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WHO ARE THE SASQUATCH AND WHY ARE THEY HERE? Summary of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, by Kelly Lapseritis 


Summary of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, by Kelly Lapseritis

They are known by a variety of names, the most famous being Yeti (Tibet), Almas (Siberia), Yowie (Australia), Didi (South America), Skookum, Seatco (Washington, Oregon), Skunk Ape (Florida), Misaabe (Eastern Canada), or Bush Men (Nunavut). An association can be made with Hanuman and the Ape People of the Vedic scriptures in India or similar stories transmitted for centuries.

It is important to understand that the existence of Sasquatch, who are emissaries between our world and the underworld, proves in itself the existence of supernatural powers, extraterrestrial intelligences, human hybrids, and intraterrestrial populations. This hidden knowledge, kept secret by the elite, is the reason why mainstream academics are not ready to change their debunked evolution theories, and adapt to a wider and wiser perspective.

Homo sapiens sapiens thinks himself smart, but we are far from knowing it all, concerning the vast Omniverse we are part of. We are not at the top of the evolutionary chain and there are higher intelligences than us. Transhumanists suggest that the next step of evolution has to be brought by a technological enhancement that will turn us into cyborgs, more and more dependent on technology.

The only real lasting evolution Humanity can do is by elevating its collective consciousness to a higher spiritual level, recognizing and honoring all life forms, on this planet and eventually on others. Only through that approach can we hope to establish contact with other forms of intelligence, if not higher, at least equal to ours in the eyes of Creator. To know and understand who else is around might change our views and understandings of who we really are. We are all relatives. Because we are all interconnected.

Our Star Elders (extraterrestrials/ETs) are in an intergalactic alliance with several dozen cosmic races that are here observing us. Some of them say that they genetically engineered the human race. The Sasquatch People asked us to disseminate the information as it’s a message to the world! Our Sasquatch Elders want to “talk” with people in a powerful decision-making capacity because someone must comprehend all the negativity that is happening and take the lead in creating a peaceful and environmentally-friendly world for a healthier planet, physically and spiritually.

The Sasquatch, specifically an Elder named Kamooh, channeled messages to DawaOutah LomaKatsi (SunBow) in 2015 that contain a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to share with Humanity over the last few weeks. I have condensed and highlighted some of the vital parts of the first 50 messages now known as “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh.”

• The Sasquatch are our Elder Brothers. We are more closely related to them than any other mammal. They were created by the Star Elders (ETs) before humans to care for Mother Earth and assist in spiritual evolution of Earth’s collective consciousness. We used to live together with the Sasquatch when humans were more spiritually conscious and were connected with the Council of Elders.

• The Sasquatch are now protecting us and helping us grow and adapt to raise our consciousness through spiritual evolution. They are here to help us resolve collective karma and create spiritual dharma.
• The Sasquatch are incarnate but they have advanced psychic abilities such as telepathy, mind reading, remote viewing, hypnosis, astral projection, dematerialization, teleportation, shape shifting, and permeating consciousness.

• The Sasquatch People were created in the Agartha, the underworld below the intergalactic cities of our Star Elders, around fifty million years before Humans, in a time when Earth was recovering from a series of cataclysms and climate changes. They were created in Lemuria or Mu, which covered in its largest extent a good part of the Pacific South-West and half of the Indian Ocean.

• There is plenty of physical proof of their existence such as footprints, hair, and bodies killed and found in the past, but great measures have also been made to cover-up their existence. They avoid cameras and chances for DNA extraction because, since they are so highly telepathic and empathetic, they feel all of the hate, ridicule, and dysfunction of our uncivilization and the negative intentions towards them. Material proof would threaten their safety if used by “lower lords” (those in power who are leading the world in a dangerous direction) or souls under their control, to track or to hunt the Sasquatch.

• The ET allies of the Sasquatch People are unconcerned with science obtaining empirical proof since there will always be denial, no matter how much proof is provided. The global agenda now is a false doctrine and an ideology of domination. The rehabilitation of our collective consciousness is the ONLY thing that matters and it is the reason the Sasquatch People are here, giving this message.

• The Sasquatch People are sharing this important knowledge and history now as several of us humans have evolved enough to accept this and desire to realign planetary soul and civilization with Divine Law and Cosmic Order and dismiss aggression and materialism. The Sasquatch People are looking for humans to help make peace between all species.

• Humans must reconnect to “spiritual consciousness” through Nature and within ourselves to restore our spiritual and psychic gifts. We feel that we must help deliver the message of ancient wisdom like our origins, purpose, and destiny.

• Earth is OUR planet (the humans, Sasquatch, and elementals of nature) but we are under the control of the lower lords who want to take over our planet and separate us from our souls. Since the first ages of their existence, the Sasquatch People has been actively involved in protecting life and spiritual consciousness on Earth and in our solar system. Many have sacrificed their lives to save ours, and guarantee a better future for our collective evolution.

