Experiencers Stories

They saved my husband’s life, by Peggy

By Peggy Ledyard: A group of them saved my husband's life (who has recently passed) many years ago up near the Canadian border; while camping, he became snowed in and ran out of food. A Sasquatch family brought him algae first, then fish until he could get out.

Experiencers Stories

Experiencer account by Lyn Brooks, from Oregon

As I walked away, I stopped and looked back. There was a mom bent down with babies. It looked like they were telling on me, with Dad peeping through the trees at me.


Compelling Footage from Western Quebec, by Silver Lynx Photo

The video shows what appears to be a small-size or younger Sasquatch-type forest being sitting in the woods and turning its (his or her?) head slowly from side to side. At one point, the creature looks straight at the camera, clearly aware that it is being filmed, so obviously this video is gifted voluntarily. Silver Lynx Photo captured these images with her cell phone, from a distance of about five meters.

Experiencers Stories

Communicator’s account, by Lisa Rockwell

By Lisa Rockwell: I see him often and can call him and he comes. He has shown himself many times to me. There are different looking ones and different colors. They even walk into my house, in spirit form, especially when grand babies started coming. Always respect them. Talk to them, they hear and will come to you. Their energy is like the strongest energies or vortex that you have ever felt.


Insights from a Quantum Healing Session, by Gideon

They are very peaceful and I felt a great sense of harmony love and honesty among them, no deception of any kind and yes they talk through the heart, they can feel if something is up or you got a problem and they can sense other beings aura field from miles away and if your hostile or not. They see us as brother but we are lost, they help us as much as they can but we shoot them down and use them for trophy!


Visualization, by Sylvia Davies

By Sylvia: After reading some of the sightings reports and watching some of the interviews, I meditated at bed time, to connect with Sasquatch. I held an image in my mind of a large Humanoid presence to act as a focus. I put out thoughts of love and gratitude. I’ve been practicing Ho ’oponopono since 2014, so often use this process to keep my self aligned to the Highest Good for all my Relations.

Experiencers Stories

Sasquatch encounter in Montana, by Yvette from Australia

By Yvette: I had direct contact with a Sasquatch in Bridger County, Bozeman, Montana in 2001. I was in a healing circle in the snow. I heard, saw and felt it. My girlfriend heard its footsteps but saw nothing there. No one else seemed to notice!! To my eyes, it seemed to be translucent. Like it wasn’t fully in this dimension. It was smaller than I imagined a Sasquatch to be too. I felt its trepidation to step into the space next to me, thus joining our circle.

Experiencers Stories

My first Sasquatch encounter, by Jill Anderson from Oregon

By Jill Anderson: I could easily see her child and the mother in the darkness with the small amount of light there was coming in between the trees from the moon, the mother Sasquatch stood outside our tent door as her daughter went over to the picnic table barbecue pit area picked up one of the oyster shells turned it over in her hands looked at it and set it down just as she found it, walked back over to her mother and they both peacefully turned and walked out of our campsite toward the road.

Experiencers Stories

Childhood encounter by Chad Jackson, on Cryptid Minded podcast

In this 20 minutes interview on Cryptid Minded podcast that he submitted to SCENIC, Chad Jackson describes his childhood encounter with a young Sasquatch.

Experiencers Stories

Contacts with clans around Boston, by Alok Lawrence

My name is Alok Lawrence, I have been in a relationship with Sasquatch families since March 4th and it happened very fast. I recognized what I was walking into from the start. As according to the Star people who told me through a direct experience, that I have been one of them before (my Great grandmother on my mom's side was full bloodied Cherokee) but I had work to do clean up the family legacy.