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Interview with Mike Paterson (Sasquatch Ontario) on Coast-to-Coast

Interview with Mike Paterson (Sasquatch Ontario) on Coast-to-Coast

Canadian Sasquatch researcher Mike Paterson discussed his extensive work observing and documenting the species he called “an ancient race of people” mainly in the Ontario province. For over a decade, he said, he has continued to expand his knowledge of Sasquatch through direct interaction with them individually and in groups. In fact, Paterson reported, in the last eight years he’s studied one family especially closely, even learning their names in some cases. Paterson shared several audio clips of field recordings of “Nef” and others in the Sasquatch family, speaking to him and to each other.

Paterson hopes his research calls attention to the impressive intelligence and emotional sophistication he’s observed in Sasquatch. Far from mere “apes” acting on base survival instincts, he asserted, Sasquatch are a playful, wise, family-oriented species that possess supernatural abilities. Paterson claimed that he has personally received marbles and coins “out of thin air” from Sasquatch, seen their footprints appear and disappear spontaneously, and established written communication with them. It may even be, he speculated, that Sasquatch are a human-ET hybrid.

Source and link to the interview: Coast-to-Coast

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