Excellent explanation about Sasquatch, by Anthony T.

In this 18 minute video, contactee, communicator and lecturer Anthony T. gives an excellent explanation of who the Sasquatch are and of the phenomena surrounding them. Everything he says resonates 100% with The Sasquatch Message to Humanity series I authored between 2015 and 2017. Profound insights. Well worth the time.

Experiencers Stories

My Sasquatch Encounter, by Michael Roland

Suddenly I saw a very big humanoid figure among the trees. I estimated his/her height must be at least 5 meters! The color was black and the backlight effect made the figure even darker. But it was clearly humanoid with big head, broad shoulders and arms.


Interview with SunBôw on Wendy’s Coffeehouse, 05/10/22

"If you run into a Sasquatch someday, do not deny, hide or fear; open your consciousness to the message their Soul carries." - The Sasquatch Message to Humanity


SCENIC report and review for April 2022

Greetings SCENIC readers, we are pleased to announce that in April 2022, we had over 35,000 views and 20,000 visitors, making this our record audience in one month since our start over 4 years ago. Also, on April 25th we passed above 1/3 of a million views in total, a moment I felt worthy of archiving. Below is the monthly review (30 posts).


Letter to all Sasquatch enthusiasts, seekers and experiencers, by SunBôw

First, I would like to thank and congratulate all of you Sasquatch lovers, who are involved in research and contribute to the disclosure of otherwise censored information, too often tabooed and ridiculed by the general public, largely because of denialism, the cover up of evidence and the intentionally misleading disinformation circulating widely. Special thanks to the experiencers who come out of the shadow and break the silence, for delivering your accounts and for your courage in revealing the truth about non-human intelligence learned through your direct contacts.


SunBôw’s interview on Everything Imaginable, 04/12/22

Here is the link to SunBôw's last interview with Gary Cocciolillo on the Everything Imaginable podcast, on April 12th 2022.


The essential role of Prime Directive in understanding the alien phenomenon

In this text sent to me by the author to post here, Cyberthal brilliantly summarizes the essential of the information presented in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity book series, with various confirmations from other sources.


Sasquatch and ET artist Su Walker

Sasquatch and ET artist Su Walker: Our friend Su Walker, one of the ten artists who contributed to the Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch, has been producing some amazing artwork since 2017, specializing in portraits of Sasquatch individuals and Star People from her own channeled visions, as well as from descriptions of witnesses. Here is her information and a few of her videos.


Almost 5000 views in one day on SCENIC

Dear SCENIC readers, again we have more good news to rejoice about. We just reached our record audience in one day on April 3rd, with nearly 5000 views and over 3600 visitors. After celebrating our 4th Anniversary a month ago and our 300,000th view on March 30th, we are grateful to our readers and supporters for helping SCENIC grow.


300,000+ views on SCENIC on 03/30/22

300,000+ views on SCENIC on 03/30/22: We are glad to announce that the number of total views on SCENIC has exceeded 300,000 today, on 03/30/22, within the same month we celebrated our 4th Anniversary on March 1st. Thanks to all our readers, subscribers and supporters. Best blessings!...