Testimonial by Nellie Correa

Hi Bo, I met you about 3 weeks ago at Earth Frequency Festival. (…)

I just wanted to say I am extremely grateful for the knowledge you shared with me through our time spent together. And I have since spent many many nights listening to the stars, oh how they sing 🙂 I’ve also been waking up around 3 am, and sitting out on my driveway to connect with them. The other night, I felt a beautiful energy, so present and so clear! I told this being that I accepted its presence and the being it is no matter what form, and as I was laying there, trying to catch the lightning in the beautiful sky I saw this electric blue orb shoot past in the right corner, and disappear. I honestly cannot describe to you this colour, it was so magical! And my goodness, did I feel blessed.

When the sun came up that morning, I noticed all the birds flying to kind of congregate together around this gully in the trees, almost like a ceremony. Then I heard this soft cry, almost like a howl but more of an ‘ahhh’ sound. It was extremely gentle, and very soft.

I thought it was beautiful, and the next night at 4, watching the stars again I hear this noise, louder, at first I thought it was a rooster, then possibly a man being murdered, but the more I listened the more sure I became that it was a spirit of the forest. My housemate heard it too, and she was just as in awe as I was. It made me instantly think of you, and the Sasquatch’s, and the blue orb! Possibly they’re not connected, and it may just be some other creature. But I’m still so extremely humbled and blessed to be able to have had this experience and see the magic. (side note: this came after my first trip on lsa, where I truly saw how beautiful energy is, and fell so much more in love with Mother nature). A part of me has always longed to be home, I know my soul remembers the spirits and the etherical world, and I know it rejoiced when I was able to connect with it again through my trip, but the fact that my connection to the etherical world is becoming so much stronger in the physical brings me so much relief and happiness, I feel as though I’m slowly beginning to not feel so lonely down here, like I’m starting to really understand that I never was 🙂
Your words and your heart truly did have an impact on me, and I feel it really did open my heart to having faith in my spirit friends, always and forever, but also just gave me an activation, a sense of wonder I’ve never quite accessed before. Especially through the stars. I can’t stop thinking about them, everyday I look forward to being with them. And I’m so deeply grateful, I truly do think the angels guided me to the festival to meet you and all the beautiful people there, and so I say thank you! 💜

blue orb