The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, Excerpts by Georgeanna De Carlo

Text by Georgeanna De Carlo, edited and posted by Kelly Lapseritis

Introduction and Part 1 of Georgeanna DeCarlo‘s Chapter in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3 (unpublished). Part 2 will be shared in a separate post:

Georgeanna says:
This message began with the intention to provide a brief explanation, an introduction to a message about pain that I’m writing for a chapter in the upcoming, Book Three of The Sasquatch Message for Humanity. However, as has been my experience since re-cognizing my connection with the Sasquatch People, which came after I read The Sasquatch Message for Humanity a couple years ago, and now talking with them regularly, I’ve learned that they will use my daily interactions to jolt a response from my conscious mind and use that response to integrate more information with the conscious mind’s cooperation. And voila! What my conscious mind would say that I cannot do and subsequently try to prevent me from doing, gets done. Truly we are in the midst and thrill of accomplishing an incredible feat to unite our multi-dimensional selves into physicality of these human bodies with conscious awareness.

Most recently, and I think due to the influx of energetic changes, epiphanies occur so quickly that one “Aha!” moment is quickly followed by another, then another. So much so that I was beginning to feel a bit lost with channeling and writing this essay on pain.

Instead of coming about in a brief, clear message as usually happens this felt like it was all over the place. Information has been ongoing now for nearly a week.

As a busy working mom with children and animals to care for, each day brought a new crisis for another member of our household that required my immediate attention and I’d have to put the message aside. I started to wonder if I should just “hole up” somewhere and devote hours to finishing this communication. I also wondered if I should stay offline altogether and free up some more time that way. I’d even considered trashing the whole thing and starting over as I wasn’t even clear anymore on who all I was talking to.

This morning, before I continued, I asked Shanunda, my main Sasquatch guide, to help clear this up for me. With her assistance, all the pieces are finally settling into place and I am seeing the bigger picture of having agreed to tackle such a big subject as pain. Turns out that all of these interactions were necessary during this transmission, even being online.

She really wants people to know that derogatory feelings affiliated with using electronic devices and being online are a product of more ideals intended to induce guilt and shame: pain. When people are going about their activities carrying the intentions of exploration whilst grounding themselves into their sovereign ideals, she said they are free to explore as they wish and that promptings will occur as safeguards. So, tuned into one’s heart keeps one in a balanced state of awareness in now. But as soon as one experiences shame, guilt, embarrassment, frustration, that person is being thrust back into lower dimensions. She said that by asking one’s self who they feel that they’ve fallen short of aiming to please will lead to releasing one’s self from this recurrence by replacing this manipulation to induce stagnation with methodology for fluidity of movement.

These communications with our Sasquatch family fortify unity by banding viewpoints of many experiencers who bring information forward via their unique perspective. We are all working as one. With Shanunda’s compassionate instruction this morning, she’s helped integrate a greater awareness of how this is all connected and relevant especially with transmuting pain. Resolving issues of pain is necessary before universal telepathic communication can be achieved.

Recently my very dear friend and soul sister, Kelly Lapseritis, shared a message that she’d received and recorded for inclusion in this book, Chapter Five channeled by Sa’nah-tah-re’ll. This was an incredible experience as he is someone that I’ve met and talked with. I had felt his presence and wondered if he had a message to share but I didn’t have the opportunity to sit and write, so I just enjoyed his company as I went about my business. When I saw that Kelly transcribed a message from him and another later with him and Kamooh, this brought much revelations and joy to imagine all of these people who I love so much, I hold so dear, all together. It occurred to me that recognizing unity of our efforts we can rest easy knowing that if our schedules become encumbered we needn’t concern ourselves with not doing our part. Frustration and worry are fears of not having enough time to fulfill obligations and are part of the way that pain is used to control humans, an integral concept in the mind control programming harnessing us into these lower dimensions; ie, inclusion of time is what expanded 3D realm experience into Fourth Dimension. Kamooh spoke in depth about this in previous transmissions.

