Part 2 of Georgeanna DeCarlo’s Chapter in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3

Part 2 of Georgeanna DeCarlo‘s Chapter in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3 (unpublished). Part 1 was shared days ago in a separate post, shared by Kelly Lapseritis.

Discernment and Transmutation

Discernment (dis-urn-ment; un-urn-ing – revealing what is hidden, seeing through to its original state)

“You see how relying on your physical senses and emotions to measure truthfulness is no longer a reliable method for making determinations. We presented a variety of examples how moving within the pain construct manipulates behavior; what you see, smell, touch, hear could be representing itself in a particular fashion to illicit response. Feeling your way out of this illusion requires engaging your heart first. This is the beginnings of discernment. Connecting first with one’s heart in turn heightens aforementioned physical senses. Be prepared for an extraordinary experience but be aware that this occurs contingent on one’s conscious allowance. If one has not released attachments, belief systems and expectations this journeying may only confirm what your ego, your conscious mind believe to be true. For example, were one to harbor ill will, fear or prejudice toward a species, even or especially unconsciously, you may attract those of that species that resonate at a similar vibration. Consider an alternate undertone, perhaps you are being given opportunity to mend relationships, even heal yourself. Do not underestimate determination of those holding a nefarious agenda, those who seek dominion over you prefer to keep you on a predictable path. Residue of mind control lingers and it will be up to you to identify and remove false construct.”

“As occupant in the realm of balance and harmony, using true discernment, you are enabled to shift your perception to that of participant or observer, thus expanding your vision to allow for multiple possibilities and outcomes of your potential interactions by recognizing the core essence of whatever being or situation you are considering. You are in a state of BE-ing. Even so, this information then again must pass through the conscious mind. Bypassing this route would only serve to maintain equilibrium you’re already in, relegating these experiences to fantasy or clouding the interaction with doubts and/or judgments. When you choose to honor the information regardless of the challenge it presents to the conscious mind, full integration can occur. Reinforcing this choice to BE (or not to BE, to share a phrase from a well known author and some humor) by repeatedly honoring and acting upon promptings of your heart to interpret your environment creates a rhythm in your body that eventually becomes as natural a life-sustaining process as breathing.”

“More people are discovering that they are doing things now during dream time that they do not remember having done before; eating and drinking are a couple examples. Even carrying the awareness of where they went, who they met, into the conscious mind is a new experience for many.
This gentle stirring of multi-dimensional existence is bringing a curious, happy feeling to the human collective. People are crossing that line, daring to believe that what they’d dismissed could exist. To do so requires that they release the restraints that kept them from absorbing these experiences as “real.” Being mocked, scolded, and punished for not supporting limitations imposed within lower dimensional systems are primary venues used to keep entities confined within this realm. This accumulated energy of one naturally seeking reunion with what one innately knows to be true and is intrinsically linked to become thwarted into being shamed for their foolishness and/or fear of being outcast.”
“Abandoning these rote modalities and intentionally stepping out of bounds is an act of courage. Believing, holding to be true what you experience independently is an act of faith. Your soul families will support you and welcome the opportunity to consciously enter your awareness.”

“Quantum journeying empowers discernment, discernment empowers quantum journeying; akin to the old adage asking which came first, the chicken or the egg, these two such named concepts share quantum entanglement. Allowing what has been hidden from your awareness to consciously enter your field without being re-routed by fear and pain constructs fortifies your primordial essence.”

“A human who chooses activities to stimulate greater wisdom in areas such as meditation, lucid dreaming, quantum physics, sacred geometry, astral travel, reaching out to their soul groups, cosmic connection, etc… will find that they need not abandon all ties to this realm in order to travel as they are afforded insight to recognize ties for what they are and what they contribute to anchoring their human experience.”

“Imagine yourself as light can happen more easily by drawing upon vast resources in music, art, theater, literature to stimulate your universal awareness and cosmic connection. Once you’ve identified your inner pulse, you can build on that by engaging your physical senses to better define and interpret what you discover. Receiving input this way allows you to experience without using emotions to interpret data. You can also choose to incorporate emotion into this interlude and compare your journeys; see how much or how little emotion defines your movement. Your mind freed, will be able to intuit vibrational frequency of colors, sounds you are aligned with. Identifying your root source so to speak.”

“We will share an exercise to bring discernment more clearly into your consciousness.”

“Imagine that you are a leaf high in the upper branches of a tree. Allow yourself to become your own observer by recognizing the space between you and other leaves, the size, the width, the texture of the branch that you’re on. Now see how high up you are, notice the trunk that supports your existence, its rough hide a bramble of inlets receiving sunlight and water to nourish you. Further down you see the dirt that supports your trunk to remain upright, surrounded by rocks, grasses, bushes that altogether assist your journey. You are able to see through the exterior and a world beneath the surface opens up to you. You see the thick ropes of your network of roots stretching, touching, conjoined with root systems of your neighbors. You marvel at the vastness of distance and direction.”

