Testimonial by Matt Brooksbank

By Matt Brooksbank

Hello Sunbôw! I have been a Facebook friend for a while but not contacted you. I wanted to thank you for the Hairy Humanoids Encyclopedia and your Interdimensional Meditations. Both of which I finished reading overnight! I’ve always loved the Message to Humanity series and was enraptured by the Hairy Humanoids volume!

The next bit might start to sound a little weird! So I will first say that I spend part of my time in Portugal living by the woods and have seen the odd arrangement of branches near to my place). The rest of the time I am on the island of Malta where I have just returned. I had a walk today to the next village across country and had a message that I understood might be from Kamooh himself. If so I feel very humbled to have the Eldest Elder contact me. I have now started a “Sasquatch Encounters” journal and from this walk have three entries already. Of course nothing can be proved but it feels right.

I look forward to the journey and hope to have much more to add to the journal. Sorry to take up so much of your time. Thank you for your publications and I hope (if you wish to) you are able to access the attached journal entry…

1. While walking to Marsaxlokk I understand that I was contacted by Kamooh himself. He said I would receive a sign during my walk. I had just started the walk back when I came across a truck with a picture of a large foot with the logo Bigfoot on it with the same signal on the side. I didn’t consider at the time taking a picture though I recognized the sign straight away. I think by not taking a picture I will better remember my first ‘official’ encounter.

Kit Labrosse Paulette Thanase

I finished reading The Hairy Humanoids Encyclopedia during the early hours and also read Interdimensional Meditations by the same author. Sunbôw TrueBrother. As I neared the end of Munxar hill I had a butterfly escort me for longer than I would normally imagine a butterfly would tag along with someone, Kamooh again? Also check out the orb I discovered in my photos, of the horrid antennas at the highest point of the walk. Green orb, Kamooh??

Peace & Love, Matt

Matt Brooksbank