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Second encounter, by Annette Smith

By Annette Smith: I had my second encounter with (Sasquatch) on November 8th at 8:15pm 2019. A friend of mine had seen a roadside Sasquatch and I felt envious of him. I had spent a couple days thinking about what kind of encounter I would want and after considering all my options I I’d really… Continue reading Second encounter, by Annette Smith

Experiencers Stories

Testimonial, by Joshua Kruis

A few years ago I discovered Sunbow’s book “The Sasquatch message to Humanity.” His transcription of Elder Kamooh’s wisdom transformed my relationship with nature and inspired a journey with a friend into the wild to encounter Sasquatch. Kelly RainbowButterfly gave us key insights for our journey and this short story is the result. Thank You Kelly and… Continue reading Testimonial, by Joshua Kruis

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Time to reveal how I have discovered, photographed and began documenting over 100 megalithic and pre-megalithic sites ranging over 1,000 square miles--- the vast majority of which I have found in the last five years.

Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Annette Smith

Experiencer story, by Annette Smith: It was 1969 and I was four years old. We live close to a big city, but the area had streams and trees. My older brother and sister and all the neighborhood kids spent the summer playing on a two level tree fort. The day I had my encounter, when… Continue reading Experiencer story, by Annette Smith

Experiencers Stories

Experience account by Rivette Marchand, from North Carolina

Experience account by Rivette Marchand, from North Carolina. Hi Sunbow! I hope all is wonderful in your world! I got some footprints in the snow here around Christmas Day I wanted to show you. They are not super clear but the path is going straight to some structures that were built by our Sasquatch family… Continue reading Experience account by Rivette Marchand, from North Carolina