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Magic in the Moonlight, paranormal on parade, “The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed”, by Wendy Garrett

Note by SunBôw: Today (05/10/22) I had an interview on Wendy's Coffeehouse that will be released in two parts shortly. Below is an article from her website.

Experiencers Stories

The Gathering of Consciousness, by Brian Bland

By Brian Bland: I do not subscribe to coincidence with these "people" and our being there on that particular night was not that. Our arrival was expected. My incredible "light bulb" moment regarding the gathering of consciousness was also not a coincidence. I was already cognizant of their seemingly magical abilities, but this gathering of consciousness from different points of focus put a bold explanation mark on that ever evolving understanding.

Experiencers Stories

Experiencer’s account shared by Reddit user Sow, from NC

By Sow: If I had allowed myself to believe that I was actually hearing some sort of inhuman speech that far into the woods all alone I would have panicked, or blacked out with fear perhaps. I hear this intermittently throughout the night in two places, its soft as if they are whispering to each other about me, not wanting to wake me up. I lose consciousness at some point, but awake to something being thrown at my tent, a small rock.

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Experiencer’s advice, by Lucky Lowe

I can tell you this about bigfoot: he is not a monster, a it, or a animal. He is a being... within creation, as we are all beings within creation. He has feelings, as we all have feelings. Yes there are some very bad bigfoots, just as there are some very bad humans. The good bigfoots, are very gentle, caring and loving. Review the stories, where they have helped people. I have had contact with them, for some 25 years now.

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Did I connect telepathically with Bigfoot? by Josette 22

I had heard that Bigfoot can render themselves invisible at will, and I had also heard that there are invisible creatures that may be in our midst at any time, and we could never tell they are there. I did a meditation exercise one night. I sent a mental image to Bigfoot. In my mind I said "Bigfoot, I send love and light to you. If you do roam around us invisibly, can you please leave me a sign?"

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Mrs Jones Regular Contact with Bigfoot

Posted in 2011: In the summer of 1977, an elderly woman sat quietly reading a book on the porch of her cottage in a densely wooded area in northern Wisconsin. Suddenly, an invisible force sent the book out of her hands onto the porch floor. Bewildered, the woman looked about for the source of this mysterious happening. She heard someone laughing. At the edge of the forest stood the form of a huge apelike creature with dark auburn hair all over its body.

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Childhood encounter by Danielle, from Quebec

I have been hiding a secret all my life. I was brought back to the tent in her arms when I was four years old. And since, my heart has been crying: ''Mummy, come pick me up!'' with every heartbeat. My hope in my heart is that they come to help us out.

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Experiencer’s account, by Carol Hansen, from Kentucky

Once I found a huge foot print in my front yard but it had a juvenile print also like a child. Well I decided I was gonna cast for the first time but before it dried they came back and ran a stick through it and messed it up and left the stick in it. I instantly got the message as: no don't do that. So I don't cast I just take pictures. Plus it was a way of letting me know they were protecting their young.

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The Woman Who Faced Bigfoot Multiple Times And Even Talked To Them

For the next four years, the family allegedly received frequent visits by these Bigfoot-like creatures, with several sightings of the beasts prowling about, generally approaching quite closer, and frequently they were seen by friends and neighbors as well. There were also numerous such situations while she was with her daughter.

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Correspondence Regarding ”Visit to the Annunaki”

Correspondence Regarding ''Visit to the Annunaki'': Following my post ''Visit to the Annunaki of Nibiru'', my friend Don from BC exchanged the few following messages with me and agreed to share them here.