Cryptid Podcast: Supernatural Sasquatch, the paranormal side of Bigfoot

Cryptid Podcast: Supernatural Sasquatch, the paranormal side of Bigfoot:

I found this recent podcast episode discussing the paranormal aspects of the Sasquatch phenomenon. I’m sharing it here simply as anecdotal info, since the title sounds more interesting than the talk really is. Although the initiative of the podcast to look into those supernatural topics seems well intended, it is obvious that the analysis rendered of various contradicting theories, with speculative interpretations and uninformed opinions, come from the perspective of skeptics with no experience of the phenomena addressed.

These young podcasters proved their curiosity and courage in examining all possible mysterious and mostly unexplained manifestations surrounding the Sasquatch, but they lack the discernment of inter-species communicators, tending to confuse everything paranormal with demonic. Hence, I would not recommend to listen to this podcast, as its educational value and level of understanding are relatively low especially for our readers.

Anyhow, I find it somewhat interesting to notice that this knowledge of the supernatural Sasquatch is spreading fast in the last few years, as these ideas circulate more and more. Since the podcast mentioned as sources some Facebook pages and some stories that sound quite familiar, it felt like our work on SCENIC was part of the inspiration for it…

Cryptids of the Corn podcast, Episode 22: March 22

Supernatural Sasquatch, the paranormal side of the Bigfoot phenomenon.

Description: On this week’s episode we take a look into the deep woods with the paranormal and supernatural side of sasquatch. We cover some of the big topics involving Bigfoot that may be past the physical realm. We look at Silent woods, time slips, Orbs, fay Folke, Mindspeak, disappearing and cloaking, aliens, emotional alterations in humans, glowing eyes, and even the Lost City of Atlantis. We look at possible causes for the phenomenon including fay Folke, forest spirits, interdimensional travelers, and even ghosts of extinct species. Justin and Jay talk about their thoughts on this episode.

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