UFO Phenomena throughout History

UFO Phenomena in History

The following list came from an extensive historical research I found online some years ago on a website I lost track of. It listed many more unusual phenomena, from extreme weathers to natural cataclysms and anomalous events. I selected from the extensive list the following cases which may be related to UFO phenomena reported throughout history. Of course, many reports could refer to astronomical events like comets, shooting stars, meteorites and auroras, or to atmospheric events like thunderbolts, clouds, haloes, parhelion, mirages or tornadoes. Yet, some accounts deserve attention.

There are many more ancient written accounts of flying ships, like the Vimanas or aerial chariots of the Vedic scriptures. Herodotus wrote about a golden chariot fallen from the sky that burned for three days. Similar stories can be found in ancient litterature as well as in oral traditions from around the world.

This list covers briefly and partially some reports ranging between the first to the fifteenth century CE.

First is the year or date, followed by the source or location, then the report of the observation in the sky.

14 August 19 (c.), Rome; Huge flaming ball ‘dissipated in mid-flight’

80, Scotland; ‘A burning fire’ in the sky at night. Also a ship in the sky

98, Rome; A ‘burning shield’ in the sky at sunset. Moved from W. to E.

230 (c.), London; Armies fought in the sky.’

334, Antioch, Syria; ‘Star’ poured out ‘smoke’ for 3 hours during the day

346, Britain; Five suns at ‘a great distance from one another’

351 May 7, Jerusalem; A cross in the sky

363, Jerusalem; Men reconstructing Temple burnt to death by ‘fireballs’

393, Europe; ‘Bright globes’ at night merged into a ‘sword’. ‘Time of Theodosius’.

400 (c.), Europe; ‘Columns in the sky’ for 3 days. ’Fire burned behind a cloud’

457, Britain; ‘Star’ and fiery sword’. 2 rays reached toward France and Ireland

467 (c.), France; Another sun after sunset

476, I-hsi, China; ‘Thundering chariots’ fell and scorched ground. ’Like granite’

518 June 25, China; ‘Red object’ fell as a furnace. Exploded and burned houses

523 (c.), Kent, England; ‘Dragons fighting in the air’. Rain of wheat and blood in Kent

567 (c.), Italy; ‘Battle lines of fire’: Acies igneae

569, Italy; ‘Fiery ranks’ in the sky. ‘Blood’ came out

577 November 11, France; ‘A light on the Moon’

580, Louraine, Bordeaux, Orleans, France; Great light in sky moving E before dawn, then explosion heard 50 miles away. ’Supernatural fire’ burned Orleans and Bordeaux villages

583 January 31, Tours, France; Fireball in overcast sky with rain

584 December, France; Large fireball. Equal to daylight

585, France; Rays of light for 2 nights. Luminous cloud

585 October 23, France; Large fireball, then detonation

587, France; ‘Snakes’ dropped from the clouds. A village ‘vanished’

587 January 1, France; Large fireball, then detonation

590, France; Fiery globes traversed sky at night on a ‘number of occasions’

596, England; Armies in the sky.

599 January 30, Arabia; Stars flew against one another. ’Like a swarm of locusts’

633 (c.), Constantinople; ‘Bloody spear’ and ‘very clear light’ at night

661, London; Globe of fire fell on St. Paul’s and burnt roof.

715 (c.), Ireland; Showers of honey, silver and blood in separate places

715 June 21, Britain; Armies and monsters in fiery sky, then storm

743, Ireland; ‘Ships with their crews seen in the sky’

745 January 1, Ireland, England; ‘Marvellous light’ in stars. ‘Fiery strokes’

745 June, Syria; 3 pillars of fire in sky

746, Ireland; ‘Dragons’ seen in the sky

765, England, Ireland; ‘Fiery strokes’ in the air

773, England; Red cross in sky after sunset.

793, Northumbria, England; Whirlwinds and lightnings. ‘Fiery dragons’ in the air

796, England; ‘Small globes’ about Sun

810, Aachen, Germany; Bright sphere sped from E. to W.; seen by Charlemagne, injured when his horse threw him.

823, Germany; ’Shower of fire…burnt up whole villages’

840 September 24, Syria; ‘Fiery cloud’ in N. at night

841 July 28, Germany; Three circles in sky; smallest round Sun.

861 December 11, Amiens, France; ‘Bloody ranks of the sky’. Sizzling sound

900, Netherlands; ’Stars’ flowed from sky. Then tempests

902 February 11, China; Slow-moving ‘star like a peach’

909 May 6, Ireland; Two suns ran together

912, Scotland; 4 ‘rainbows’ and fiery torches

921, Narni, Italy; Many stones fell, largest into river.

922 May 11, Bulgaria; Cloud like fire. ‘Noises and voices’

925 September 21, Egypt; Red fireball. Serpentine tail

926, England; ‘Fiery lights’ in N. sky.

934, Ireland; ‘Celestial fire’ burnt Connaught mountains. Lakes and rivers dried up.

935, France; ‘Armies in the sky’

945 October 25, Ireland; ‘Two fiery columns’ illuminated world

956 June, France; Headless dragon in sky.

960 (c.), Ireland; ‘Arrow of fire’ killed 1100 men and beasts. Near Dublin

978 April 14, England; Blood-red cloud and coloured rays at night

979 October 28, England; ‘Bloody cloud’ at night. Coloured beams

982, Greece; Armies in the sky

991 December 25, Ireland; ‘Burning hand’ in sky at night

1009, India; ‘Iron-fall’ at Djorjam. Weight 2,000 lbs.