Alternately, the concept to “let it be,” counters mind control programming by recognizing our unity and pushing us out of time/space constraints. So even this experience bears inclusion when considering pain. Such a simple reminder that we are all working as one brings relief, peace of mind, instantaneous joy which propels us into higher state by embracing this awareness.

Another matter I was confused about when channeling this transmission was who I was talking to. Shanunda also helped clear that up this morning. Although she is the one who I am most closely connected to, she also acts as an ambassador herself. Input for this message on pain is coming via a myriad of representatives who wish to share their knowledge, their wisdom and their appreciation for what humanity is experiencing and overcoming. Perhaps their appearance will be an introduction for some.

Shanunda assured me that readers will recognize each contributor by allowing thoughtful interlude to occur while reading, pondering the message and impressed upon me that it is not necessary to credit individual speakers. I recognized the unmistakable presence of Sheshua one day when I was channeling the message on pain, and that’s what made me stop and wonder how I should best proceed; whether I should be crediting a different speaker, etc… Sheshua aka Shenwa, was one of the first to greet me a couple years ago and even allowed me take his picture. He is what some would describe as a “dog man” and provides valuable service here where I live. Another contributor is from what we commonly refer to as the faerie realm. She speaks on how to transmute energy. I shared a message from her months ago about this, too. She does a beautiful job balancing and epitomizes delight with humility. Her name is Esmeralda and she says that people should know that they may ask her for help.

The ideal they’re expressing is to provide assistance, open communication and fortify our soul connection. All would like to “Come out of the shadows,” so to say. Even our own “shadow” selves. Some reunions will be painful. But have courage. We are all capable of healing all traumas or incidents that could impede our growth. So be it, so it is.

I apologize for being so long-winded and I appreciate the reader’s patience to allow full consideration be given to the depth of this transmission.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


“We will begin by saying that even more so than poverty, how constituents of a society process pain defines your movements. You are in survival mode and capable of being compromised when you’re not healed. A spin-off of this collective theology is competition over cooperation. This general attitude traps your collective field into re-cycling old ideals as people dig their heels in deeper, determined to win this “time.” We are, in effect, speaking literally here.”

“Seeking solutions to revamp structures of a maintained field while engaged as a participant in that field is illusory, an exercise of futility that although offering vast opportunities for exploration as one plans one’s escape, affords no real opportunity to do so. In order to bring about real change, one must step out of the illusion by first acknowledging then claiming one’s sovereignty. Expansion from this point is contingent on one’s level of true discernment. To successfully navigate (discern) and eradicate (transmute) field distortion one must be willing to confront and heal energies that have been suppressed and/or denied.”

“We would bring to your attention the far-reaching aspect in a message we shared with your transcriber last year of the first being last and the last being first.”


“Inclination is ingrained in you to turn away from what is painful or what you perceive will be painful. This is an adopted human survival technique that has served you well by enabling you to advance despite physical, emotional, mental, spiritual trauma. Jumping back into a role of empowerment saw to acquiring staples of basic needs through snap judgments and suppressing what you were unable to process at that time. The day has come, as you always knew that it would, to confront and heal whilst in your current human physical embodiment.”

“During this time of cleansing and balancing, compression heightens to the point of disbursement. You no longer have the choice to put off processing pain nor would it serve you well to do so. Current juxtapose hinges on your ability not to gain yardage now but to stand sovereign having recovered your universal awareness. Every person is being given opportunity to confront what’s been suppressed and/or denied them and choose how to continue exploration within particular vehicles. But the time for choosing is now better defined as a push. This is why events are intensified.”

“It is our intention to assist humanity’s transition from instruments whose responses to induced polarities further ingratiate participants into grid work of alignment with lower fields into a heightened state of awareness using personal discernment as their operative force.”

