Sasquatch and the Seatco Indians: Conversation with Henry Franzoni

From Scientist and Engineer Henry Faranzoni, “Tribal Data Steward” for the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission:

According to the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest, historically and up to the present day, Sasquatch were recognized as another local Indian tribe known as the Seatco, or alternately, “The Stick Indians.”

Early accounts Indians gave to white settlers describe them as being seven and a half to eight feet tall and covered with hair. They live in underground caves and don’t use tools, but are able hunt deer by the use of hypnotism and can elude enemies through ventriloquism. They also possess a powerful medicine that renders them invisible. They are fond of practical jokes and often steal salmon and occasionally women. Some of the Indian tribes have intermarried with them and have Seatco blood running through their veins.

…their skeletons vibrate at a different speed than matter on our level, so they basically disappear after death, because they return to their base line vibration which is not on this plane of existence.

On more than one occasion one has stood next to me such that I could hear it and smell it, (as did all the crickets, who went silent) but I saw nothing. Somehow, they are masters of some kind of physics that enables them to be invisible and tap you on the shoulder, yet they are somehow still within the three dimensions that we are also within. This has happened to me within a closed moving vehicle as well as outside in the woods. In a place where I ran into them many times, I once saw a UFO come out from underground, silently, using a propulsion system I could not recognize, an amber glowing hemisphere, and squirt off into space. I suspect one of them was at the controls, but I do not know for sure. I’ve observed them passing through solid matter (dense underbrush) without making a sound at high speed, which also belies some sort of physics I don’t understand.

I think some of them can communicate (telepathically), and some of them have tremendous mental powers, but it does appear that not all of them have access to the true power of the subconscious mind… I think we are the caretakers of the Earth, and they are the brains. I think they are grooming us to take over, but we might not cut the mustard and make it. I think the jury is still out on us. They are one with all living things, in my opinion.

Yep, they still steal salmon from the local Indian tribes, and they may still steal women, although none have been documented in the past 100 years. They do seem to like women better than men. they like my wife better than me. They continue to grab salmon from the tribes I work for presently.

We all may have some Sasquatch blood. The Nez Perce think so. Their creation story is about that… Sasquatch have distinct personalities and names… a Nez Perce elder told me “they’re in the water”, and water is the greatest solvent on this plane of existence, so it would be cleansing to pass through some when going back and forth from here to there. I have a few lakes here that I know are doorways to their houses under the lakes…

Interesting… some elders call them the “husbands of mother Earth”… So, when the bird calls are too loud, way way too loud, then it’s them, not the birds. They don’t get the volume right. Plus, they often do day birds at night, and night birds during the day, so if you really know your local birds you can tell when it’s them and not your local birds. They do only show themselves when they want to… but often they let you know they around…

The aliens stop by and talk to them, not us… they can use the true power of the subconscious mind, and yes, some of us may also be able to tap into that. I know some Indians who I think can do stuff, but I think our bodies prevent us from doing some of the stuff they do. Our bodies can’t handle the stress of shifting dimensions, and I think if we become invisible too much, we go blind…

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