Experiencers Stories

Experiencer video account, after first Close Encounter and open communication, by SunBôw

I have never shown this video to anyone until today. This was the only real video report I ever made, as being alone in the woods that day, I had to express my new experience while it was still fresh in my memory. It was the morning after Kamooh came to meet me and we had our first telepathic conversation, on May 21st, 2015. It was not the first time I had a Close Encounter, but this was the first time we openly exchanged mutual thoughts, which started an ongoing cycle of communication and channeling of his teachings. On that morning I was still shocked, trying to overcome my fears and the programming from hearsay, trying to understand and make sense of what had just happened and barely starting to process the information download I had just received. It is incredible to see how much progress has been made in less than three years in developing spiritual relations with the Sasquatch People and learning from their abundant teachings.

Many thanks to our Elders. Best blessings to all…



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