Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Kelly Lapseritis, from Arkansas / Washington

On February 2, 2013, I took a walk alone to my secret wooded area in my neighborhood in Mountain Home, AR. I had been frequenting this area to walk with nature, talk with sasquatch and nature spirits, and connect with my higher self. I had an exceptionally peaceful feeling and right before I was going to leave, I found a patch of 4 standing trees that fit enclosed my body perfectly. I stood in this area, closed my eyes, and sang the song “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley which was a tune that I could not get off of my mind for over a week. As I was finishing the song, a very distinctive hairy face appeared before me with a big grin.

I finished the last few words of the song as I observed him and felt the love radiating from his being. As soon as I was finished singing, without a pause, I said “Hi, what’s your name?” In a deep voice with a Native-American accent, the man answered by saying “MY NAME IS GEORGE. YOUR SONG IS BEAUTIFUL.” I thanked him and sent him love from my heart. Despite the fact that I was coming to the awareness of just how bizarre this was, I felt very comfortable with him. As if reading my thoughts of curiosity, he stepped back a few feet so that I could see his entire body. I was bewildered for a few moments as I soaked in the enormity and overwhelming presence of this hairy man. I quickly realized that George was the sasquatch person that visited me in a very profound and life- changing dream just a week before.

George looked to be about 8 feet tall with long rust-colored hair covering his entire body except for the features of his face. His gigantic shoulders leaned forward as he stood supporting himself with a large crooked walking stick. He had such kind and wise eyes, in no way could they be mistaken for anything other than a loving person, there was nothing animalistic about him. I looked down at his feet, and indeed, they were big.

I thought to myself “bigfoot” and chuckled in my mind, and he joined me in my amusement. I forgot for a moment that he could read my mind, but I was very pleased to know that he was not offended by my thoughtless stereotype. In my mind, I thanked him and told him that I was thrilled to see him. I was curious about his name since most forest people have exotic names from another language. I asked him how he got the name George, to which he responded “MY MOTHER LIKED THE NAME.” Later I learned that the name George literally means “Earth Worker,” so this name is actually very fitting for a person of the forest.

It was apparent to me that George was as curious about me as I was of him. He was allowing me to interrogate him and I had a sense that we were reuniting and bonding after many decades of separation. I asked him why he walked with a stick and he told me that he received an injury as a child when his father was killed. I felt a tinge of sadness from him and did not press for details of this unfortunate event. I told him that he was beautiful and his presence was light and loving. With a deep love in his eyes, George told me that I have a beautiful soul and that he has been watching me and waiting for me for a long time and that he was proud and honored to have me in his family. He also told me that he was very pleased with how far I have come spiritually and how well grounded I am, especially while going through the hardest emotional time of my life. He reassured me that he already knows my life and my heart, and that is why he is here. He stated a serious promise to me that he will always be there when I need him.

As much as I was enjoying my new friend, it was time for me to make the short walk back home. It occurred to me how odd it was that the creature known as bigfoot would inhabit a wooded area so close to a residential neighborhood. Reading my thoughts, George answered me with his mind and said that he did not live there, but it was the right time and place for him to introduce himself to me. He said that he was multi-dimensional and that he can be wherever he wants to be at any moment. He turned his back to me and started in the direction of a creek and asked me to follow him to an area that I had long suspected to be a portal. I apologized to him and said that I would love to but that I really must return home now as I was already expected to have returned. I asked him if he would like to follow me home, and he readily agreed and was thankful for the suggestion.

We walked slowly in the direction of my home with George following about five steps behind me. We talked about many personal things and he presented questions to me which inspired deep thought and answers that I had never even considered. Although only minutes had passed since he appeared before me, I was already bonding with him and felt a significant heart and soul connection between us. He was just like my big brother, always there with advice and protection. We arrived together to my driveway and I invited him into my home to see where I live and meet my family. He was really just humoring me at this point. Of course he knew where I lived and who I lived with.

I felt a change in energy as we entered the door however. My home life was anything but joyous, and he could sense the negativity in the environment. I was aware that even though I knew George was completely real and with me here at my home, I would be judged as a lunatic if I really introduced him to people that were oblivious of his presence. I explained to George that he could come and visit me anytime he wished and that he can also help himself to anything in my home and showed him where the food was. I thanked him for revealing himself and for the fellowship that we shared. He grinned and nodded, turned in the direction of the front door, and proceeded to walk right through it as he telepathed a promise to me that I would see him again soon.

Upon George’s exit, I was thrust back into my daily reality. This was the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me, and I knew that it was an answer to prayer and a persistence evolve into my highest light. I was already acquainted with a sasquatch woman named Suni who was a motherly guide to me. For a couple of months prior to George’s appearance, Suni gave sound advice and predictions of my future. Her concern and guidance was like that of a wise and experienced grandmother and she always had an aura of love about her. George had distinct personality from what I observed.

He was jovial and lighthearted, yet he had a strong, protective energy about him. He was already like my best friend that I have known for years, and I knew that meeting him would change my life. A few times, Suni had mentioned and now George also spoke to me about their close friend, a man that they work with and call Dream Man. Both of them said he was somebody that I was going to help and that was going to help me. Although the information was very vague, it was not merely coincidence that they both mentioned Dream Man to me. I never even suggested to Suni or George in thought that I dreamed of this man twice now, but they knew anyways.

This was only the very beginning of a beautiful friendship and interesting life. George hasn’t let me down, he is always here advising, comforting, guiding, and especially playing tricks. He likes to hide things, make jokes, and say very off-the-wall comments just to make me laugh. He energy is very jovial and I can often “see” his smile or dance or hear him chuckling. He feels very much like a big brother that is about a year or two older than me, very close and a lot in common. Life has never been the same since meeting him. I look back on this day almost as lovers would remember the moment they fell in love. I fell in love that day, and my love just keeps growing for him and for all of my Elders.

kelly kewaunee jeremy

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