• Ancient knowledge is valid and with wisdom that must stay alive and be taught to all generations so they can remember their purpose and mission and avoid another mass extinction of all life. We must deprive the lower lords of their power through absolute non-violence, and develop and adopt ecological lifestyles that are harmless to the planet and all life. Then societies can truly call themselves “modern and civilized.”

• The collective mission and real responsibility of humans is to find balance and heal karmas. The Sasquatch People are here to help us with this by speaking through our heart and souls. They can work with us and appear through dreams, images, apparitions, whirlwinds, whispers, or physical sightings because that is their way of communicating.

• The lower lords keep humans in their “minds” rather than connected to our soul. This causes society to lose their connection and empathy towards other life forms.

• Humans have separated spiritual and scientific wisdom, making them both incomplete. Both views of Creationism and Evolution are extremely limited and take our mind away from Universal Truth. The truth is that it is both, and it is neither.

• Religion and technology are two extremist tendencies that present the main threats to the continuity of spiritual evolution. These misconceptions only keep us divided in fear, conflicts and hatred, disconnected from the Soul. The message of truth from the Sasquatch People allows us to see and understand the greater evolution process of our souls by leading us towards Universal Peace and Unity with all life.

• The Council of Star Elders (ETs) have a longer spiritual evolution process but there are no hierarchal structures; all souls are equal with the same potential to evolve. Spiritual evolution is based on an energetic scale rather than hierarchal.

• There has been a very long evolution on Earth, several million years. The Earth has experienced 5 mass extinctions already which nearly eliminated all of the species that were here before us like the Fish People (mer-men), the Ant People (insectoids), the Bird-People, and the Lizard People (reptoids). The Sasquatch were the first of the Mammal People, such as humans are.

• The purpose and process of co-creation and evolution of life is for our “spiritual consciousness” to awaken. The spiritual mission of our Elder Brothers, the Sasquatch and Yeti, has been to be protectors and caretakers of all life forms, and of the spiritual knowledge of our Star Elders, by saving these teachings. Of all hybrids created on Earth, only the Sasquatch People, some Bird-People as guardian angels, and the Elementals of Nature have remained faithful to the original cosmic spiritual mission. The Sasquatch People wish for the Human People to join with them and reintegrate the Council of our Star Elders, but need governmental help in achieving this as we all work together toward that goal.

• Many people have been contacted by the Sasquatch People because their souls have been prepared on their long paths of spiritual growth. This is also part of a long term greater evolution that has long been foreseen and planned for these times. Many of the ambassadors that have psychic communications with the sasquatch also carry some of their DNA, making them predisposed to connect with our collective Soul memory.

• A bridge has been built towards spiritual inter-species relations and a sacred portal has been opened. Many people have and will come forth with more messages from the sasquatch as they keep reaching out to those whose Soul is ready to communicate with theirs as interdimensional ambassadors.

• The understanding of who the sasquatch people are lifts up our consciousness to higher levels of knowledge, with the realization that there are interdimensional beings who can live or shift into dimensions beyond our normal perceptions. But we can also learn to reconnect with those dimensions, existing yourself on different planes, within the same Omniverse as they do if you remember your own spiritual essence.

• As our Elder Brothers, they have been watching over us since our conception and through all the phases of our long spiritual evolution of the last six millions years that we have mostly forgotten. It is part of the mission of the sasquatch people to help us to reconnect with our Higher Soul and with the Star Elders Council. Like them, the sasquatch do not want to be worshipped, obeyed, nor prayed to; they only wish to be respected as they respect us. The sasquatch wish to establish inter-species peaceful, spiritual, loving relations, and teach us, their younger siblings.

• It is our individual responsibility to awaken our Soul and recover our old wisdom. The Sasquatch People are here to assist us in this process if we can accept their help, but they cannot do the work for us. The healing of our collective karma and the end of the Anthropocene extinction depend only on our own decisions and actions.

• The way to begin to heal ourselves and our collective karma is to practice unconditional love, understanding, acceptance, and to help one another. They emphasize that our attitudes and actions need to change to compassion in order for our collective consciousness to change and heal our planet and karmas… a very difficult challenge without the help of a wiser and more evolved race who are greater in spiritual intellect than we have given them credit for.

In conclusion, on behalf of myself, the Sasquatch People, Mother Earth, and all of Humanity, I ask that you please consider this important message from our wise Elder Brothers and propose a spiritual and ecological approach to healing our planet and our own collective soul consciousness. We are all related, all children of Mother Earth, and it is our responsibility to live and work together to create peace and harmony for all living beings. May all beings be happy and free.

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