The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1, Chapter 50

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1, Chapter 50.

Sasquatch said:

”So in the end, what does it matter to your Human People if my Sasquatch People really exists or not? Why can’t your controlled religions and limited science acknowledge the reality of our very existence? Is it because our presence proves that your scientific knowledge and spiritual understanding are wrong? Could it be that the recognition of my people’s existence could free you from the enslaving paradigm?”

”Knowing that my Sasquatch People does exist forces you to reconsider all your certainties and beliefs. Our very presence proves that you are not the only, nor the first form of intelligent life with spiritual consciousness on this home-planet, even less so in the whole Omniverse of which you are a tiny part. Our existence also confirms that your Human People, like my Sasquatch People, were bioengineered by our Star Elders for a spiritual mission, as part of a greater evolutionary plan for Soul consciousness. It is written and your and our DNA star seeds, and the existence of Sasquatch brings clear proofs of it.”

”The understanding of who my people is lifts up your consciousness to higher levels of knowledge, with the realization that there are interdimensional beings who can live or shift into dimensions beyond your normal perceptions. But you can also learn to reconnect with those dimensions, existing yourself on different planes, within the same Omniverse as we do, if you remember your own spiritual essence.”

”We are not giant apes nor even related to them, as your cryptozoologists pretend; nor are we primitive hominids, nor even more related to them than to you, as some of your anthopologists tend to believe. Recognizing our true origin from the Star Elders and our spiritual wisdom, is the acceptance of yours. We are offering you your best opportunity to re-enter into inter-species peaceful, spiritual relations, and to realign with the Cosmic Order, to join back in our Star Elders Council, like your first ancestors did.”

”Remember that your ancestors were your own souls, in previous incarnations, and that your first ancestors were those you can call older souls, for having learned through longer periods of evolution. In the first ages of your existence, your life span was as long as many of your present generations.”

”As your Elder Brother, we have been watching over you since your conception and birth, through all the phases of your long spiritual evolution of the last six millions years, that you have mostly forgotten. It is part of the mission of my people, mission we have never forsaken, to help your people to reconnect with your higher Soul, and with our Star Elders Council. Like them, we do not want to be worshipped, obeyed, nor prayed to; we only wish to be respected like we respect you, and loved like we love you. We wish to establish inter-species peaceful, spiritual, loving relations, and teach our Younger Brother.”

”Need we to remind you that you were like us, created in Lemuria to be caretakers of all life on Earth? Unlike the Elder Brothers hybrids who preceded you, you were not gifted with the shells of the Ant-People, the scales of the Lizard-People, the feathers of the Bird-People, nor the hair of my own people. You were created without any natural protection from the elements and weathers of the earthly environments, precisely to remind you that your spiritual star seeds was implanted on this home-planet. You were conceived to be vulnerable, depending on the protection of your Star Elders and Brothers. This was to make you a sensitive specie, with a greater empathy, compassion and sensibility for life.”

”You were also created to be beautiful and attractive beings, to allow you to reproduce through love. This was meant to keep you connected with the Soul spiritual evolution process through procreation. Your spiritual mission was to maintain the level of consciousness developped before you on Earth, and to improve it by integrating love and sensitivity in the Soul evolution process and caretaking of all life.”

”Sadly, need we to say that the majority of Humans has gone astray from this, your original mission? We do not have time in your short life span, to cover all the many civilizations, empires and kingdoms that your people have built, developped, abandonned or destroyed, or that were devastated by Nature. The many wars, since the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, have been caused by the lower lords in pursuit of power, to misappropriate this planet for themselves, under their domination and rule. There are too many to list, even counting only those involving your people. Through long term strategy of infiltration and division, those power hungry lords succeded in dividing you and separating you from your Soul.”

”They enslaved your ancestors to mine for them and to worship them as gods, later modifying your DNA to become more docile, servile, and depending on external support, and less psychically aware. They established their dynasties and bloodlines to rule over you, and created institutions to control you. Today, their control grid has reached to every corners of the Earth, imposing its rule even on your last tribal peoples who have kept living in balance with Nature and in harmony with the Cosmic Order.”

”Those keepers of your ancient wisdom, who are the last caretakers of life, still faithful to your spiritual mission, have increasingly become the targets of the invading dominators and controllers. They also have preserved much of your ancient spiritual understanding and many of your psychic abilities, some of them having stayed connected and in contact with my Sasquatch People and with our Star Elders.”

”Some of them, like your Hopi relatives, have known and prophetized of our return, as your long awaited Elder Brother coming to guide you back into a planetary civilization of Peace, with our Star Elders living among us to lead us into spiritual inter-species relations, as it was in your early beginning. Now, our return depends only on the awakening of your Soul and the opening of your consciousness, since we have always been among you and never disappeared from this home-planet, other than in your collective memory, altered and shortened by the enslaving uncivilization that has been controlling you.”

”We do not have to detail all those events that are already inscribed in your DNA star seeds genetics and in your Soul memory. It is your responsibility to awaken your Soul and recover your old wisdom. We are here to assist you in this process, if you can accept our help, but we cannot do the work for you. The healing of your collective karma and the end of the Anthropocene extinction depend only on your own decisions and actions. Our Star Elders will not intervene if you cause your own anihilation, as it happened on other planets before. But they certainly wish for a better outcome to this long evolutionary experiment of spiritual consciousness on Earth, and will offer all the help you are willing to receive.”

”Now, little brother, we know that it has been demanding for you to receive our message in thoughts and transmit them into words and Human speech, and for this we are happy and grateful for your help. There would be much more we could tell you, but the essential of our message has been said for now.”

”A bridge has been built towards spiritual inter-species relations and a sacred portal has been opened. Many of your people have and will come forth with more messages from us, as we will keep reaching out to those of you whose Soul is ready to communicate with ours, as interdimensional ambassadors. Now you can rest little brother, as I Kamooh will also do, grateful, happy, satisfied with this spiritual mission of bridging our worlds, accomplished with you, dear Younger Brother and distant offspring.”

I asked Sasquatch: ”When will we meet and speak again?” He replied: ”Our Soul is One, we are always connected in Spirit. We do not have to meet on the physical plane; as you have seen, we can manifest to you anywhere you go and will stay by your side. You will travel to other lands, with different missions. You have fulfilled our wish now. There will be more service to do later, for the Divine Plan of Creator.”

Written in 2015. The three Books of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity series are available on Amazon:

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