An inconvenient truth, by Mike Paterson, Sasquatch Ontario

An inconvenient truth, by Mike Paterson, Sasquatch Ontario

SunBôw’s comment: Excellent presentation and valid information. I also corresponded with Dmitri Bayanov between 2015 and 2019. At first after a couple messages, I had to turn down the conversation due to his over inquisitive scrutiny and denial. But a few years later, he read The Sasquatch Message to Humanity and inquired about what the Sasquatch had to tell him. Enthusiastic about his change of mind I published his letter on my website, which caused him to lose a booking for a big conference in BC, as the organizers condemned him for his ”flirting romance” with psychic. Serious researchers eventually end up discovering about the paranormal aspects of Sasquatch, but will often remain silent to keep their status and credibility in the Bigfooter clubs…

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