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Hanuman, now and then

My reply to a friend asking about Hanuman and if the Ramayana story was a prophecy.


I read the Ramayana, many years ago. Not aware of any prophecy related to it though. Hanuman is a highly spiritually evolved saint of the Vanara or Forest People, who are an ancient branch related to the ones we call Sasquatch. History tends to repeat itself, often with the same actors in new bodies and stages, until transformed. Time unfolds in a spiral of repetitive cycles rather than on a straight line. Linear time being just an illusion from our 4D limited point of view below the speed of light, all past, present and future events co-exist simultaneously on other dimensional levels, so all can be read anytime.

Prophets, visionaries, seers, channels, can access other dimensions in consciousness, so they can access past or future events, from our perspective. Hence, it is very likely that superimposed layers of parallel realities reflect on each other and influence past, present and future timelines through mingling and interaction. That some prophecies or predictions fulfill in exact details attests that consciousness, either of the channel or his/her guides, can reach beyond linear time and connect past and future with the present.

The Ramayana epic did obviously happened in the past, because the Ram Sethu ruins still exist linking India to Sri Lanka and studies show that it is artificially made and thousands of years old. Yet, the symbolism of it definitely reflects insights on our actual global situation, while the Forest People and Humans are joining forces to bridge worlds and help to free Earth from the rule and bondage of the reptilian lords. The parallel is definitely striking…

ram setu bridge

Photos: Ram Sethu (Rama’s Bridge). Satellite and aerial photos.

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