Sasquatch in Native teachings

Sun Bear, Chippewa Elder, Founder of Sun Bear Medicine Society:

”In the Feather River country of California, I met a medicine man named Calvin Rube, who was a servant of Sasquatch, the ones we call the ”Bigfoot” people. He was a chief of the Wichipek tribe, and when we were learning about Sasquatch he’d go up into the mountains, make his prayers, and Bigfoot would come to him; he would teach him. You see, we Native Americans believe that Sasquatch is a superhuman being, a spirit keeper who can change form or disappear. The Bigfoot has knowledge far beyond ours, and he is protector of the forest.”


Dhyani Ywahoo, Cherokee Elder, Founder of Sunrise Meditation Society:

”I think the people who have really touched me very deeply, and in fact have stayed and protected me are the Bigfoot people, the Sasquatch. Even when I’m on another continent, if I’m in a jungle or something, they’re there.”

”They’re an extremely loving people with a real sense of honor, respect, loyalty and caring. They’re like dolphins in that their consciousness is unified so they can feel what’s happening with their whole race and the people they care for. Human beings have made things so distorted that Sasquatch children are dying in the forests, the places they live, are dying from the acidic rain. The hearts of the Sasquatch are really open. When you meet one of those people, it’s a complete meeting, a full contact with the whole essence, the whole nature of the being.”

”I’ve always known they were there and at first they would leave little things for me or let me see them in the Carolinas. When I was in the Himalayas, the Nepalese people would say, ”She brought those American Yetis with her.” But the first really powerful meeting where we could just acknowledge our purpose and our time as one was three years ago in the Rockies where I went and spent seven days with them. It was wonderful.”

”Well, there were two other people with me. The man had a nervous breakdown, and the woman, who is very strong, was okay, but her husband never recovered. At first the Bigfoot people would come to the teepee, but after the third night it was too hard for them. Paul would lose consciousness and Mona would come in her subtle body, and one particular scene of going off in a spaceship just did it for the man. His consciousness has been so expanded that everyday reality is difficult for him and there was a great lesson in that. He was a businessman, and now he just prefers to meditate. His nervous breakdown was a build up, it was a renewal for him. Now I try to visit the Sasquatch every year, and some of them have moved near Vermont.”


From The Mishomis Book, by Edward Benton-Banay,
7th degree Midewiwin Elder

Waynaboozhoo dozed off but soon awoke with a start as if someone or something had prodded him. He looked around slowly. Even though he did not see anything, he knew he was not alone. Suddenly he noticed that just out of his direct eyesight was a being, a huge, dark figure with red eyes that peered out of the shadowy face… The shadowy being spoke:

”I am Bug-way-jinini (wild man). Some of the people who follow you will know me as Sasquatch or Yeti, but they will seldom see me. It will be forbidden for them to look into my eyes. Some will not ever know of me. Many will not believe that I exist. I am your oldest brother!”

”I have been with you on your journey. I have been ahead of you at times and behind you at times. Sometimes I have watched you walk by. The Creator sent me here to guide and care for those who become lost. I am to watch over those who go into the forest, swamps, hills and mountains to gather medicines and other things. If those who seek the medicine roots, bark, and berries will ask me in a good way, if their thoughts are good, and their concern is for others, I will help them to find the medicines they seek.”

”I shall know their thoughts. Also I am to help those who choose to meditate, pray, and fast in the bug-way-ji (wild and natural places). I am the caretaker of all these places, the deep forests, swamps, mountains, and deep valleys.

”I am natural man. I am to be the different one, different in all ways. I shall not build a home or gather in o-day-nah-wing (towns). Nor will I assemble with my own kind in tribes or nations. I will make no trails. Nor will I build ji-mon-nug (canoes). I am to be alone in the quiet solitude and majesty of the natural world of the Creator. I shall know of man’s presence, and I will know his thoughts. But only the Anishnabe will know me. I am not to desire the companionship of Anishnabe or others… but only the Anishnabe shall know and honor me.”

”Little brother, I have watched your journey and have known your thoughts. I will tell you of some but not all of the things you have wondered about.”

”First, you must always treat the natural Creation with respect. When you must come through my territory, honor those places with Tobacco and good thoughts. Be not in fear. In that way you shall not become lost or confused and no harm will befall you. Be always in wonder and awe of all these natural works that you see; they are the hand and thoughts of the Creator, Gitchi Manito. These works, whether they be mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, the deepest swamps, or the wildest places, should never be changed, diverted, or disturbed. They are to remain as they are now just as I am to remain in my natural way.”

