Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by TJ Rush, Attikamek woodsman

Hi there.
About three years ago I was drawn to taking a home in the middle of the woods. This was just after learning about our Sasquatch brothers. I had several meaningful experiences there but this one is one of if not the most meaningful.
One morning my 3-year-old son got out of our lakeside cabin and got into the lake.

The place we lived was extremely rural. Bears , Martins, and wolves were common.
The slope to where he made it into the lake was a treacherous 4 ft drop onto infamous Kawartha rocks and a muddy bank to boot. I had fallen there a few times and tended to fish from the grass instead. My dog even took a spill once.

Anyway, I was woken all of a sudden not by anything other than our brothers. But no audible noises just an urge to get up.
I immediately noticed the front door open it was about 530 or 6 am.
My son was fine. Just playing happily in the lake.
I’m sure it was them that saved him or made sure he was safe.

The next day a boy passed by way of drowning right across the lake.
They continue to interact as I’ve pledged since that day to do whatever I can to help.
He would have drowned that day if not for our brothers and sisters I’m sure of it. This took place where we had several daily interactions .

Thanks and god bless you and your people from the bottom of our families hearts.
We love you

And thank you.

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