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The pros and cons of habituation, by SunBôw

The pros and cons of habituation, by SunBôw: Although this post is not directly related to Sasquatch, it concerns inter-species communication. Since I shared a series of posts last year (part 1, part 2 and part 3) about my interactions with crows, I felt like sharing a few updates and reflections. The pros: Woohoo! After… Continue reading The pros and cons of habituation, by SunBôw

Experiencers Stories

Encounter in the backyard, by Bryn Rose from Wisconsin

By Bryn Rose: I heard little pebbles hitting my paddleboat and branches braking at the forest line and thought here we go, the Forest People are here. My almost fully charged phone shut off completely as I was making notes and I thought yes just be, experience...

Experiencers Stories

Experiencer account by Marion Porter, from Connecticut

By Marion Porter: A little over two weeks ago my life changed. A friend told me about a Sasquatch that was coming to the group home she works in on 3rd shift. Other people have seen it too. We went to the area one evening and I felt its beautiful energy. I knew it was just beyond where I stopped my car, but the energy was too big for me to process and I went into mild shock. I kept apologizing and saying how I wasn't ready to see them.

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Woman’s Lifelong Friendship with Bigfoot, interview

Woman's Lifelong Friendship with Bigfoot, interview: In this interview on the Bobby Dizzle Podcast, Robin McCray tells of her lifetime connection with Sasquatch, her collaboration with Dr. Melba Ketchum for the Sasquatch Genome Project five year study, and the launch of the new Cryptid Genome Project. She describes how the Sasquatch are connected to Star Beings, some of their behaviors and interdimensional abilities like cloaking, and much more...

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Encounter account by Peter Bonk, from Florida

By Peter Bonk: On Friday May 20, in the Lower Hillsborough State Park in Hillsborough county Florida, I had a sasquatch encounter as we entered the lower Washburn trail. I felt this heavy pressure like feeling and sensed something was there. I stepped off the trail to separate from the group. As I closed my eyes a Sasquatch immediately appeared in my minds eye standing off the side of the trail. I noted how differently they looked from the northern sasquatches I see in the Smokeys.

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SunBôw on UFO ET Experiencers podcast, with Catherine Chapey

Sun Bow Shares his Journey and Wisdom about Sasquatch, ETs, UFOs, Telepathic Communication, Portals, Interdimensional Travel, and more with us. Watch, Like, Share and Subscribe! And Please Spread the word about Sasquatch. SunBow's Amazing Work in the World is a Bridge to Understanding much more about our Connection to Our Brothers and Sisters that have been part of earth for Eons...

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Encounters in the Slocan Valley, by Crystal

By Crystal: When I first came to the area, I had never had much except had spotted large footprints a decade earlier along the Slocan River. Since I moved here almost 2 years ago, I have had several encounters with what I believe to have been a Sasquatch...


Among Us, documentary by Caroline Cory

Another excellent documentary by Caroline Cory about contacts with non-human intelligence. Probably the best film I've ever seen on the topic, exploring all the aspects of the phenomenon, from telepathy, time-space travel, interdimensionality, hybridization, and much more, with contactees, abductees, researchers and investigators...

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Ancient Warrior, encounter and message, by Chyenne Morning Star

By Chyenne: I have hesitated to share this story because of the experiences of sleep paralysis and invasive attacks in my personal Sacred Space, but it finally reached a point that the urging to share this story could not be held back. Over the years, I have learned also how to protect my Sacred Space by my own Sovereignty and the Sovereignty of the Sacred Giver of Life activating it by Right Relationship with infinite beings who inhabit the same Macrocosm. Our Elder Brothers and Sisters are watching, protecting, and assisting us as we realize who we truly are and our Sovereignty of that knowing and our relationship with all Life Forms...

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Multidimensional, documentary

Multidimensional, documentary: This 80 minute video examines the multidimensional aspects of paranormal encounters, as described by experiencers and contactees. With Mary Rodwell, James Gilliland and more...