The Good, The Bad, and The Hairy

I would like to share insights on the subject of the Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yowie/Yeti/Forest People attacking people. My husband Kewaunee Lapseritis and I have been receiving a lot of inquiries about this and I have also seen it discussed in groups and in the media, so I wanted to share my thoughts and information given to me by the Sasquatch People themselves.
There are several different races and hybrids of Sasquatch People, just like there are several races and hybrids of humans. Like us, the forest people all have unique personalities, life goals, agendas, sizes, colors, and origins. We cannot say that a particular race or species is “good” or “bad” or that there is any consistent personality trait among them… just like with humans or any other species.

Every living creature and being is here on Earth to live, learn, and evolve, even if their thoughts and actions take them on a destructive path that does not appear to be productive or conducive to positive growth. But even the darker paths will eventually lead to learning and changing through development. Sasquatch, just like humans, also have karmas to resolve, dharmas to create, and lessons to learn otherwise they would not be here. It is also important to understand that not all “forest people” are physical earth-bound beings and several of them are interdimensional ancestors that connect with us through higher levels of consciousness. Collectively, their mission is to be caregivers of the planet and to help all beings here evolve into a life ways of peaceful inter-species community but that does not mean that every single Sasquatch will take every action to work towards this goal. It’s kind of like a health guru that emphasizes a no-sugar diet for great health, does that mean he shouldn’t and won’t ever eat a slice of birthday cake? Nope, that just means that we each have free will to make choices, the impact of that choice is personal to you yet it sends a ripple out into the universe, affecting everything everywhere.
With that being said, there have been stories and reports for thousands of years of some Sasquatch People being friendly and some attacking, eating, kidnapping, etc. This is true, but what is not told is the reason and motivation behind it. A Sasquatch may attack a hunter but what is unknown is that the hunter just destroyed their habitat or killed one of their young. How would you respond if someone was wrecking your home and shooting at your kids? Would you give them a hug or defend yourself and your domain? This is just one example of why someone might act out of character or make a decision that is “bad” in the eyes of those who are not experiencing the event, but it’s all relative.

While these tragedies have happened before, it does not define the Sasquatch as a group. There are and have been thousands of serial killers walking among the human race, destroying lives for pleasure or to temporarily satisfy an e-motional imbalance, but does that mean that all humans are untrustworthy murderers? Of course not, yet this is how some people judge and label the forest people, and this is all without any first-hand knowledge or evidence either. In some cases, you may have heard of a human woman taken as a mate for the forest people and many of these people have emerged years later to tell the story of the large hairy man who loved them and cared for them more than a human ever could. Many souls also arrange before incarnation on this planet to be a part of a higher purpose as well like those who breed with the hairy folks in an effort to keep their DNA in our human lineages. What better way to connect with our ancestors and the old ways than to BE our ancestors?

Along with defending themselves, there are many other scenarios as to why Sasquatch may not be loving towards humans, and likewise, there are many different beings that are being blamed for negative actions that have nothing to do with the sentient forest people. The lower lords also work continuously to create a “smear campaign” against the Sasquatch People to make us fearful of them and our higher abilities; separating us from who we are. They also create reasons and laws that cause us to destroy Earth’s forests and environments and our own psychic abilities, making us think that this is just a normal way of life. Just as the lower lords have manipulated human DNA, they are able to do the same with the Sasquatch and create large hairy “monsters” that could be mistaken for the Sasquatch People. The darker energies have and still continue to do this, releasing beings into the forest that may resemble Sasquatch, Ancient Ones, Guardians, Trolls, etc. but are made up of something completely different energetically and biologically.

There are also many beings and entities that are capable of shape-shifting into any form of their choosing and quite often use the intimidating hairy beast in the forest to act out the agendas and aggression. They may come from many different origins but are often referred to as the Djinn or sometimes Genies in modern folklore. Rosemary Ellen Guiley has a wealth of information on the subject of the Djinn, Shadow People, Faeries, and other Elementals that may be mistaken as Sasquatch People.

Another tactic being used by the lower lords is to capture forest people with advanced quantum technologies that disable their psychic abilities. They can alter the tech to nullify the forest people’s interdimensional abilities like telepathy and their intuition which keeps them in a physical density. The lower lords then sedate the Sasquatch and insert brain chips or implants to make them violent and release them back to the forest to cause destruction (cause fires and disease) and death (to humans, forest people, and other sentient beings). The very highly evolved Sasquatch People can evade the lower lords with more adeptness and aren’t as susceptible to being captured or manipulated, but it is still possible. The Sasquatch also speak of different beings that are here with malevolent intentions; those who are in service-to-self rather than service-to-others. While they can’t be categorized as a certain race, the Sasquatch refer to the “evil” forest people as the Shampe, who like to trick and kill/eat humans. Again, this isn’t a particular race, it’s more of a descriptive word to describe their vibration and intention.

These dark/negative/evil beings lack Love and the ability to project it or respond to it positively, so as long as you do not allow fear into the equation, they can be easily avoided. When we are in a vibration of unconditional love, not only will the lower vibrations completely avoid it, but it can also allow itself to be healed if it chooses. Many people say that they are avoiding going to the woods to spend time with nature and their forest families because of the fear of other beings that may hurt them, but this is really just the excuse of someone who is giving their energy to their fear rather than loving and trusting the Source which connects us. If you set aside all pre-conceived notions and just ALLOW things to flow (let them come to you rather than seeking them out), you will find that fear of anything that can hurt you (including a bear, snake, plant, etc.) does not even exist. Even if you ran into a predator, you will find them to be curious and friendly rather than defensive because the entire Universe responds to the vibrations which you send it. By loving everything unconditionally and allowing everything to be, you not only heal yourself but everything around you as well.

This information is not intended to cause fear, but rather to bring awareness. There are several scenarios that are other probability realities of truth. As I explained in a post a few days ago, there are many more realities and existences playing out simultaneously that our conscious mind is unaware of. If you hold Time constant and vary Space, you create a Probability Reality (the reality that you are aware of). When people put enough energy and emotion into a dream, they create another self, living this reality. You can literally be living simultaneous lives within this reality. Everything merges simultaneously (past, present, future all at once) which we can feel happening in the dream state as well. More information about Quantum Space and Time can be read here:

And remember this disclaimer: This may not be happening in a probability reality near you. 🙂

By Kelly Lapseritis

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