Bug-way-jinini (Sasquatch) spoke to Waynaboozhoo…
From the Mishomis Book, by Edward Benton-Banai, 7th degree Midewiwin

”If you should climb to the highest place, you will feel the absence of the air which is necessary to draw into your body in order to live. Likewise, if you would go into the Earth, soon it would get pitch black and there would be only poisons to breathe and draw into your body.”

”As you walk on your journey, remember that there is a purpose to all things. There is a reason for the gentle rains and gentle winds as well as their opposites. Accept these things I give you. The evidence is all around you. See it, know it, accept it! Accept this knowledge as a Way of Knowing. Accept it as you can accept the knowledge of your own shadow. When your shadow is cast on the ground you are able to see it. But even though you don’t see it at times, you know that your shadow is still there. Your shadow represents your relationship to Grandfather Sun and to the Four Directions and thus to the Universe.”

”It is time for you to continue on your journey. I will be with you, little brother, wherever your steps may take you. There is one last thing I wish to leave you and then we shall never talk again…

”You have a twin brother whom you have wondered about and whom you would seek. This I tell you: He is your other side in all things and in all ways. He is with you… do not seek him. Do not wish to know him, but understand him. You will walk the path of peace… he would not. You are kind… he is not. You are humble… he is not. You are generous… he is not. You seek the good in things… he does not. You shall respect others… he will not. You will seek the goodness in others… he will not. You are the light… he is the darkness. Know that he is with you, understand him. But do not seek him!”

With that Bug-way-jinini left Waynaboozhoo and vanished like a shadow into the woods.

5 thoughts on “Sasquatch in Native teachings”

  1. Hello, I have recently found this website and I am very excited to read it continuously. However, this is my first comment, so far.

    I have noticed this: “Dhyani Ywahoo, Cherokee Elder, Founder of Sunrise Meditation Society”. The name Dhyani in Sanskrit means the person who meditates (far more / longer than others). As I understand that there is some connection to India / Indians with Natives; but this seems to blatant. Can someone tell me some information or suggest a link or a person… to have more information on the matter?

    Thank you for your time & attention.

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    1. Namaste Chitta Ananda. Thank you for your comment. Dhyani Ywahoo was also an initiated Buddhist monk and traveled to Asia. She founded the Sunrise Meditation Society in New York State, which combined Native and Buddhist teachings. I was not aware of the meaning of her first name in Sanskrit, which makes much sense with her life mission. As for hr last name, it sound like Cherokee (Tsalagi). Hope this answers your question. Blessings. Shanti…


      1. Hello SS,

        Thank you very much for the quick reply. Yes, it partly answered my question. I am aware that many millennia ago, we had a common culture all over the globe; whatever skin color or body shape we had. This culture was slowly distorted by lower vibrational level entities, at different places and at different linear time lines. Giving us slowly what differences we have now; giving us a physical distinction. I am trying to link back us all through that old commonality so as when we start to expand consciousness everything falls into place.

        Thank you for your time & attention.


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      2. Indeed, there were golden ages of higher spiritual consciousness, at the dawn of Humanity and even before, when the Star Elders lived on Earth and our earliest Human ancestors lived with them. We are now in this time of the great remembering of our common ancient star origins and reawakening to our oneness in the greater Cosmic Family. I studied the Vedas and Sanskrit for some years, a unique collection of highly inspired sacred texts in one of the most ancient language inherited from the star Devas, from which all the Indo-European languages have evolved. There are also some amazing coincidences between Vedic culture and some ancient tribal cultures. The Hopi for instance describe the chakras and the four yugas. Thanks for connecting. Namasté…

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  2. Hi SS,

    It just occurred to me few minutes ago that perhaps we are created by manipulating the genes of Sasquatch!

    Oh… good you learned Sanskrit and studied Vedas. I have been told that to understand Vedas, one must learned the Sanskrit and use inner intelligence to explore many meanings out of a sentence; as one word have many meanings and different combinations could give different meaning. So, using inner intelligence is key to understand Vedas! Also, the Vedas are written in a certain fashion to have phonetic resonance generated that increases vibrations.

    Thank you for your time & Attention.


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