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Engineers and giant warriors from the Sky, Duality and beyond, by SunBôw

By SunBôw (Note: I wrote this 2 years ago after a dream I received)

Engineers and giant warriors from the Sky, Duality and beyond…

I had another dream happening beyond this world, flying with the Star People. This time, instead of being taught about several distant star species in a row, I was rather shown the details about one race that has largely influenced the history of our planet and of our own Human species. They were known to all ancient civilizations, which they have largely influenced, even often fashioned and developped.

They are best known by the name Annunaki, from the Sumerian tablets, meaning ”those who came from Heaven on Earth”. The name Kukulcan in Mayan, translated as Quetzalcoatl in Nahuatl, holds the exact same meaning. But this generic name could also apply to all the many different Star Beings who visited Earth. They have a variety of other names in different cultures. Of all the Star species, they are the ones who have intervened the most in the development of our own, up to our times. Their history is complex in its details and the effects of their activities on our planet have been significantly influencial.

My dream started in the same mother ship where I’ve been taken and instructed, but this time the Star Elders teaching me took me on an astral journey through a holographic matrix. While our council was comfortably seated within an intemporal bubble-like orb ship, we went together flying through various three dimensional scenes and environments. As we explored this holographic library, discovering animated images we were traveling through, they were transmitting to me teachings and explanations. Inside the translucid interdimensional protective sphere, we entered the space base of the studied aliens.

That particular type of Annu, or Sky People, existed long before our Human species and had settled on Earth during ages beyond our recollection. They were originally part of the Watchers or Hakamim, whose mission was to protect our home-planet and help the spiritual evolution of consciousness on it. They were god-like angelic beings with powerful psychic abilities and a tremendous physical strength. Some of them had wings, one or several pairs, that they could manifest at will, as they could shapeshift. But even before Humanity was conceived, a large faction among them seceded from the Star Council.

I was shown the inside of their largest home-mother-ship, an artificial planet, mostly known by the name Nibiru. The vast dome shaped control room was a display of highly sophisticated technological achievements causing amazement at first sight, with holographic interactive projections of star charts, geometrical and chemical formulas, keeping a large navigating crew busy. The whole scene and the crew’s appearance strangely resembled to the aliens and the interior of the base in the film Promotheus.

It is obvious that the creators of that movie took their inspiration from that race, they refer to as our ancestors. The scenario calls them the Engineers, who deviced civilizations and bioengineered species. They worship a reptilian-looking species that created them long before Human history had even started. Since I had seen the movie a couple years ago, it is possible that it has influenced my dream, although all the while I was up there, my Star Elders were with me, teaching me about what I was being shown.

Another character who looks very similar to those beings is Dr. Manhattan in the movie The Watchers. He is a super hero with immense supernatural powers who is consulted and feared by the world leaders. In that story, it turns out that the Watchers fight among themselves for the control of the Earth and Dr. Manhattan being torn between the two sides, lets himself fall under the influence of the evil faction. This film happened to play on the day after my dream and the concidence with the beings was striking. These are just examples of how some movies can carry hidden information and hints about secret facts.

Back to the dream, those Sky People appeared to me as giants, 12 foot tall in average, all blue in color. They had high long skulls, were massive and muscular, and had a serious, almost sinister expression. But they were all Human-like in appearance, apart from their size, twice as large as our higher average.

They were all very alike in stature and similar in likeness, except for a few individual facial features. Their bodies were slightly glowing with blueish hues, while electric blue lightnings were coming out and running along their outlines, following the movements, thoughts and emotions of each giant alien. They would wear long hooded robes to hide their light, if they had to communicate with other species.

I didn’t notice any of them looking like females, and was told that the majority of their kind was males. It was explained to me that their species has populated and developped civilizations on many planets. Their original ancestors came from star clusters in the Nebula near Orion’s belt, in the central triangular cloud. Then, at the time when they were actively taking part in the Star Council established on Earth, their rulers became proud, arrogant and defiant, claiming ownership of the Earth and competing for its control. As a highly technologically advanced civilization, they started turning themselves into cyborgs, modifying their genetics to integrate electronic circuits and other implanted devices enhancing powers.

For their unnatural ways going against the Cosmic Order they were meant to defend, they were warned. Since they refused to change their ways, they were ousted from the Star Council and became rebels. Their group then banded with the ancient draconian rebelious lower lords perpetrating the cosmic wars. These ancient reptilians integrated their genetics into the blue giants, making them draconian hybrids.

They became a warlike Archon group, and developped more artificially breeded male cyborg warriors. Nanoparticle technologies were added to their cyber-genetics, for artificial shapeshifting and cloaking. The biological part of their genetics was used to host an anti-matter soul, allowing astral projection. Their psychic abilities are enhanced through sophisticated technology, just like their physical abilities. As weaponized cyborgs, they turned gradually into drones, remote controlled by artificial intelligence. They built large fleets of starships culminating with the construction of an artificial planet of their own.

