the Assimilation Created within the Matrix of 4D and below is all hacked and programmed with all kinds of imaginable and unimaginable viruses. Viruses are lies. They are not true. They do not work on Sasquatch the way they do on Humans for Sasquatch can not be as easily manipulated as our way is built upon honesty so we can not be lied to nor can we lie. It is time to be of truth or not to be, for that is the question. To be of truth sets all the lies to be antidoted cured and reprogrammed to the original blueprints and the hack is jacked.”

She was so animated she was speaking a mile a minute and fully like a child on their Birthday Party, anticipating a super celebration with cake and presents too.

“The GGs have said that the time of lies are over. That due to the Free Will Experiment for humans being hacked and virused out of control, that Free Will does not any longer exist and that especially once we become forced vaccinated forced chem trailed forced contaminated beyond repair and are about to be forced to be microchipped and inserted into the false world matrix I Cloud where we will loose our humanity by becoming assimilated and forced into an artificial singularity which is all Draconian, Reptilian, and Grey in conception that this violates all laws; cosmic, celestial, spiritual, sacred, Earthly, and even man’s law. The Dracos Reptilians and Greys amongst others who have allied (and not all of them within those breeds have fallen to this evil scheme, many have opted out within those breeds and have become redeemed by reconciliation) that they are in major violation and are being taken down.

When the Black Goo Forces found out how to manipulate and hack the Free Will Experiment for Humans and began mind controlling humans and then forcing slavery and every other evil upon them by super imposing and graphing into human consciousness lies and illusions… that there was a time period of awaiting to see what we could do to Will ourselves out of the mess and that we finally just had successfully overturned the tides and overridden the negative control and have made the Black Goo Forces loose their grip of control upon consciousness itself and that now they are literally spiralling out of control as well as all their evil plans and plotting. We had; all the lightworkers, healers, star seeds, emissaries all had on behalf of the whole; willed humanity out of the hold and quarantine placed upon us. Humans have finally begun on large scales asking for our help and opening to us, the Guides and Guardians. Because humans have freely of their own will begun to reconnect with our Spiritual Families and align and attune into the frequencies of the liberation codes and that because of this they could now intervene on a major scale level and albeit we are.”

A huge wave of relief washed over me, she showed me many many visions, she showed me how all the news is lies, all the characters we think of as leaders are all liars. How Hollywood is all a lie, these fires are all lies, the sacrifice of animals all a ritualistic sacrifice not at all an accident and therefor a lie, lie upon lie. Our education, our history, our food, water, economy, all lies. The lies go on an on.

“As above so below as within so without, that is the holographic existence we all live in. So, there are wars on earth as there are wars in the stars, Star Wars. The powers of evil have convinced so many that Star Nations do not exist, they lied to you all separating you from us, your Spirit family. For we have had to watch and observe as humans fell under the spell of the witchcraft within the Black Goo Forces Black Magic. So, Shekinah there are wars within; wars within your neuroses and psychosis as there are wars without with friends, lovers, family, nation against nation, tribe against tribe.

Fear not Shekinah, the GGs are now taking the lies and liars and ending their ability to have any control or power they will be brought down, this is the way, this is the truth this is the life which we have shown to you … do not speak any lie that will poison or go against this truth … only speak of the truth and affirm and confirm truth. All life is sacred, all power is of love, all shall be revealed, and the truth shall set all free! No more propagating lies. A truth serum is pouring out upon creation and all illusions, delusions, and confusions … all veils are lifting all Maya is clearing as the Mayans were the timekeepers of Maya and their calendar ended in 2012.  Maya a Hindu concept means, trickery, fraud or deceit. Magic, jugglery or witchcraft which are all different forms of illusion that distract and deceive the senses. So, Maya as the Sasquatch say is the original lie, it is the “Glamour” of witchcraft, the Grand Deception upon humanity, and the prison upon our senses. It is the poison that infects our consciousness which causes us to lie, to weave lies, to believe in lies … such things as we are not worthy, we are not good enough, we are not sacred, that nothing is sacred, that we are the fault the blame of the so called global climate crisis which is actually all lies. That being said … the time of Maya is over!

Shekinah, the truth is that we are all of love for the Creator loves all Creation. We are the seeds that flower into life. One can sew seeds of deception and lies which will always hurt and cause suffering. When one lives in truth, they bring the end of suffering they bring answers and solutions and healing forgiveness reconciliation. You will be able to discern truth from lies when you feel into the effect of the essence of the cause, this is the way … Cause and effect is the causal and material planes. Create with truth and love and tell all who will listen to stop sewing seeds of hate of despair of lies. Go forth Shekinah and feel good feel into the truth for it will set you FREE and that is what all the GGs want for all Humanity … Like the Liberty Bell, it is time to seal the crack and mend the sacred hoop of life so that it can ring true.”


Our creation, ’tis of thee

Sweet lands of liberty

Of thee I sing

Land where my fathers and mothers died

Land of the native’s pride

From every mountainside

Let freedom ring


Our creation, ’tis of thee

Sweet lands of liberty

Great God and Goddess sing

Sing of the sacred truth

Sing of the amplitude of

Love and all that’s good

which the future shall bring



Great Earthly Kings

and all

Mermaid Queens

From sea to shining sea

Let freedom ring


Let Sasquatch, Fay,


Dragons all play

With Unicorns and Magic


Let mortal tongues awake

Let all that breathe partake

Let rocks their silence break

And truth no longer be taken and forsaken


Authors of liberty

Cocreators come now and join in clarity

Resurrect humanity and

Let freedom ring


Here is a prayer that I was guided to find to be a way to help make this so!

From the point of Light within the Mind of God, Let light stream forth into the minds of every person, every being. Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God, Let love stream forth into the hearts of every person, every being. May the Great Messenger of God return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known, Let purpose guide the wills of every person, every being. The purpose which the Holy Masters know and serve. Let goodwill and the will to do good descend on Earth.

From the center which we call the human race, Let the Plan of Love and Light work out. And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.




3 thoughts on “To be or not to be, message channeled by Shekinah”

  1. Thank you for sharing that inspiring and informative message with us Shekinah! These messages help me, for one, immensely and are very much appreciated, thanks to you and your sister!!
    Love, light and peace ☮️
    Mary R

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