“Enthralled with this sudden realization of just how big you are, having so recently discovered you’re a part of this enormity and your part IN this enormity – you see how through your existence the tree is able to nourish itself and provide food and shelter to its co-inhabitants in symbiotic relationship – you draw back into your moment the grace of application and consider alternatively, your tininess.”

“Each speck of you is a crisscross of design cohesive with universal patterning yet imbibed with your own unique signature. Delight in this discovery creates a new sheen, a shift in vibration, a shiver that in its ripple ignites dormant energies to set you aglow.”

“As your vision travels downward, you are drawn to ponder what you’d previously not given attention to – the minute stem that attaches you. How can this be? you wonder, as your gaze moves slowly across this tightly woven unit of fibers. Here it is, your lifeline, and it’s practically escaped your notice.”

“Surprised at what you’ve been part and parcel of and intrinsically absorbed without need of your concern, you are suddenly overcome with gratitude of endeavors of all who’d seen to your wellness, allowing you to thrive so effortlessly. This pause precedes a change in your perception. Your expanded awareness allows you to apply these considerations to your regional co-inhabitants.”

“With new eyes, your gaze moves softly over the woods that surrounds you. You’re able to zoom in and out to explore intricate systems conjoined in vast networking. Having discovered to your amazement the hard-wire system beneath the forest floor – the intricacy of a multitude of independent neuron embedded fibers stringing awareness, sharing space of existence each unique and sovereign, their individuality celebrated yet conjoined, all greened growth like yourself. The tiniest mosses, lichens, fungal fibers settling like dust into a nook that holds water encouraging life’s essence emit from the little one that cracked its shell to stretch itself out and beyond. A breeze lifts the leaves of a small plant and you remember having been yourself held in that motion, this little one’s gentle dance is familiar, its melody speaks to your soul and you experience delight in awareness of partnered rhythm.”

“At the base of this little plant sits a rabbit. She is plump and svelte and colored just perfectly for where she sits, her sleek fibers of fur toned perfectly to harmonic vibration of her environment. You move your awareness slowly, admiringly, across her soft physique, her velvet hide. She, being one whose survival hinges on her discernment lifts her chin in your direction already aware of your interest.”

“She invites your curiosity, seeing that you’ve newly awakened to greet your neighbors. Her consent allows you to conjoin with her perception and you experience a whole new sense of being and tremble a little as the noise of what sustains her body sounds different from your own. A cosmic system exists within her body; air, water, light conjoining, creating, sustaining muscle tissues, organs, bones.”

“She is greatly entertained by your inquisitiveness and stretches out and jumps, swiftly returning her paws to nestle in the warm haven beneath her breast. This gentle movement, lasting only a fraction of a second, began and ended so quickly was startling, a jolt to your system. The experience of being completely separated from the earth had a dizzying effect and you’re grateful that it didn’t last any longer than it did. Her demonstration provoked a curiosity you’d not experienced before, and with it a greater appreciation for all the animals in the forest who exist this way; the four-legged travelers of variety of skins and hides, the flyers, the creepers, the crawlers you realize all must reconcile being apart and a part. You thank rabbit for her kindness and return your perception to your personal space.”

“Across the hill from you, you see a large maple tree awash with bright colors dancing to the rhythm of Mother Nature’s seasonal choreographed routine. This dazzling display captures your attention and for a moment, forgetting your newfound abilities, you lament the distance between you. If only – you begin to say, then catch yourself remembering that yes! Yes, you can! – reach out and touch and explore. Illusion of the supposed chasm that seam-ingly separated you folds in on itself and simplicity of the request to fulfill your heart’s desire happens spontaneously.”

“Now you, reader, bring this awareness into your body. Inhale and exhale slowly, then inhale again bringing with you more thoroughly this internal, external exercise of universal awareness more fully into your current embodiment as a human being. Feel your breath – how big or how small you can make it be. Play with that ability to consciously feed life energy to your body. Imagine your blood running through your veins, providing sustenance to all tissues and organs; its counterparts all working cohesively in perfect rhythm to nourish and support, fortify all bones and cartilage. Go ahead and explore freely. Here is the time, the space, the opportunity to marvel at the glory of your being. Experience the thrill in exploring the wonders of what allows your body to absorb or dispose of particles that have entered your field. Move your arms, your legs and see into that extension of your limbs. Now, imagine there is a light show illustrating the movements of the multitude of ligaments, muscles, corpuscles orchestrating this motion as you stretch, flex, curve, retract. Illuminated this way, you are able to perceive, maybe for the first time, the vastness of you as a creation, as a creator. Study the shape of your fingers, your fingernails, the creases in your knuckles, the lines in the palms of your hands, the bend of your wrists. Explore ideals of the lineage you carry, perhaps recognizing similar traits with your body to an older or younger relative. Reconciliation of embodiments will freely enter your awareness now if you so desire to explore this way. Spend as much time pondering this as feels comfortable to you. Then, allow your mind to return to your current embodiment and move your gaze slowly, purposely across the entire length of your body. This thoughtful admiration allows the intricate workings of what’s been hidden to be exposed as you are free to explore the miracles occurring beneath your skin.”