Since they had broken the Cosmic Order, becoming Nephilim or ‘fallen ones’, they were ordered by the Star Council to leave the Earth, forced to move to their artificial planet Nibiru, the Black Sun, orbiting around the solar system over thousands of years, which they have kept building since ages, as well as a growing star fleet, using it for their endless space quest for minerals and water, through slave colonies.

It is important to distinguish that not all souls of that star lineage have rebeled against the Star Council. Some of those blue giants who remained on the right path have been teachers and helpers of Humanity. That’s why we can see stairways and portals for their 12 foot tall size in ancient temples worldwide, from Egypt to Greece, to Mesopotamia, India, Mexico and Peru. They were the engineers and builders.

Their remains have also been found worldwide and by the thousands in the mounds, but have stayed concealed. All ancient traditions have legends of friendly giants, as well as dangerous warlike ogres. Among the warriors, some are cosmic defenders against others who are aggressors, just like among the engineers, some deviced highly beneficial civilizations while others used their science in harmful ways. This is to remind us to avoid all kind of specieism and never judge any soul by the genetics they wear.

Some of them also fought on our side against their far relatives lost into an anti-nature control agenda. The Sumerian story of Enki who fought against the rebel Enlil, the Egyptian lore of Seth who killed Osiris, the Vedic accounts of wars between Devas and Asuras in celestial chariots, with weapons of mass destruction, the family feuds of the Olympian pantheon, or the defeat of the Titans at their hands, all describe this ongoing cosmic war that was marked by recorded episodes that have left remnants.

After our Human race was bioengineered by our Star Elders to be the caretakers of this Mother Earth, the rebelious faction that had planned on controlling this world infiltrated the Atlantean government. They succeeded in creating many artificial hybrids and implanting their bloodlines to control the Earth. They modified Human genetics to create modern man, with a more rational mind, but less psychic. Posing as gods, their pyramidal theocratic hierarchy gradually conquered the planet into their empire. Before our scientific knowledge could understand the concept, they had set a psychotronic control grid.

They have interfered on many occasions through our history and have caused most wars and genocides. Their ships appeared over several battlefields, throughout Antiquity and the Middle Ages, until today. Conquerers like Akhenaten, Alexander, Caesar, Gengis Khan or Hitler, were directed by their sky gods. They came from their bloodlines since Osiris and Nimrod, and are ancestors of all today’s world rulers.

With weapons of mass destruction, like death rays, neutron bombs and nuclear blasts, they obliterated life in cities of the Mayan, in Bolivia, in Gobi and in the Indus, that had aligned with the Star Council. Their wars have not only been waged on Earth, but also on Malkut, on Mars, and several exoplanets. Up to our days, they have controlled through their bloodlines most Human governments and religions.

What I felt from their souls in my dream, while visiting their planet-ship, was a deeply sad resignation to a deception agenda, and a strongly tangible lasting anger due to their choice for continuous rebellion. It is not much different from a Human army on the war front, being ordered to kill the ennemy at sight. I felt the same level of perpetual tension, alert, fear, suspicions, mixed with anger, pride and struggles.

They are an example of what our own race could become if we follow with their transhumanist agenda. They are behind today’s geoengineering, global warming and biotechs, under their New World Order. They are the heads of the secret societies running the government of governments and black projects. They meet in top secret underground bases with the leading world powers, for high tech military deals. The control the Men In Black who are cyborg hybrids acting as their secret police in our wordly affairs.

Visiting their metal planet with my Star Elders in our interdimensional spherical auric field, I felt no fear nor any judgement towards those cyborg giants, as I was being provided with the understanding and details of their long history. Their destiny is very closely tied to ours and similar in many aspects, with millions of years ahead in their evolution. It could very well be us in ages, if we follow their ways.

Acknowledging their presence and influence doesn’t allow to judge between the good and evil aspects. It is rather understanding and learning from the example of this ancient Star lineage of distant relatives. Their collective consciousness has been programmed into conquering worlds and subduing natural law. Having taken the irreversible step of cybernetics with its harming effects on the soul evolutionary process, they are convinced that their choice should prevail for all the inhabited planets they know of.

It can be compared to the ideologies of the Crusaders, Inquisitors, the Conquistadores or the Jihadists. Such Human groups believe it is right to impose their religions and cultures through force and violence. Those groups have been under the influence of malevolent aliens, through deception and mind control. But our Human psyche has been familiar with those misconceptions and wrong doings by its own fate.

With the help of the Council of our Star Elders, our Elder Brother Sasquatch as bridgers of worlds, and with those cosmic warriors of Light within the Human race who are aware of the planetary stakes, helping with the quantum leap of our collective consciousness into interdimensional disclosure, it is our dharmic destiny and spiritual mission to realign our own ways with the Cosmic Order and Divine Law, to transform our karma of uncivilization bondage into a peaceful ascencion and spiritual enlightenment.

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