Message from Kishchek, via Mike Bodewitz 

Message from Kishchek, via Mike Bodewitz

“Listen to my words carefully. Humanity is not ready to meet us yet. Look around you, there is much work to be done. If your people are not careful, their creation will be their demise. Humans are dangerous and unpredictable. They do not respect this planet and what is on it. They think they are above it and try to bend nature to their will. This is a grave mistake. Man must work with the energy around it in a collective manner and not force their energy upon it.”

“But I am also here to tell you there will be a time in your future when we the Sasquatch People will see the change in humanity and decide to reveal ourselves to you in an open manner. This will occur because of the humans that we trust and call family. These special humans who have a relationship with us will be the ones to bring humanity back to a point that we can coexist again. Now is the time to continue your diligent work with us and lead your people home. With love, I say goodbye for now.”

Elder Sasquatch

Sasquatch fire

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