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Enigmatic ancient ape-like statues of eastern Ukraine

Hundreds of very ancient enigmatic statues from an unknown culture have been excavated in eastern Ukraine, depicting male and female characters exhibiting simian faces, described as ape-like features. For lack of study, or some hidden agenda opposed to disclosure, the statues have been left unprotected, many of them lined up in some front yards of Donetsk, where a number went missing during civil war.

Even if many were defaced or badly eroded by millennia of exposure to the elements, even when found buried, it is quite easy to notice that those figures definitely have simian traits, with prominent mouths. It is a series of evidence hard to dismiss, dissimulate or explain away, as there has never been any apes in ancient Ukraine, and the statues show figures wearing clothes and carrying weapons, so intelligent beings.

Many hard pieces of evidence such as these have been systematically hidden and suppressed for ages. In Ukraine and in Crimea in particular, there are dozens of intricately carved prehistoric cave cities. Just before the start of the civil war a few years ago, which brought the occupation from Russia and a heated international debate, the discovery of 34 pyramids in Crimea was announced, some underground and some underwater, and in one that was excavated, a one million year old mummy of a reptilian humanoid was found. This discovery likely prompted the political and military conflicts that ensued in that country, as worldly powers compete over secret knowledge and ancient extraterrestrial technology.

For this reason, huge amounts of knowledge and evidences have been systematically discarded, hidden, ignored or suppressed, so the real history of our planet and of our origins remain concealed by the elite. Yet denial is not a valid argument to explain away the ape-men statues, cave cities, and pyramids of Ukraine. With the knowledge that the Sasquatch and Star Elders have shared, we can understand them.





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