Channelled Message from the Sasquatch Consciousness, via Alphedia Arara

Channelled Message from the Sasquatch Consciousness, via Alphedia Arara:

(We were sent this message to share here)

“Greetings, it is with delight and honour that we feel ready to connect with humanity this way.

We feel ready to open up to you and to offer our gifts.

You have gained our trust enough now to see that there are many humans who do not wish to harm us but indeed wish to co-create with us, wish to work with us and wish to heal this great Planet, our joint home.

We are calling forward these souls who feel this call to be with our consciousness and who feel ready to work on their own emotional body self.

Many at this time are feeling ancient deep emotions bubbling up to the surface as the Scorpionic energies are bringing forward what is next ready to be healed for you.

No matter when you listen to this transmission it will have the Scorpionic energies to help with this processing.

We are an ancient race of the Earth.

We have kept ourselves hidden until the time was right, until humanities consciousness was high enough for us to feel able to be able to work together in tandem with you.

We understand that not all of humanities consciousness is in this place yet, in fact some come and seek us with your guns.

And although these physically cannot maim us, the energy in the intention for our delicate emotional bodies causes great harm.

Many particularly in North America have become wounded and require healing from humanities atrocities committed against us.

So we are calling out to those healers who feel they wish to assist us and our realm, we see enough light within humanity now and recognise we require your help also.

We are very learned in the subtle energies of the emotional body self.

We are very balanced and we have been trying to get the attention of humanity for decades now. 

We are delighted that this channel has offered her services so that we can communicate on mass with others going forward.

We look forward to bringing in those who hear the call to work with our energy, in love and grace, obalu.”

World First: Healing with the Sasquatch (Big Foot) Workshop

“We are calling forward these souls who feel this call to be with our consciousness and who feel ready to work on their own emotional body self.”


or Distance Option to listen after event

Saturday 14th November 2020

1:00pm – 4:00pm GMT

EU: £60 (inc Vat), Rest of World: £50.00

Join Alphedia Arara Live
and / or
Audio MP3 download shortly after the event

Alphedia Arara has been invited by the Sasquatch, sometimes known as the Big Foot people or the Tree People, to bring forward an offering of healing and connection with the Sasquatch Realm.

Alphedia first came into contact with the Sasquatch over a year ago when they started connecting in with her consciousness and she was then visited by a beautiful Sasquatch member, Amy, who told her that 500 Sasquatch lived within the Glenholm valley.

The Sasquatch then invited Alphedia into their woods which were closest to her house and she began communication with them, receiving their wisdom, understanding their role within the Nature Spirit Kingdom and learned of their wish to assist humanity through their loving, healing, of the heart at this time.

The Sasquatch exist all over the world, most famously known in the forests of North America.

They are similar to the faeries and once lived on the Earth in more physical form but retreated into the less dense realms.

The Sasquatch informed Alphedia that they are known as the Tree People in Scotland and that it is time for them to start to deepen their communications with humanity.

They asked on this auspicious day to have the opportunity to connect with those who believed in their existence and wish to make connection with them and to receive their healing guidance, to help stabilise the Planet through emotional body healing work.

The Sasquatch are particularly adept, they are very telepathic heart based beings, who live in communities, family units, they connect particularly through their emotional bodies and wish to offer emotional body healing to humanity at this time.

In this workshop Alphedia will:

  • Channel the Sasquatch live,
  • She will introduce them to you and to help you make personal connection with them through your multi dimensional astral self.
  • She will channel meditations that they bring forward.
  • You will receive a Sasquatch Ascension Sphere attunement.
  • You will have the opportunity to go into the woods to meet the Sasquatch in Merlindale and to ask to be assigned a Sasquatch guide if you feel this is part of your path to do so.

The Sasquatch will be working on not only our emotional bodies, but the emotional bodies of the Earth.

They will explain to us their healing roles on the Earth and we will join with them to perform an Earth healing in the woods.

To cleanse, heal and re-balance Mother Earth’s emotional body, to help with the stabilisation of the collective consciousness of humanities emotional body self.

This will be a beautiful opportunity to meet a new aspect of the elemental and nature spirit realms through the powerful channelling work of Alphedia Arara.

Your journey will be supported through sound healings, and you will also receive a Sasquatch thymus gland, gland of the heart chakra, sound activation also.

Source: Elementals Beings UK

4 thoughts on “Channelled Message from the Sasquatch Consciousness, via Alphedia Arara”

  1. How can I trust this wen it asks for money can one access this if most of their resources are limited in connecting with poor inter web connections. Surely sass chooses who to communicate with not under duress of money

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    1. I agree that Sasquatch can communicate with whoever they want when they want. I just shared this post that was sent to me, as a reference. It’s not promotion. The message itself sounds interesting…


  2. They connect with someone and then that person charges money to hear their message. Yea no.


    1. Poor poochie. My first two books are available for free reading on this website and elsewhere, and my contribution to Book 3 also is. This website offers 900 informative posts that required thousands of hours of research and work to make available to you and to an international readership in over 160 countries, apart from fees it costs and skills it takes to maintain and operate this platform. I just published today my 7th book in seven years and as each time, this also involves fees and expenses before the book is made available. Books also cost to print and the distributors take more than their fair share, leaving crumbs to the self-published independent authors like I am. Yes, I’m trying to make a literary career, like it or not, and I don’t need your permission nor approval. Yet I’m still broke until the end of the month as I can’t make the ends meet and I certainly can’t count on careless folks like you for help or any kind of kind support.

      Now, what do you have to contribute apart from ungrateful complaints for all these resources offered to you? Strangers opinions matter not, even less critics from some who have nothing to offer. If you don’t like our free services, you are free to go without. Our complaint department is closed…


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