Bigfoot is now the Big Thing, account by Mare Cromwell

While still mostly considered as folklore, the legend is well alive and the public interest in Sasquatch keeps growing.

By Mare Cromwell: I learned today that Marion, North Carolina, a small city only 15 miles from me, is hosting the Western North Carolina Bigfoot Conference today and Bigfoot Festival tomorrow. I went in to get my car registered in North Carolina at the City Hall in Marion this morning and was surprised to find out about this huge event there. They expect upwards of 30,000 people there tomorrow.

See: Marion Bigfoot Festival

Apparently “Bigfoot” has also been given the honor of being the city “animal” too.

Plus, a small restaurant across from City Hall is called “Elevate” to honor “Bigfoot” and the UFO sightings connected with these mysterious ones. Their logo includes an image of a spaceship and menu has graphics of Sasquatch and UFO’s along with some clever entree names connected with these themes.

This rather blows me away since Sasquatch has come to visit me several times with my work with Mother Gaia. It does not feel like a coincidence that I’ve moved into a region that has a big focus on these highly intelligent ones.

This morning when I was in “Elevate” talking with the waitress, we got into a casual conversation about Sasquatch. She confessed to me that she is a believer. And she believes in UFO’s too. As we were talking, I could feel a shift in the energy around us and knew that we were getting a brief visitation from Sasquatch in that moment. Then they pulled back.

The theme of the event this weekend in Marion is: “Come a skeptic. Leave a believer.”

This theme gives me hope.

What I hope for even more is that all the thousands of people who attend this event will come to understand how intelligent and evolved Sasquatch are, and how they are Keepers of Mother Gaia also.

And that they also learn that Sasquatch would prefer not being called just “Bigfoot” as this name is rather offensive to them, along with all the jokes and attempts to portray them as hairy, stupid creatures, which is a far cry from who they are actually.

Sasquatch is waiting for the human realms to wake up to our sacred relationship with them.

Maybe, just maybe, this event will be an opening for more people to begin to open their hearts and minds to them?

At the very least, if more people leave the weekend event as a “Believer”, this is a step in the right direction.

Sending you so much love and reverence, Sasquatch!


P.s. I thought about going to the big event tomorrow in Marion yet I don’t do crowds that well. And I just don’t think I can handle all the ways that people joke about Sasquatch, sensitive as I am.

For any following this thread who want to learn more about Sasquatch and an amazing history of our Sacred Earth from their angle – I highly, highly recommend this book: – The Sasquatch Message to Humanity.

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3 thoughts on “Bigfoot is now the Big Thing, account by Mare Cromwell”

  1. Sunbow below is a copy and paste on another site in reference to how I found you and others. I am here for Sasquatch and friends. This is a response to a daughter of a retired NJ State Police lieutenant

    Wow, was telepathically guided to this channel for this specific post from Jeff I believe.  

         The NJSP Lieutenant may not be able to say anything if he is former military under a nondisclosure agreement.

       However I can.  I am a former Trooper NY/NJ  Frank  Balducci Jr.(badge#4268).

    Graduated  from Fort Dixs / McGuire AFB NJ.  ( 1986 – 1996 ) pensioned off 40% against my will after ordering me to stay home with full pay for a year and a half.  Found out about a stock pile of Nuclear weapons stored under ground in the Pine Barrons.  After finding out about the shooting of an extraterrestrial trying to warn about the radiation contamination, on the Tarmac of Fort Dix on January 18, 1978.  Major George Filer was involved in this incident with an unmentioned NJ State Trooper.

       Traveled to the Caribbean Islands and found out about Caves with underground Tunnels and horrific murder pedophile skeletal sites with old chains with shackles attached to the walls with decayed flesh  on the restraining metal bands. Islands that now have been purchased by orchestrated Elites.

    Since birth, I have had direct contact with what you are labeling as cryptids and extraterrestrial beings. Decades ago,  giant wolves would present themselves to me, specifically a Black and Silver Grey. 

        Jeff posting is correct about a secret shadow government working in the background  with corrupt global Banking, politicians, United Nations  Secret Military and  Satanic Organized Criminal Khazarian Mafia A-Holes that infiltrated every aspect of institutional structures that claim to benefit the masses.

        Recently quided to a spiritually powerful deceased ( Murdered ) person, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, just received, I believe her last published book, ” Planet Sasquatch”.  

       On January 18, 2022 had heavy physical contact with Sasquatch.  Helped me immensely in finding Kelly Rainbow Butterfly & Christian ( Sasquatch Reunion) site, Sunbow Truebrother ( ScenicSasquatch ) site , Jack Kewaunee Lapseritis ( TheSasquatchPeople ) site.

         If any of the officers mentioned in this post is/was a Canine officer.  They will approach you, as they have approached me to show the poisoning of land / waters or hidden agendas of the secret shadow government.  How many hidden underground homes of Sasquatch and  Canine people were found and all occupants mass murdered by the same unmarked military that is mentioned in Long Island NY by John Ford of L.I.U.F.O.N.  ?

        Presently looking at Long Island  NY, how we have all been Human Lab Rats with ties to previous warnings from Lawyer  Michael Carroll  ” Lab 257″ . Deceased PRESTON Nichols Montauk Experiment in Time, with Al Bielek and Cameron.

         NJ’s Experiment with time , ” Project Pegasus “.  Too much to say to connecting time lines and events. 

       I listened and learned from the Sasquatch People, Djinn/Jinn and the Canine people.


    Above Posted on YouTube video below 

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