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Sasquatch People Guardians of the Earth, Memoirs of a Sasquatch Experiencer, by Leanna R Saylor

I decided to write this book for the Sasquatch, who were contacting me five years ago. One dark, early evening in March 2018, a Sasquatch elder, whom I call Mannie, materialized in front of the big kitchen window. I was told through telepathy to look up...

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Yowie Central, on telepathy, inter-species communication and interdimensionality

Another great interview on Yowie Central addressing tree structures, inter-species communication, telepathy and interdimensionality, among other topics.

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Experiencer’s insights, by Cassandra from California

By Cassandra: If you try to meditate with the vibration of Love, absolute love, they will draw near to you when you call upon them. Do NOT have fear in your hearts if you do happen to run into one of our elders ancestors while hiking or in the outdoors just send them love and see the response. They are trying to help heal the masses and wake everybody up.

Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story by Chyenne Morning Star

By Chyenne: I think it's important to know one's origin, not only in the spiritual sense but in the bloodline sense as well. However, I think it is important that one seeks with purity of heart and mind for the benefit of all things, as well as the evolution of the individual Soul...

Experiencers Stories

Communicating with our Brothers, by Don from BC

By Don: It’s been three years since our brothers first stared to gift stones around my mountain home and about five years since I started to interact with them. I’m lucky to live a place where there are a lot of Sasquatch and also a lot of rock...

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Experiencer account by Richard Taylor

By Rick Taylor: I was told some years ago, that you can be marked by the Big Guys. No matter where you go, they will know who you are and what you stand for. If your intentions are to harm them, or their interests, your chances of successfully having a clear encounter are from slim to none. I can’t say if this is true or not. What I do know is I have been extremely successful interacting with these elusive subjects and on multiple occasions and they have gone out of their way to initiate contact with me.

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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 5)

This Part 5 completes this series of selected comments from a viral post about Sasquatch by the Indigenous Life Movement, with again astounding witnesses testimonies and tribal knowledge about our hairy Elder relatives...

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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch, Part 4

We should allow ourselves to be open to the mystery and phenomena of nature beyond our present experiences. It doesn't matter if it can be proven or not. The legend gives courage...

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Bigfoot in California, a compilation of reports

Bigfoot in California, a compilation of reports: This recent video on Preston Dennett's channel compiled some 100 historic reports of Bigfoot encounters from California.

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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 3)

Following Part 1 and Part 2 in this series, here are additional comments on the post about Chiye Tanka or Sasquatch by Indigenous Life Movement.