Unacknowledged, An expose of the greatest secret in Human history, by Sirius Disclosure

Dr Greer has been a pioneer in the forefront of disclosure about non-Human intelligence. Through the Disclosure Project, he has gathered over 500 accounts from witnesses with high intelligence clearance, from the military or corporate sectors, who have seen or worked with extraterrestrial vehicles or non-Human beings, in top secret black projects.

The approach Dr Greer has developed and proposed to contact non-Human intelligence through meditation, telepathy and peaceful communication resonates with our goals and has been a strong inspiration and motivation in this disclosure project about Sasquatch.

If you have not yet seen ‘Dr Greer’s last documentary ”Unacknowledged”, take the time. This very well documented film explains in details why the governments will not accept to disclose the truth they know about non-Human intelligence or extraterrestrial beings.


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