Join us in the great cosmic disclosure

Thanks to our first four donors who contributed a total of $130 on the first day we launched our fundraiser, covering the cost of the new website and domain for a year.

After 3 1/2 weeks, our website is reaching 5500 views by 1500 visitors from 46 countries. If everyone interested in our work contributes a small donation, we can cover more ground and provide more information and services to the members of our network.

Please, help us to continue sharing information and experiencers accounts about Sasquatch, Star Elders, and other non-Human intelligence and inter-dimensional beings.

Send us your articles and stories, we publish them as they come. Visit. Like. Rate. Comment. Share our link and posts in your networks. Subscribe. Follow us. Donate. Your contributions will go to upgrade computer, recording equipment, and towards a vehicle.

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