The Sasquatch Message to Humanity  – Book 3 – Introduction

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity 
– Book 3 – Introduction

Since I authored Books 1 & 2 of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity series, Kelly asked me to write an introduction for Book 3. Here it is:
Love and blessings to all…

For most people in modern society, the concept of channeling information through telepathy with other forms of consciousness is in itself a hard enough to accept phenomenon, often met with skepticism, laughters and doubts, or interpeted as mere imagination, urban legend or New Age fantasy. It is true that a lot of allegedly channeled material can fall into those categories requiring caution and critical thinking, coupled with inner intuition, to sort out what makes sense and resonates with our soul. Yet, channeling has existed since the dawn of ages, as a common practice in ancient shamanic societies.
Adding to the uncertainty surrounding channeling, the idea that the messages received can come from such a legendary being as the Sasquatch, whose very existence is still largely debated and systematically denied by mainstream scientists, may ask for an even greater opening of the mind and a certain leap of faith from the reader. The goal here is not to try to convince of the authenticity of the experiences described or prove the veracity of the information channeled, but rather to bring reflection.
Since before recorded history, legends and accounts of large hairy bipedal humanoid beings living in the wilderness form a common trend around the world in ancient tribal peoples’ lore and traditions. The amount and the consistency of those stories found in many cultures distances apart are clues to the mystery of this Wild Forest People, often described with magical powers and high wisdom.
If hearing about channeling Sasquatch Spirit sounds too far fetched, think twice before closing this book. Having reasonable doubts prior to knowledge is a healthy reflex for self protection, just like finding out for safety’s sake if the pool is deep enough before diving. But a diver never worries if the pool is too deep, as it can never really be. So, if you are ready to dive into the world of the Sasquatch communicators, take a good breath as it can get really deep. If in doubts, do not abstain; just take a dip.
No one will judge you for having a hard time to believe in the whole process of transmission, from the sources to the receptacles, being from the interdimensional Elders to the Human ambassadors gathered to transcribe these messages. Believe me, just a few years ago I would have had a hard time myself to accept any of this concept, had I stumbled upon it earlier. But consciousness evolves through experience and the last few years have been rich in interdimensional interspecies spiritual relations.
To understand Sasquatch, one needs to acknowledge their interdimensional and psychic abilities that define who they are and how we can connect and interact with them in peaceful spiritual relations. This Elder Brother, closest of our relatives, has been a friend of shamans of all times, in many places.
For me, it took over thirty years between my first encounters with Sasquatch and Star Beings alike, and the time when I could openly communicate with them and receive teachings and guidance. During this long learning process, phenomenons kept happening that I could not explain, other than as spiritual manifestations. Around my fiftieth birthday, I learned from my Cree cousin that our great-great-grandfather was a Sasquatch hybrid. It triggered in me a new interest in knowing those relatives.
It took a year of intensive research, during which the Sasquatch were manifesting to me in many ways, before I was ready to go out in the wild, until I met them and knew for myself who they truly are. Since contact happened and communication was established with Sasquatch, it has been an ongoing path of bewilderment and enlightenment, and of continuous learning about higher dimensional planes.
When I returned from my first close encounter and telepathic conversation, I thought no one in the Human world would be ready to hear, let alone believe in my recent life transforming experience. But soon, I met Native Elders and other spiritual people who could relate and showed a great interest.
Following the guidance I started to transcribe the messages received from my Sasquatch guides. At first, I was not expecting for them to reach out too far, but response and comments were astounding. Finding the message online, Kelly and Kewaunee offered to publish the collection of texts in a book. Little did I know that it was the beginning of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity series, for which I authored Book 1: Conversations with Elder Kamooh and Book 2: Interdimensional teachings from our Elders.
Before Book 1 was completed, an international audience had been reached and gathered around the Sasquatch Message, counting several other communicators and interested seekers on their quests. The launch of Book 1 coincided with the first annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Event in Chewelah. The Sasquatch had promised that they would keep coming forward to meet Humans who are ready, that a growing number of people would gather to share their experiences and the teachings they received, and that Sasquatch would communicate to Humanity through more and more Human ambassadors.
Now, barely three years later, hundreds of Sasquatch communicators around the world have been connecting in online communities and in several events, and a dozen of ambassadors have come together to share the messages they channeled, in this Book 3 of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity. Collective consciousness undergoes an awakening process involving interdimensional understanding.
Now I understand why Kamooh hesitated for so long before giving me his name or at least, a name we can know him by. Before a year, his name was on thousands of lips, as he was quoted at large. Dozens of friends have had contacts with him since and several in this team of ambassadors channel him, as you will see in this present volume. As the Eldest of the Council of Sasquatch Elders, Kamooh has been given a specific mission in bridging his people with Humanity and his work has brought forth many observable beneficial results that have transformed many lives of interspecies communicators.
Consciousness is defined as the initial condition to existence by quantum physics, as everything exists on waves of possibilities until manifested in a linear timeline when observed by consciousness. Through a quantum entanglement, two entities become connected in real time regardless of distance. Consciousness is a non-local phenomenon, it is not located anywhere in the brain and exists outside of the physical shell. Decades of research with thousands of accounts of near death experiences or clinical deaths show clearly that consciousness survives the physical death, to experience on other dimensions.
World powers have long invested in secret research programs into paranormal phenomenons and psychic abilities like telepathy, hypnosis, telekinesis, remote viewing and contacts with non-human intelligence. Concave lenses like those on the Santilli telescope reveal non-physical alter-matter entities of two types, the bright ones and the shadows. Concave mirrors like the Kozyrev device, bend time and expand consciousness into reaching the One Time Unified Field of the 2D Flat Universe or point zero gravity, enhancing psychic and telepathic abilities, as testified by astounding results, with five thousand people in dozens of countries receiving the telepathic messages with ninety-five percent of accuracy.
With all these advancements gained from recent scientific knowledge, would it be so incredible that some people have experienced the Sasquatch psychically in encounters, in dreams or in telepathy? Could the old materialistic paradigm be restraining our collective understanding of the vast Multiverse?
After exploring our world in its most intricate details and structures, the next quantum leap our collective consciousness is meant to make in its evolutionay course comes from contact and peaceful relations with non-Human intelligence, especially beings with higher interdimensional consciousness. The Sasquatch is one of them, as well as Star Elders, Elementals or Nature spirits, and some hybrids. Just like the first thing we find in outer space is that we are not alone, as our understanding of the Multiverse expands, it stretches across paths already traveled by space faring and time traveling beings. The only way to understand Sasquatch or Star Beings is through the knowledge of interdimensionality.
This knowledge brings the awareness of our own multidimensional essence needed not only to reach stars and time travel, but also for our own enlightenment, as we rediscover our true soul potential. With an open mind and a renewed understanding of what our multidimensional Self truly is, we can tap into a remote flow of consciousness and access a reservoir of information to download and transcribe.
Apart from attempting to provide scientific explanations backing these phenomenons, there are the accounts of the first hand experiencers who have encounters, physical or not, and dare report them. I say dare because mainstream society is still too often turning to ridicule people whose experiences defy regular rational explanations and normal logics, influencing many in keeping silent or secretive.
This book is a portal opening on the new universal consciousness offering a cosmic disclosure. Beyond telepathic, the language of the Sasquatch People is meant to reach the soul more than the mind. It is an invitation to widen our perspectives to gain a broader vision of the bigger picture of the Omniverse. May this message touch the hearts and raise the consciousness of a vast number of souls.

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