“Our goal here is to dissipate the fog surrounding your movements; share information and tools to develop your personal discernment. This term encompasses far more than you may realize, surpassing the ability to see through illusion to make sound determinations of what presents itself in your field, discernment gauges livelihood and potentials through quantum entanglement. We will speak more to the particulars of discernment and transmutation after first illuminating some constructs of pain.”

“There are many who believe themselves immune to pain programming but are indeed active participants. Repression and denial are staples stagnating humanity’s growth. Like the contents of a covered pot remains a mystery, afforded only the best calculated guess by an observer who refuses to remove the lid, sources of contention fester in a seemingly innocuous manner.”

“Bringing the concept of karma into your realm allowed opportunity for the human being’s conscious mind to begin integration of awareness of its multi-dimensional existence. Use of this “revolving door” technique primarily serves as a venue for participants to expand individual perspectives through insights particular to race, culture, gender, wealth, status, use of “good guys” and “bad guys” personas, etc… After the body dies, the entity will travel where it planted its intention to go to whilst in its incarnation state. This too, is part of a karmic plan. The entity’s choices; cause and affect must play out in its entirety. Eventually, the entity will make its way to its “life review” where having grasped cosmic awareness is able to apply perspective to its experiences and actions during incarnation, infused with the underlying lessons and purposes it destined for that existence.”

“Karma is a program of a vibratory rebound nature used as a means for cyclic development. If left in place without drawing your attention to it and making adjustments to allow for among other happenings, your planet’s current cyclic transition, it would have begun to undo what it was intended to achieve for its participants. Role playing as a means to broaden perspectives using actions/consequences and eventually stimulate then catapult universal awareness has served its purpose. Stagnation of self advancement during this time of renewal as your planet receives high energy influxes to stimulate awakening is occurring due to participants who hold remnants of pain manifesting as fear, depression, anger, vengeance and/or manipulation of repressed pain by external forces.”

“For those wishing to ascend out of lower dimensional programming opportunity is being given to accomplish what you have traditionally found assistance with by caretakers after death of the body; that which primarily existed outside of your realm, now occurring inside your realm. To put it another way, you are now the caretakers assisting karmic participants; shifted into healing your issues in your current embodiment.”

“Releasing your “self” from limitations your ego has used to impress upon your psyche and ultimately predetermine your course by doing what it is supposed to do – embed you into duties it perceived as necessary to fulfill entanglement so that you could experience existence in lower realms. Your ego is not your enemy. Your progress will go more smoothly if you ask to know it, engage its cooperation by repetitively making decisions to reinforce ideals of unity.”

“Many extraordinary healers have visited and are currently embodied on your planet to expose and release programs intended to instill ideals of separation; racism and prejudices toward gender, size, wealth, intelligence. These platforms of separation allowed human participants to experience superiority or inferiority, concepts foreign to an entity’s divinity, before returning to oneness.”

“To best provide assistance greater levels of understanding and compassion must be reached before an assistant is capable of delivering unconditional love which comes from a space of non-judgment.”

“The core is empathy but the action is neutrality as the ideal is to provoke the entity into a state of sovereignty to make their own choice of how best to proceed. Becoming educated about the intensity of mind control programming helps a healer and/or facilitator interact with their clients or the human populace in general without becoming emotionally distraught, entangled in the control patterning itself. Of course soul families are eager to assist however you realize the fundamental programming inhibiting interactions. As “boots on the ground” you have the advantage to relate to people without restrictions. Patience, compassion, kindness illuminate light like a beacon and people will find you.”

“Helpful energy frequencies are being delivered to your planet through color and sound. Inhabitants who receive these cataclysmic bursts but are holding fast to the ideals of their human embodiment as “all that is” can be thrust into a panicked state as they awaken deprived through their own denial of their universal connection. This shortsightedness creates the dilemma of an individual experiencing self-recognition in the limited capacity of experiences encountered only in their current lifetime. Even for those who have not independently or through indoctrination of religious dogmas prescribed to this theory, evidence of popularity of this misconception presents itself as the popular adagium in humanity’s field, ‘You Only Live Once’.”