“Now take a deep breath in and then out, allowing its fullness, then emptiness to move you back into the space of your beginnings. Remember what it felt like when you took your first steps, or in whatever way it was that you began to explore the world around you, and relive those moments of courage, curiosity and joy. Imagine how your loved ones, some who existed outside the scope of your reality, celebrated with you. Carry your current awareness as a human adult into your field and recognize all the beings who shared this moment with you. You are able to see now what you may refer to as your guardian angels, the beings who’ve been with you from the moment of your birth. Now come back into the moment that you’re in now, carrying with you the remembered experience of joy and peace that comes with the knowledge that you are supported, you are so very loved. You were then and are now still being celebrated. No moment, no experience has been lost. With this awareness, you’re able to see through the illusion of times that you’d felt your separation as having been abandoned, lost or forsaken. The multitude of beings who care for you have always been and will always be with you to offer their support, to rally you on and whispers encouragement and welcome the opportunity to interact with your consent for conscious awareness.”

“Now we’ll move more, as if flipping the pages of a photo album of your lifetime, acknowledging your growth and setting some moments aside for further examination later. Now we will move back into the moment that you’re in now. You are fully grounded into this moment secure into what best serves your current field of exploration having retained clarity of vision, defined, purposeful motion that comes from observing unobscured and moving unhindered by accrued filters/ belief systems attached during your maturation.”

“Now having returned absolutely and completely into full awareness of your current embodiment and surroundings, beauty surrounds you having retained celebration of your primordial essence birthed into and growing in this existence. Accompanying these great rememberings comes the joy of living uninhibited and this freedom of movement remains in your field. Your body reinstated, restructured to realign perfectly with the blueprint you chose for this experience, well aware that the choice to expand, contract, redefine the lines is entirely and completely up to you and only you. Restored, rejuvenated you are empowered with the knowledge that you can carry this vision forward, be-coming an active participant in a group experience that honors individual essence. Every breath you take into your body seeded and in tune precisely with the mission that you’ve chosen. Every breath that leaves your body carries with it energies that are no longer useful to you.”

“Your awareness has expanded into recognizing the symbiotic universal nature of your human body in cohesive relationship with your ethereal body, creating matter of, in, out and beyond generated by your unique signature of air, water, light.”

“Now that you’ve moved back into a state of awareness of your current surroundings, your gaze returns to ponder myriad of filtration systems that support the entire physicality of your body by allowing entrance, purifying, then releasing what it no longer needs. You are identifying organs involved with processing discernment. You’ve carried this key all along but perhaps hadn’t taken necessary steps to turn it. Actively engage its attention and ask for its assistance. Wake it up if you need to. Perhaps it’s determined that you no longer require its assistance having attempted many times to garner your attention and you’ve dismissed it. Tell it that you are ready to listen.”

“With its assistance, go through your body systems, resting your gaze to move deeper into spaces and asking that your attention be brought to areas in need of nourishment, encouragement. Give love and gratitude to all the systems in your body that work so hard to maintain optimum function, having only ever adhered to dictations that you’ve cooperated with or initiated. Tell your body exactly how you want it to perform and release all energies that could hamper this movement.”

“Transmutation of energies relies on one having engaged active discernment first. Awareness and wisdom gleaned from having first explored yourself then into what presents itself in your field has revealed your connection and that you are the connection. You are part, a glorious part, of a whole. Returning to the wild, untamed, unfettered, unaltered purest essence of divine creation in you and around you, assisting you without necessitating conscious directions. You walk through the woods, a garden, or any space free of obstruction of modern influence to release and find your burdens lifted. You feel lighter because you are lighter. Having grounded yourself into planetary and cosmic energies you are able to now consciously release and restore. Previously, your awareness may not have expanded into conscious interpretation of how these happenings occur. You just knew that you felt better. If you wish to understand the process of transmutation more intrinsically, then pull into your experience, with conscious awareness, details of how this process is accomplished easily acquired by asking for clarification from entities involved in this work around you. Each description will be unique, as is each method for this process. For those of you who do not feel necessity of explanation of dynamics, rest assured that your intention to detach what no longer serves you happens.
Many people have done great works of illustrating this concept to give you visuals as tools to build your confidence and focus. A simple way of interpreting this process is to imagine wielding a pair of golden scissors and cutting the cords that bind what no longer serves you; tear up a contract, float it down a river, put it in a hot air balloon, do whatever it is that feels right to you, knowing that once it’s released it will not bother you again. Just as with meditation, it is the participant’s choice to add as much or as little into this process that they deem necessary for its success.”

“We will close this chapter by extending our love and gratitude to all who’ve opened their hearts to receive our message. We notice and applaud efforts of the many thousands of people throughout the world who stand and continue to stand, holding space of true love where all are welcomed, healed, restored. This unification of diversity allows through its unconditional acceptance the inner light of each human being to shine which tips the scales, so to speak, thereby setting a new course. It is our great pleasure and honor to participate in this monumental shift of humanity’s well being.”

This chapter is an excerpt from the third book in the “Sasquatch Message to Humanity” series. The entire first two books written by SunBow (Jean Letellier) and the third book by various authors are also published and for sale at Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis’ website here:


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