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Updates on the Sasquatch / Bigfoot so-called ‘community’ About supposed ‘evidences’, hoaxes and breaking news, February 10, 2018

Updates on the Sasquatch / Bigfoot so-called ‘community’
About supposed ‘evidences’, hoaxes and breaking news…

Folks send me tons of links, pictures, articles, videos and such, yet I appreciate mostly what can be useful for my networking. Among things I’m sent, there’s a lot of stuffs on ‘Bigfoot’; sadly over 95% of what’s online is either total crap or insignificant.

From the guy displaying a gruesome alleged corpse cut in pieces, to the famous hoaxers trying their luck once again in fooling the world with a better mask, suit, camera crew or video effects, down to the 90 episodes of ‘Finding Bigfoot’ who never ended up finding Bigfoot, most is not worth any attention.

For the guy exhibiting a dead Bigfoot in severed parts, whether it is a huge dummy he made and froze or a real corpse, which is possible, either way it is a disgusting approach and bad karma.

Guys tracking footprints of a great ape are arguably laughable from an experiencer point of view. Ape hunters keep chasing the shadow of Bigfoot without ever finding it, while seers speak with their Elders currently. Different approach, different results.

Yet, when you report to those ‘researchers’ intensively involved into trying to prove the existence of a great ape, that Sasquatch is a psychic being with magical powers, that can walk invisible, appear and disappear at will and communicates in telepathy, they put you into the category of disturbed nut case or woo woo.

Strangely, Native shamans and medicine Elders who have interacted with Sasquatch for countless generations understand very well these phenomenons and their ancestral knowledge and stories confirm direct experience of first hand communicators.

That spiritual, mystical aspect of Sasquatch is what brings true understanding of who they are, and it is what is missing in conventional research, or more precisely from a Darwinian approach trying to classify Sasquatch into an erroneous system, leaving all efforts without substantial or significant results.

World famous veteran researcher John Bindernagel from Vancouver Island who just passed last month (RIP), spent decades gathering ‘evidences’ which resulted in a collection of footprint casts, some vocal recordings and witnesses accounts.

When I shared on his site the account of my sighting of 2003 in his region, he didn’t publish it or reply, simply because I mentioned feeling a powerful psychic energy. He passed without really knowing what the Sasquatch are, nor gathering enough evidences to prove their existence to mainstream science. But we can praise his sustained efforts and scientific integrity.

Another Canadian researcher that has made headlines and much noise recently is Todd Standing. For 20 years he has been trying to prove the existence of a giant ape and was reportedly caught in hoaxes before; but his new footage made the news, as he is petitioning for the legal protection of this unknown species.

His footage showing two close ups of completely different looking beings have fooled a whole lot of people, while discarded as a hoax by the majority. There is a lot of inconsistency and dubious details in Standing’s story and footage, denounced by many. For most observers and especially first hand experiencers, they look like pretty well fabricated Chewie-type hair and leather masks.

Now, why am I bringing this up? Because I commented on a group with a simple meme showing Standing’s face gradually superimposed over his supposed Bigfoot, and he responded himself to my comment with this video, in which he confronts his detractors trying to convince he’s real deal with bogus argument. It has my BS sensors go off with red flags, and I’m not alone…

Todd Standing’s video:

Anyhow, judge by yourself, but people who have met Sasquatch will tell you they are not stupid apes you can trick or tame, nor big teddies that look like the muppet show. They are very wise and powerful beings with impressive interdimensional abilities.

This spiritual aspect that most conventional researchers omit is the very key that makes experiencers understand Sasquatch. For some, there has to be ‘solid proof’, a dead corpse, a clear footage, pushing a few to hoax fake ‘evidences’ that discredit the real data and honest accounts, that are too often discarded.

For others and especially experiencers like me, when it comes to Sasquatch, the more unusual, mystical, magical, spiritual or extraordinary it sounds or looks, the more plausible it is to me. Sasquatch is not a banal beast, but a highly evolved star being. Everything around them, including images, is out of this world.

Here are my clues to know if anything about Sasquatch is true:
1) If the ‘expert’ claims to be after a big ape, he’s way off track.
2) If the claim is that Sasquatch is tracked, spied on or tricked, it’s in the field, or more clearly said: it’s either fake or hoax.
3) Any true experiencers will describe psychic effects or shock.
4) People with repeated encounters develop respect and friendship for Sasquatch, and understand their psychic gifts.

In short, if it’s not woo woo enough it’s boohoo. The Sasquatch decide when they show themselves. Here’s what they gave me to share in fall 2016. No proof nor evidence, just kind greetings…

Thanks and blessings to and from our interdimensional Elders… 🙂

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