“To put it another way, if a magic ray magnified all that you believe that you are presently to stimulate your self-awareness you can see the conundrum faced by a being who not awakened to their universal connection, their primordial essence, could mistakenly identify themselves in the mirror, as I AM “bad,” “sad,” “angry,” “unworthy,” etc… confusing emotional residue garnered through interactions of their current embodiment as indicative of who and ALL that they are.”

“Now, perhaps interactions with entities who reside outside of your realm who know the “real you” will make more sense to those who are troubled by intentions of these visitors. Every sentient human being possesses in the field of their innate embodiment a transmitter and receiver of universal code. This resonates at the frequency as one’s current, creating current-cy (field) same as an electrical or audio current. If you imagine the silver cord that links your innate body to your physical body as an electrical cord attached to a device to energize it, you can better visualize potentials to its infrastructure by external factors. To explore this concept more thoroughly of out-side/in and in-side/out transmitter/receiver consider what is commonly referred to as the “God spark,” (present in all sentient life forms) as being capable of lighting/lightening up the body contingent on what an entity is holding in its field.”

“In addition to impeding growth, pain is also a contact point that controllers of your current societal and government structures use to manipulate conduct. External stimulation of these nodes will allow a human’s queues be managed as easily as choosing a channel by remote control. Recalled, the magnitude of a suppressed trauma unleashed by the human carries even a higher thrust than it did at its conception.”

“In recent weeks, communities and cities have suffered elevated incidents of tragedies as new energies prompt response to in turn trigger release of what’s been suppressed. Humanity is moving out of old programming. Efforts to re-ingrate one’s self into old patterns previously portrayed and misidentified by the human as source of love and/or self-identification are futile because all but true love, innate divinity is falling away. This is part of awakening to the illusion. Those who refuse to accept what is happening will seek solace by returning to old houses familiar to them but will be knocking on doors where nobody’s home. Re-routed from habitual responses subsequently, eventually, sheds light on what’s been hidden; revelation of what humanity presumed that they’d already been in possession of and acting on but was merely a relic, a copy of, a fractal of, programming belonging and therefore linking it back to whoever the human received it from – a human’s power to choose. True choice, like true love, is conceived outside of this realm, your innate being your link to activate these in your current physical embodiment.”

“We are speaking of real choice, in the now, not the facade of choices within the black lined circle with its illusory boundaries. People accepted this as the “all there is,” when in actuality it was just as a coral. This point was integrated to you through an illustration shared by your brother, Bo who used this as a tool to convey this very concept. You saw how the ant “toed the line” within the black line circle – how he tested each direction but did not cross. Certainly each human is capable of and in fact destined to cross.”

“There is a crumbling as old patterns of fear are giving way. This may not be apparent to all on the surface yet but rest assured, it’s another act of the beginnings of the end. If you consider this thousand years cycle as a massive tornado, you’ve already passed through the eye of that storm in your semi-catatonic state and are coming through the other side. Expect upheaval and unrest. Provide solace, strength and comfort to yourself and one another. You are each your own refuge.”

“We recognize the weariness and heartache shared by many of you who have long toiled in years of service to eradicate harmful, painful programs; domestic violence and addictions, ie: drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, food, and perceive your efforts as insignificant. Your prisons are full of these people characterized as criminals. You see that education, advocacy, counseling, transportation, food, shelter – providing all basic necessities at no charge to assist victims and rehabilitate perpetrators have not been enough to break these cycles that seemingly emanate within your societies, even your familial structures.”