1009 April 29, Germany; ‘Coloured cloud’ hid Sun for 2 days.

1010, Angouleme; A cross ‘the colour of fire’ in S. at midnight

1011, Lorraine; Burning torch like tower. Great noise.

1013 March 16, Morocco; Brighter than Moon, with tail.

1029 August, Cairo, Egypt; ‘Many stars passed’ with a great noise.

1054 April 24, Rossdalla, Ireland; ‘Tower of fire’ surrounded by ‘birds’.

1067 December 6, Northumbria, England; Revolving ‘sign’ illuminated earth. Woods and plains burned.

1093 April 10, Paris; ‘Glowing substance’ found after shooting stars

1094, England; ‘Hosts fighting in the air, flashes of fire, stars falling”

1097 September 29, England; A sign like a ‘burning cross’.

1098 September 27, Antioch; Durham, England; Blaze of light girdled Pole.’ Unusual light’ at night

1104 June 7, England; 4 white circles round Sun at noon

1108, Syria; Light like Sun at night for 3 hours

1110, Armenia; ‘Burning object’ fell in Lake Van. Waters turned blood red

1113 March 17, Ireland; 30 killed by ‘ball of fire’.

1113 June 1, Christchurch, England; Sulphurous five-headed ‘dragon’ burns church and town.

1114 May, England; ‘Star’ with long rays. Seen many nights

1116 December 21 (c.), Germany; 2nd moon rose in the W. as full Moon rose

1121 May, Syria; ‘A full arc’ appeared at night

1130 October 8, Bohemia; Flying ‘serpent’ at sunset. Seen from many places

1135 March 7, Prague; 4 circles round Sun. Many false suns

1135 July 21, Syria; ‘Torch’ from W. to E., then explosion

1136, Germany; Shining cross in sky. Brilliant

1137, Britain; Three red suns

1144 May 14, Czechoslovakia; Several ‘dark columns’ seen. “Strong vortex’.

1153 January 26, Bologna, Italy; 3 moons and cross, then 3 suns

1153 December 29, Cambrai; ‘Great splendour’ at night, then thunder

1156 May 30, Britain; Broad blue circle at noon

1158 August 28, Ireland; ‘Great mount of fire’. Sparkled.

1164 May 31, Germany; A large mass of iron fell at Meissen

1164 September 20, England; 3 circles round Sun. Then 2 suns

1165 August, Scarborough, England; Thunderstorm with ‘black horse’. Horse’ left huge prints

1170, Ireland; ‘Bow of burning fire’

1178 June 18, Kent, England; ‘Torch’ sprang from crescent Moon. Moon then turned dark

1188 August 9, England; Cross in the air with ‘streams of blood’ at Dunstable, noon to evening

1200 (c.), Wales; Large ‘human footprints’ on grass. Grass ‘scorched as if by fire’

1200, Italy; Stones fell from ‘inflamed cloud’ near Abdona

1200 December, York, England; 5 ‘moons’ seen; one ‘moon’ circled others. ‘Moons’ with ‘stars’

1203, London; ‘Birds’ with fire in beaks. Houses set afire

1204 April 1, England; Red light in sky at night

1205 June 23, England; ‘Monster stricken by lightning’ at Maidstone, Kent

1207 February 27, Europe; ‘Human head’ seen in the Sun, Cologne.

1209 February 11, England; ‘Battle of the clouds’ at sunrise

1212 July 30, France; Shower of blood, Caen: 3 crosses in sky, Falaise

1217 October 27, Dunstable, England; ‘Magnificent cross’ passed W. to E.

1233 June, England; Fighting ‘dragons’ in the air off the South coast

1243 July 26, England; ‘Stars’ fell 40 at once

1254 January 1, England; ‘Ship’ in air at night at St. Albans

1258, Scotland; ‘Flaming globe’. 2 villas burnt

1269, Russia; Armies in the sky

1269 December 6, Cracow, Poland; Cross-shaped brightness at twilight

1270 January 20, Cracow, Poland; Cross-shaped light in air at night

1277 January 1, Cracow, Poland; Great light at night. Town illuminated

1279 October 25, Korea; Purple vapour cloud in W. sky

1292, Russia; ‘Regiments’ in the air at night

1322 November 4, Middlesex, England; ‘Pillar of fire’ slowly crossed sky, Uxbridge

1361 February 25, England; ‘Cloud like fire’ at night

1361 May 27, Boulogne, France; ‘Bloody cross’ in sky all day; fell into sea. Blood-rain in Burgundy

1368, Oldenburg, Germany; Mass of iron fell

1368 October, St. Denis, France; Trees torn up by roots, church hit by thunderbolt.’Crows’ with fire in beaks
1369, China; ‘Star’ fell in river. Fire started

1385 July 15, England; ‘Fire’ in S divided into 3

1400 (c.), Bohemia; 235-lb. iron mass fell near Elbogen

1402 May 25, Essex, England; ‘Apparition’ damaged Danbury church.’ Flashing of shining globes’

1403 December 18, Italy; Great ‘inflamed globe’ at night

1449 September 5, Suffolk, England; Battle between 2 fire-breathing dragons near Little Cornard

1453, Constantinople; ‘Dazzling light’ over town all night

1467, England; Army in the sky

1480, Somerset, England; Army in the sky

1492 September 15, Atlantic; ‘Branch of fire’ fell in sea. Observed by Columbus

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