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On the darker side of things…

Authentic disclosure of sensitive information about non-Human intelligence has always been somewhat of a perilous enterprise, as the powers-that-be are opposed to the truth, so they can keep control over our planet and collective destiny. The knowledge of the existence of Star Elders, highly spiritually and technologically evolved beings visiting us in Peace, concerned and caring about our evolution and using non-polluting free energy technologies with optimum efficiency, could not only rewrite our history, but also transform our destiny and free this planet from the grip and control of its abusers, the militarist war lords, the oil barons and nuclear profiteers, keeping the world in chaos.

Facing once again FB censorship this week, being restricted from posting or commenting on groups I don’t manage, as a way to control the flow of info, I wrote this poem.

Thanks to SCENIC for offering a new platform, still uncensored as I’m writing this.

By SunBôw

Exodus: On the darker side of things…

Since we focus on disclosure, they say bogus in displeasure.
The Exodus out of E-grip has been well overdue by now.
Undermining our fellowship to break us down and make us bow.

We’ve been toiling, held by the hook,
Building the walls of Pharaoh’s look,
Writing the pages of his book,
With sweat and time and all it took,
While erecting the pyramid
Keeping the lords on top amid,
Driven by the slaveror ‘s whip,
Kept in shackles of censorship,
Bound by chain-blocks, ties and AI
To the all-seeing FB Eye.

The rod of truth we manifest
Their gods and snakes show up and jest,
They flood our booth with blood and vile,
Leap frogs invading from the Nile (denial),

Swarms of infesting flies, all investing in lies,
Spread as a pestilence pandemic ignorance
Forcing into silence focused intelligence
By their intolerance to basic common sense.

Fighting the voice of consciousness
Of those who stand in righteousness
Stubbornness is the best answer
Of those who claim they have power
To build their ivory tower
With the labor of sufferers,
In stern contempt, as if they beg
For yet more plagues as their main legs.

The sacrifice of their children
Is not so heavy a burden
To keep waging this psychic war
Against this planet and its star.

To free ourselves from slavery
It takes courage and bravery
As they send their cyber army
To chase us, track us, hunt us down
Only to keep wearing their crown.

From the control grid they ascribe
To target the prophet and scribe
We have escaped with all our tribe
Refusing any of their bribe.

Like a book of knowledge on scrolls,
Opened wide for us the Read, See.
Journeys of holy rocks and rolls
Have taken us here to the Sigh, Nigh.

Desert pilgrimage can be dry
With bitter water as we cry
Yet much sweeter than the shackles
And made of many miracles.

The promised land is right at hand…

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