“As Kamooh spoke on so generously in the first message; all of humanity has not been reproducing with first providing intention of nor adequately prepared for arrival of your newest members. Your society is very much aware of the influence of a mother’s mental and emotional state upon a developing fetus yet mothers must overcome a great deal to manage a peaceful pregnancy. Just as critical for spiritual development is the environment and familial structure that the baby is birthed into. Parents and caretakers of young children hold very different views of what’s required of them and are processing their own dilemmas while raising their children. For example, some parents believe their roles fulfilled by seeing to the needs of providing food, shelter, clothing, education. Some consider their children to be their property and use them as their servants or as vent for their own frustrations. Others ignore prioritizing any child care-taking responsibilities. These children, some long since grown into adults, wear their deepest wounds on the inside.”

“You heal one another by sharing your space. For those of you who’ve experienced growth in the midst of unconditional love, what greater gift can you give to the one who struggles, the one who is not as fortunate as yourself, than to see through their awkward or malicious behaviors generated from maturing in a chaotic household influenced by abuse, rejection, neglect, fear, shame, addiction – see through those actions that continue to isolate them – and recognize, speak to their essence, that precious spark of sentient beauty within. In a world whose motions are not dictated by carbon currency, crystalline structure can prevail therefore generosity of spirit is reduced to its primal force; giving of one’s assets in its purest state becomes the new harmonic, your currency. Be the mother, be the father, be the brother, be the sister – suit yourself up for whatever role you feel would best serve coaxing a beaten down and perplexed spirit from its self-perceived state of hopelessness and worthlessness having willed their conscious moments better spent in compliant servitude, drifting in a numbed haze to have their movements dictated. Give them hope by sharing your vision of brighter days ahead of you, give them love and inspire them to remember who they are. This is the task that you’ve set for yourselves.”

“Earth energies have changed and along with this comes the newest generations to your planet who are free from absorbing and re-cultivating pain-full agendas. These are your champions; these little faces beaming back to you challenges of uprooting the status quo. Their births emanated from high frequency bursts into your realm, existing at a level that some of you have yet to achieve and even feel uncomfortable being around. Some have already reached adulthood. These are the children who defied the rules, broke the commandments, back-talked your superiors and landed themselves right where they needed to be to accomplish their missions. They cannot be permanently stifled or dissuaded. Although some of you may lament what you perceive as tragedies that have befallen yourself and your children if yet processing circumstances through limited perception of gleaning this realm as all that is – know this of a surety, no thing that has been orchestrated cannot be re-turned, – re-tuned to achieve its divine perfection. This is the beauty all around you. This is recognition of the illusion fading, the veil of separation lifting as you step through to the acknowledgment of your existence as a fractal of one love; a universal, unconditional expression of origin.”

“Humanity is not alone in its habitation of your planet, neither is transformation of your species unique. This shift to original pristine blueprint generated in ethereal realm manifesting into physicality of earthly realm is underway in all species. Interpretation of this extraordinary event by those whose perceptions stem from scientific principles already recognize this re-patterning. General populace is noticing synchronicity to their movements, provoking intuitive and empathetic abilities, communicating with plants, animals, tracking and tracing origin and whereabouts of every sentient object. You are the bridge and what is on either side of it. This cannot be stopped. We recognize and are confident that this topic is being brought forth for further discussion by other writers contributing to this book.”

“For now, for those of you who arrived first, you parents and caretakers of these beloved children, and we use this term broadly to acknowledge beyond humanity, every species in their myriad of embodiments, whether birthed from your bodies or resident in and of your communities; we address these communications to you with much love, gratitude, respect for the great works that you’ve accomplished already and for your courage and fortitude to tackle what lies ahead.”

“It will serve you well to better elucidate some primary factors of pain/shame programming that may have escaped your notice, running undetected as you acclimated your embodiment to adjust to co-existing in a physical body in this realm. Initial emotional response to having undergone a horrific incident is precluded by shock which can cause a fracturing to occur so that one may recover enough to physically go about their business of meeting their needs. We referenced this earlier, “fight or flight,” being one such example.”

