From Igor Burtsev, veteran researcher from Moscow

From Igor Burtsev, veteran researcher from Moscow

In September, another expedition was held to hunt “Yeti” in one of the Northern regions of European Russia. The most interesting result of that expedition, in my opinion, was the loss of a quadrocopter used to search for and photograph FPs. According to my data, in the FPs’ clan that lives West of the Urals, specifically in the places where our expedition to establish contact with them took place, there are individuals that differ in their functions and hierarchy. There are some ones just strong and calm, demonstrating friendliness to people.

There is the head of a small family (growth about 7 feet, but very powerful, weighing some 200 kg). Further on, there is an elder of a small family, residing in another district, – he is quite wise. He is over 200 years old. He is already about three meters tall and weighs close to 400 kg. There are also healers in this family. And finally, there is an elder of the entire clan (residing in the third district). The total number of individuals in the clan exceeds two dozens.

But there is also a functionary of the militant type in the clan – a reckless individual, even a badass one. He often acts on his own initiative, runs into all sorts of adventures that do not always end favorably for him. Sometimes the elder gives him a task to deal with a human person who is a threat to them. So, this “militant” was recently sent specifically to the locations of the expedition to annoy its participants and the leader. (Apparently, the FPs felt threatened by this expedition.) And I’m guessing he’s the one who got hold of the missing quadrocopter. This fighter has already been seen by our informant a couple days ago with a small white quadrocopter.

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