Interview with SunBôw on Canadian Awareness podcast

Interview with SunBôw on Canadian Awareness podcast, with host Anthony, released on 11/20/22:

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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 1)

I am often heard saying that the best sources to know and understand Sasquatch, apart from the Sasquatch themselves, are from first hand experiencers, especially those who have developed communication with those relatives. For lack of knowing direct experiencers in your surroundings or networks, the Indigenous cultures and their ancestral knowledge transmitted mostly through oral tradition but also nowadays through some writings, offer the best sources of knowledge about Sasquatch or other related Hairy Humanoids known since ancestral times by a vast diversity of names in tribes and ancient cultures around the world. From my years of experience and research on the grounds, it appears obvious to me that the proportion of experiencers who had contacts and communications with the Hairy Humanoids is much higher among Indigenous Peoples, especially among cultures that have remembered and honored those relatives in their traditional stories and ceremonies, whether they call them Sasquatch, Sabe, Skokum, Yowie, Dooligah or any other name among hundreds.


SunBôw at the Galactic & Spiritual Informers Connection, 10/21/22

This prerecorded half-hour presentation was streamed at the Galactic and Spiritual Informers Connection, in Orlando, Florida, on October 21st, 2022. I did not record the half-hour questions and answers live session, but the entire event was recorded and videos should be made available shortly. Around 850 attended the event in person. I joined and presented online.


Su Walker and Kevin Estrella on The Sasquatch Message to Humanity

Thanks to our friends Su Walker @SandiaWisdom and Kevin Estrella @PyramidsOnMars for their inspiring description of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity in this 3-minute video. Disclosure is the acknowledgment that we have never been alone, and it is a collective effort in the process of humanity's consciousness evolution and growth.


Su Walker captures aliens and Sasquatch, by Carl Knauf

Note by SunBôw: I was consulted by this journalist who wrote the following article on our friend Su Walker and quoted some of my words. It is a pleasure and honor to cite her outstanding work. ''Coincidentally'', this happens just a few weeks after I received her portrait of Kamooh she had made for the Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch, who in turned mentioned her in the last channeled message he gave me to share. She will take part in the same 5th International Conference of Exopolitics held in Prague in November, to which I am also an invited speaker.


New Message from Kamooh, transcribed by SunBôw

I greeted Kamooh and asked him if he had anything to tell me. He confirmed that the channel can always be turned on when we tune in, and that it was up to me what time and energy I consecrate to listening and transcribing the channeled information. So, I consented to write some of his words if he agreed and this is what he said:


Compelling Footage from Western Quebec, by Silver Lynx Photo

The video shows what appears to be a small-size or younger Sasquatch-type forest being sitting in the woods and turning its (his or her?) head slowly from side to side. At one point, the creature looks straight at the camera, clearly aware that it is being filmed, so obviously this video is gifted voluntarily. Silver Lynx Photo captured these images with her cell phone, from a distance of about five meters.


Last interview with SunBôw by Tina Clarke on My Weirdest Experience Podcast

Last interview with SunBôw by Tina Clarke on My Weirdest Experience Podcast: Aired August 2, 2022. To listen to the interview, click on this LINK.


Selected comments from Youtube auditors on SunBôw’s interview with Dr. Michael Salla on Exopolitics Today

Selected comments from Youtube auditors on SunBôw's interview with Dr. Michael Salla on Exopolitics Today:


SunBôw’s interview with Michael Salla on Exopolitics Today, July 26, 2022

SunBôw's interview with Michael Salla on Exopolitics Today, recorded on July 26, 2022.