“Regardless of one’s response, if proper attention is not given to process and subsequently heal the event a fracturing can occur creating a sub-personality that the conscious “logical” mind does not incorporate into its field of awareness, its reality. Isolation from the care, the acknowledgment even, of the ego expands this particle’s interpretation of its separateness, being ignored, as indicative of it being unworthy of care or having anything of value to add to the entity’s experience. Being birthed and stored at such low vibration attracts even denser particles and it grows. It will wreak havoc in an attempt to get the primordial entity’s notice, interrupting systemic anatomical flow and when given opportunity to advance, for example were the primordial essence that this “state of being” attached itself to return to a vibratory frequency compatible with what initially birthed this what may be referred to as a parasitic attachment – even if the event is of a much lesser magnitude, it will jump at the opportunity to announce its presence and assert its validity. Out comes the roar of suppressed fear, rage, anger, and the body lashes out in a burst of violence; conversely, the knees buckle and a sense of unworthiness clouds the vision of the primordial entity’s field and depressing thoughts, seemingly out of nowhere, appear. These are but a couple examples. You can imagine the multitude of variables. Following recoil the ego is given opportunity to consider what has occurred.

“The ego, processing this display which is often contrary to the nature of this entity’s well-groomed appearance, will likely respond with, “I don’t know where that came from,” compounding the attachment by anchoring it more deeply with shame, embarrassment and regret. The ego accepts responsibility but is confused about how the experience came about as this was a directive generated outside of its scope of reality. In order to meet the body’s regiment, not able to perceive a better immediate solution, tucks the event to the side to deal with later and get back to business.”

“Conversely, the event can trigger the ego into believing that all its actions are corrupted and propel it into a state of non-action (depression) or violent action (murder/suicide) assessing that it would be better off without the people around it or that the people around it would be better off without it.”

“This manipulation happens in one of the three brains in your body, the logical mind. Pathways to the other receivers/transmitters, the heart and the stomach, can be rerouted by attachments or mind control programming but neither can override the primordial entity’s desire to re-tune itself with its primary essence in these zones. Hence the oft referenced advice to trust one’s gut instinct and follow promptings of the heart. We would clarify here the importance of shedding what no longer serves you in order to amplify clear source connection. This will re-direct origin of sensory perception to your ethereal body; seeing and listening through your heart. The accuracy of this statement can easily be tested by anyone earnestly seeking more information regarding this bigger perspective. Bear in mind that this journeying between realms is being conducted differently than it once was. Integration of the conscious mind is happening now. This integration could cause what the mind perceives as troubling events to increase by drawing into the conscious field, challenges to any who are even unknowingly still connected to belief systems rooted in heavier densities as ways of testing one’s grounding with a confrontation. This is why we stress the importance of connecting through the heart which knows its way, its journey only obscured by filters/belief systems and impeded by the resilience of the ego to hold the entity where it was told to – anchored inside this realm.”

“Think of the ego’s tenacity akin to display of courage and strength exhibited by a mother who feels her child is in danger. Just as her fears will be quieted by reassessing a situation as not dangerous, you may indeed comfort the ego by consistently choosing to broaden your experience.
Angry words deliver as deep a wound to the psyche as the body receives from a wound and even worse for the one who spews them. This wisdom is etched into songs, poems, stories to provide inspiration and pathways out of the quicksand of shame and despair. So then, you wonder now how it is that after these interactions result in well-known responses, people continue to wound others. Especially the ones whom they are closest to. Many have toyed with the knowledge, sang the song, but not applied the wisdom. Your loved ones, as you, are up for the task of assisting one another having chosen familial positions before you entered this lifetime well aware of individual perceptions involved with processing your current circumstances and choosing to prioritize by favoring geographic and lineage locations as precedence.”

