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My reply to a Bigfoot researcher asking for scientific proofs, December 2015…

My reply to a Bigfoot researcher asking for scientific proofs…

Hi, these are many questions, many of which have been already answered in details in the message, others addressing intimate subjects not to be disclosed. My experience is only one among many other communicators, resonating with some consistancy with what many other experiencers have described, hundreds of them being documented by Kewaunee alone. Telepathy is the universal language, especially among highly spirtually evolved beings. Even the animals practice it.

So the conversations were an exchange of thought-forms that I was asked to put in words and Human speech, in a well known process often called channeling. Ancient shamanic societies knew and used this process of transe to channels spirits. I was asked to write this message as I received it and I did, and was chosen for this work as I had the ability to do it, after a life time of preparation. That part of my work to write that message is now completed and offered to all of Humanity as a gift from our Elder Brother, the Sasquatch Spirit. The relations I maintain with my spiritual family and allies is a private thing, which I only share when moved to, without needing to be asked about such personal matters.

The results speak for themselves, without having to question the process. As a reference, I would suggest that you investigate into Kewaunee’s books, documenting telepathic contacts with Sasquatch…

Thanks for the links you provided about your work with Sasquatch. About proofs, some focus their research on finding proofs to convince the scientific community and the public of the existence of Sasquatch. There are plenty of physical proofs, from thousands of footprints and casts, to photographic evidences, recovered bodies since centuries and DNA samples. Doctor Melba Ketchum led a five years research at Austin University called the Sasquatch Genome Project, with nearly 200 DNA samples from several locations. I recommend that you google it and look into those results.

But Sasquatch doesn’t like so much to be photographed or leave DNA samples, as their images and genetics can be misused, and through remote viewing they feel the unpleasant energies of viewers and manipulators of their images or DNA. The only approach to study Sasquatch that really seems to bring some genuine results is to see them for who they are: an ancient highly spiritual Elder Brother. This means to stop seeing them as animals or primitive hominids that we could trick or trap for curiosity.

But the scientists and Humanity in general will never understand Sasquatch until they think outside of the box and feel existence beyond the limitating materialist mind frame. Interdimensional beings prove by their existence that there are other planes or dimensional levels of existence where other intelligent life forms dwell. It also reminds us that we too are interdimensional beings, but have forgottten and lost most of our psychic abilities and perceptions, getting trapped in the physical 3D because of materialism.

Scientific studies have been conducted in the fields of paranormal activities, parapsychology and quantum physics, proving not only the existence, but the power of consciousness. Astrophysics and nuclear physics have found beyond quarks and bosons some interdimensional portals and wormhole passages through time-space and dimensions. It is now a known fact that there are many dimensions and matter only makes a mere 5% of all energies in the Omniverse, most of the rest being unknown.

At the light of these recent discoveries, it should become mainstream soon that this physical 3D plane we perceive as solid matter, while being pure energy and magnetic fields, is but only a small fraction of all existence, and thus there are levels of existence beyond this frame. As science progresses, the knowledge of our Elder Brothers and Star Elders will make more and more sense. There will be no more need to question and ask for proofs. But the Earth needs to be freed from the control grid first.

Kamooh said that their Human allies are not concerned about bringing proofs to the non believers and skeptics, but rather to deliver their spiritual message to those in Humanity who are ready to hear it. The messenger doesn’t matter as much as the message delivered. If people don’t trust the messenger, they might not listen to the message, but if some do with an open heart and mind, they will feel it or not. But if people don’t feel or trust the message, they will not trust the messenger, no matter what proofs are provided. That’s why, in spite of all the physical proofs, most people still don’t believe in Sasquatch.

In other words, it’s more important to have their message heard than to try to prove they exist to skeptics, because that’s one thing we can do right now to help our Elder Brother and inter-species peaceful relations on Earth, while trying to convince non believers might never lead to any success.

For this reason, I’m not concerned about providing proofs, as I had more than I needed for my own understanding. I can share what I learned, but won’t try to convince anyone of its validity. I’m not a subject of study nor wanting to become one, no more than my Elders, whose mission is to share their knowledge and teachings to help us on our evolutionary path, without asking for anything in return.

About interdimensional inter-species communications, I’d recommend that you look into the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE). It’s recent survey was aswered by thousands of experiencers, of which I’m only one. There are some experiences that I’m comfortable to share and willing to take time to do it, for the purpose of research and study, but just when I feel it and not all of it.

I hope this info can be useful for you and for others. I would not have time to write this much too often in a private corresponding, as we discuss such topics daily in groups. Blessings on your research…

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