Ancient knowledge from the Star People. Ancient planetary advanced civilization, keyword: alignment…

Ancient knowledge from the Star People. Ancient planetary advanced civilization, keyword: alignment…

There is mounting evidence that long before the written history we are familiar with, there was an advanced global megalithic civilization that has left traces and remains worldwide.

The main characteristics of their architectural feats include the use of gigantic blocks we can barely or can’t even move with modern technology, often precisely adjusted and fit together, some unknown techniques of rock molding, cutting or piercing, and very importantly, the alignments of monuments between them, and of their features, along ley lines or energetic grids, as well as with astronomical points marking the seasonal path of the sun, the lunar cycle of 18.6 years between standstills, or the position of certain stars and constellations at certain dates.

The shafts of the Great Pyramid give only one example of how the buildings themselves were carefully aligned with the stars. The mathematical equations and astronomical knowledge inscribed in such monuments or others like Serpent Mound, Pueblo Bonito, Stonehenge, Chichen Itza, or Tiahuanaco, reveal not only highly advanced engineering and geodesic skills, but a deep concern for a precise cosmic alignment.

Not only could they achieve such technological wonders, but they used their science with care and sacred consciousness.

Apart from being aligned on astronomical directions, the monuments were sometimes arranged to reproduce the shapes of certain constellations on the Earth’s surface.

It has been shown for instance, that the three main pyramids of Giza, of Teotihuacan, of Xian and of Bosnia are aligned like the stars in Orion’s belt. Correlations between the geographical distribution of ancient monuments and star charts have been found also with Mayan cities and Ancestral Puebloan centers.

The latter might have been one of the last civilization to preserve the ancient knowledge of the alignment with the stars, as shown in the disposition of some kivas in ancestral sites meant to replicate constellations, as well as in some surviving ceremonies that follow a precise clock and calendar based on the appearance of certain stars and constellations at specific points in the sky, at given dates or seasons of the year.

Those ceremonies are intended to help keep the world in balance and aligned with the cosmic order and natural law.

The memories of our distant past and of the sacred knowledge of our ancestors is starting to re-emerge in our collective soul. The message that keeps coming out from the multiplying new discoveries and growing understanding we now have available concerning the ancient vanished planetary civilization indicates a meticulous, sacred care for the importance of the alignment of spiritual and physical foundations, with the greater cosmos.

We may wonder what happened so that modern uncivilization has come to a point where nothing is sacred anymore and everything is out of alignment with the natural cosmic order…
Gizeh pyramid-diagram

It has been shown that many archaeological sites of the Ancestral Puebloans, like those of other ancient cultures such as Egypt, Peru, Mayan or megaliths, are aligned along ley lines stretching across the lands for sometimes hundreds of miles.

Sometimes, the sites are arranged to reproduce on Earth some constellations, most often Orion, whose belt is replicated in major pyramid complexes, kivas, and the Hopi three mesas.

The accuracy of those alignments and star maps are generally no more than two degrees or a few miles off precise positions, but given that stars move in relation to each other, they could have corresponded to their positions in any given past period.

To achieve such precision in alignments over large territories, the builders required highly advanced mathematical, engineering and geodesic skills, and scientific knowledge.

For the Hopi, Pueblos and several other Native tribes, it is a known fact, not even a matter of debate, that Star People have taught and guided their ancestors and sometimes interbred.

There are many stories of katsinam coming from the stars on paatuwvota or flying shields, described with a rotating base but a fixed upper part. Some flying vessels are also described as tawiya or round hollow gourds. The ships are said to produce roaring thunders and hissing winds sounds when they fly.

Often, the katsinam come to help and teach, and are described as benevolent beings, but it is not always the case. Some katsinam are depicted as cannibal ogres or other terrifying beings. In one legend, Tokila is said to have taken maiden away on his flying pota (basket) into a deep canyon abode, where after mating with them, he would put them to death.

There is a popular belief going around on the internet that the word Anunnaki means in Hopi ‘ant friends’, but this mistranslation has just been corrected for me first hand by a Hopi speaker. The closest correct translation: Ahant (ant) nû (me) nawki (stolen, taken away) = Ants stole/took me away, involves the idea of abduction. In Hopi ceremonies, there are some so-called ‘mean’ katsinam who are also honored, as they play as well their own role in the greater cosmic balance that the ceremonies intend to maintain in their cyclic reenactment.

Following a wave of UFO sightings in August 1970, famous Hopi Chief Dan Katchongva told the Prescott Courier:

”We believe other planets are inhabited and that our prayers are heard there. Those Hopi who survive Purification Day will travel to other planets. We, the faithful Hopi, have seen the ships and know they are true.”

Chief Katchongva, one of the most involved elders in bringing the Hopi knowledge and prophecies to the world, left for the long journey in 1972 at age 107, in an unexplained manner.

”When Dan Katchongva ‘died’, his body was never found, He was last seen walking a small valley where a UFO had just been seen.” (Quote: ‘The Kivas of Heaven’, Gary A. David)

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