“Consider this, the brother who was so helpful and kind to you in a previous life, may be seemingly clueless or even harmful in his new role as your father. Your bossy child may have experienced life as a great leader, or was previously in a role of authority over you. Moving beyond assessing one’s character by their ability to fulfill role requirements in a traditionally expected manner or to your standards necessitates one be grounded outside the dichotomy of this realm. Along with greater wisdom gleaned from this change of perspective comes sustenance and shielding; absorbing only what serves one’s/all’s greater good and deflecting or transmuting all else. Along with discernment, we will address transmutation after finishing our discussion on the constructs of pain.”

“Actions of one who holds pain can be deceptive. One could go about their “merry way” carrying the delusion that he or she is free from interference or being deviated from their intended course. Pivotal directional points occur many times throughout your daily life. Aside from obvious means to dictate your movements, we say obvious because now your general populace is primarily aware of what existed outside of their perception until relatively recently, subliminal programming in media and groups of nefarious nature, controllers continue to illicit your support and engage your cooperation through an even more discreet venue.”

“In what could be perceived as it resting in its dormant state, sub-personalities can be fed agendas. To further complicate matters, these sub-personalities, alters and attachments are capable if brought into the “driver’s seat” so to speak, of rerouting the primordial entity’s expression so entirely that for those of you who’ve not fully engaged true discernment or field fortifications, the knee-jerk response to being around a person resonating this tone which you recognize at your core level would likely arouse feelings of anger in yourself and encourage you to respond likewise. Alternatively, one processing interactions using perception and direction of one’s core essence will illicit an entirely different response.
To test where you’re at with this, consider your daily interactions. Do you pick and choose who you give love, extend compassion to? If a person enters your field who behaves rudely to you, do you consider their interaction to be as relevant as from one who greeted you with a smile? Glorifying vengeance and vilifying solidarity are part and parcel of the old packaging sold to humanity under the guise of offering eternal solace and refuge. The idiocy of this theology is that it is presented as a practical solution to a species who entered this realm already possessing eternal life. Your core essence, the very thing that generates the power to sustain your human embodiment, is eternal.”

“Showing patience and kindness are not choices that carry potentials of regret, nor is standing strong for what you believe in. Unconditional love does not mean that you become a doormat for others to wipe their feet on rather that you recognize that divine spark of source that exists within them and hold them accountable for carrying that.”

“Predominance of storms and societal tragedies are catalysts to awaken catatonic humanity. This abrupt shift in group perception allows for societies to reconfigure their inner workings as individuals awaken to claim their sovereignty. Complicated overlays to manipulate the human psyche have secured persons into seemingly self-perpetuated patterns whilst the actual instigators, the controllers, remained immune from reproach. Nowadays, origins of these orchestrated tragedies are more easily tracked mainly due to your shared group awareness via internet. It would appear that arrogance has gotten the best of them, parading execution and devastation of planetary inhabitants; human, animal, environmental in your face. This brashness is also an attempt to push you in the directions of devices and programming advertised to save and cure you. Rest assured, in your current embodiment you possess all that you need to overcome all deviations. Be the one who sees through the facade. If your neighbor behaves rudely to you, if your own child breaks your heart – think twice before you retaliate likewise. Be the one who extends the benefit of the doubt. Be the one who gives love without conditions. Acts of kindness liberate one from the labyrinth.”

“Again, we will reiterate – picking and choosing who to send your love to nowadays is an exercise in futility. If you believe this remonstrance necessary then you are in for a big surprise in many ways not the least of which is that “bad” can and does parade itself as “good” and vice versa. To alleviate a common misconception, let us reassure you that extending unconditional love does not cause that of a nefarious nature to manifest its self stronger. Rather, the result is quite the opposite.”

“One who stands in unconditional love is aligned to their ethereal blueprint subsequently resonant with innate – all that is. So if you were to imagine yourself backed by the force of every entity who stands in unconditional love also, extending their will to reinforce yours, you would not be off the mark. Allow your mind to wander to fully grasp the magnitude of what we are saying. Every sentient being choosing unconditional love, not just human beings but all – all that is! – stands with you!”

