Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Leigh Kerr from Australia

Whilst travelling to Brisbane Australia from our home town of Melbourne , My partner and Myself drove in a rental Van much like a Camper van . We have been having contact for quite a few years with Yowies or the Dooligah as they are known in Australia. I have been blessed to see them on 3 occasions and received teachings and gifts from them through the years. In this story I share how they came through telepathically while we were on the road literally driving. I was in the passenger seat and was thinking usual things when my mind switched to an image of a Yowie holding a long stick of bamboo, snapping it in half and chewing it. Then I understood that it is medicine to them and they like it . I mentioned this to Mick but however at the time I didn’t realize this message was from them until the next day. So That night it was getting late and we pulled up our camper at a very secluded bush area and made ourselves at home for the night and slept in the camper. During the night , at the same time my partner was woken up I had a sense they were right beside the camper while I was sleeping. At the same time Mick who was asleep jumped up in a panic and woke and said they put their head inside the vehicle from the side wall. After settling , we could see eyes shine out of the front windscreen in the distance. IN the morning , the next day we walked to where the eye shine was sighted and there was nothing present that could have been anything else and also to our amazement was a large stick of bamboo place against a tree. We looked around and saw that there was absolutely no bamboo trees around!! I realized this was from our friends -A gift ! Through this whole vacation we had small gifts all the way and this happens a lot when we travel , its like they are always there protecting us. Rock stacks in river beds, little rocks thrown near our feet too.

Photo: Leigh Kerr


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