“Distortion of temporal reality is akin to desecration of sacred temple: your body. These are the energies your galactic friends are assisting you with transmuting. Your role bears the greatest significance though, as sovereign keeper and disperser of your energies.”

“During this time of cleansing, creations by those who have manipulated this construct will crumble and fall in on themselves. Holding a space of true love, the kiss of love meeting love – you have a saying for this “Namaste,” – allows this great sweeping, this shock wave to pass you by. The thrill of wondering how you will invest your creative energies and talents freed from existence predominated by survival in a pain construct of separateness aided by fear and scarcity has your galactic brethren eagerly anticipating the details of what will emerge. This unfolding of humanity’s recognition of universal oneness is aptly expressed in Lakota language as Mitakuye Oyasin; we are all related and this ideal expanded busts boundaries of your self-perceived separateness.”

“Dismantling current construct will reveal at first glance the darker side of the transition. Controllers holding fast to fear of being held accountable for their actions, will attempt to reconstruct dialog to pin this disintegration as humanity’s doomsday. This heralding is indicative of new communal standards of peaceful living and abundance for all, certainly not a doomsday for humanity.”

“Every human being is capable of transmuting even the most nefarious of energies. This is why those who seek dominion over you fear you, fear disappearing altogether if you step out of pain and denial and find them. They have lost their connection with prime creator so they believe that their existence hinges on production. Also, being incapable of empathy themselves as that too relies on source connection to discern and intuit an alternate course, they’ve coerced cooperation from human authors to rewrite their story lines. This avenue will no longer be accessible to them as humanity reclaims its sovereignty and cosmic awareness.”

“When multi-dimensional awareness is no longer a foreign concept, the ability to step out of/between/through realms is accomplished as swift as the blink of an eye. Keeping a journal of your activities and interactions during waking hours as well as recording happenings in the ethereal realm during sleeping hours will provide valuable insight. If you imagine your core being amplified in order to transit through time/space you can understand why clearing one’s field of pain and initiating personal discernment is imperative for conscious integration of this journeying.”

“Also relevant for discussion regarding pain is self-identification in healers who assist humanity in a multitude of roles. Devotion to providing assistance to others is an honorable service however there exists the potential that the work be misconstrued as the caregiver’s sole purpose. An entity’s attention to self care will release and transmute energetic directional flow no longer necessary.”

“Neglecting one’s cosmic awareness can lead to tunnel vision and presents its own paradigm, much like the way your current hospitals and societies dedicated to research and healing of disease became self-generating machines. Think of the people who carry even subconsciously fear of an end to what they claim to want ended; fear unemployment or believe themselves useless if the service that they provide was no longer necessary or have used careers to bury their pain. Although albeit initiated with kind, generous intention, intense devotion to a particular cause can integrate its presence more firmly into the system by deeming it a necessity. Disease is a manifestation designed to trigger an entity’s awareness of their multi-dimensional existence and would simply be reinstated via different formats into an entity’s field until the matter needing their attention has been resolved. Following humanity’s awakening and subsequently addressing these matters, you will see that disease is no longer necessary.”

“As you pursue balance and harmony by recognizing the oneness in all and providing assistance, healing to your brothers and sisters, imagine what the world would look like already healed.”

“As compassion, empathy and unconditional love predominate in the human society another venue to redeem the hijacked notion of spare the rod, spoil the child manifests itself into this dimension. This is allowing the hearts and the hands of the smallest to lead the group. Welcoming new directional considerations, inspirations from your youngest members, can move societies into a new harmonic; an age of innocence where cooperation allows all inhabitants to thrive in an environment of joy and abundance in balance with wisdom from its elders.”


This quote is an excerpt from the third book in the “Sasquatch Message to Humanity” series. The entire first two books written by SunBow Jean Letellier) and the third book by various authors are also published and for sale at Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis’ website here:


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