The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, excerpts by Erin Renee

Post by Kelly Lapseritis.

This is a channeled message that Erin Renee received from a grand Elder Sasquatch in Chewelah during the 2017 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat. Erin began this channel by being baffled about how far humans have strayed from the path of Nature and how this deceptive society we live in has blinded us from knowing the true love of the Earth and all who inhabit her.

The Sasquatch Elder said:
“It is time to come back, to come home. The path is easy as it is within the heart. Put a bare foot on the path in the forest and look up, for there will be a hand there to help you along the way. Feel the Earth Mother call you back to her. When you step in full heart on the path we will be there to steady you. You will find our signs and we will leave you heart stones, singing stones and stones of density to remind you of your Earth Mother’s heart as she beats inside every one of us. It is time to drop your luggage as you do not need any of it anymore. You must come to the trees, for they know and remember your heart. They teach all of us and know this home planet as theirs and ours. Their mission was always to help balance the earth and this has been imprinted in all of them as they were seeded here from the stars as we were also. The ancient elementals is what we will discuss today, we start with the trees as they are everywhere and hard not to notice. It is time to be conscious with all living things. The Forest People or Sasquatch speak for the trees, yes, they are the ultimate gardeners and balancers on the planet, they are the Greenman. In old Celtic and European lore, the Greenman cared for the forest and they still do.”

“This elemental speech is very important and must be heard this day. When the hairless human begins respecting the elementals then we will speak openly with them. Until them, only those in heartspace and in love with the nature around them will know us in their hearts. We give this talk to White Stone Mother so that she can share the teachings.
If you come to the forest with love in your heart, trust and respect, we will walk with you and show you our ways. You must leave all fear of danger behind you and must find love in your heart no matter how scary your world looks right now.”

“If you can truly hear us, we can teach you how to survive and be in balance on your home planet, all that you think you need, will not be needed anymore. Earth changes are coming and have been coming for a long while now. Earth Mother will be cleaning house. There is no reason to panic, but you must learn to help yourselves and it starts in the heart.”

“We must work together in the natural magnetic grid of our home planet, we must do this together. We will teach you, we must do this before our families can be together. A HO!
Some are already with us and have chosen to stay. We ask you to unplug, downsize, minimize your possessions, and assess what you NEED in order to live. Quality is better than quantity and with your current technologies, you have amazing items to help you in survival times. Choose wisely and we will help you. Try to get off of manmade medications, if this means using natural alternate medicines, then please do so. Find your wise ones who know holistic healing practices and honor them, for they will be the ones who will know how to heal.”

“Keep in mind that the laws and rules that are imposed on your society are mostly there for control, you must ask yourself if you enjoy being controlled. If the answer is no, then consider an alternative way of life, this is what we offer you. It’s a journey, but one that is well worth it.”

“We are ready. When we speak of elementals, we speak with extreme reverence. For as we respect the Earth, Air, Fire, Water and our collective spirit- then the Elementals will respect us and all will be in balance. The fires would never be so bad if there was complete respect for the fire elementals or known as Salamanders by your earth based studies. The floods would never be so bad if hairless humans had held water elementals in high reverence at all times. The major violent storms would never be so bad if more holy people made offerings to the four winds. If more people honored their OWN spirit, then our Earth Mother would not be suffering and we would not suffer.”

“So it is time to teach the elementals to your people once again, or rather help you remember. It is time to teach them slowly and with ease, with the love of all there is.”

“Fire is first because the heart of fire longs to be loved again. If humans can love the fire, then the elementals will feel honored and will come back into balance.”

“Water! We all need the water on Earth Mother, the water is our healer! We must honor the oceans, the creeks, the rivers, ponds and lakes. Honor how the water has collected in the impressions of the Earth, honor how she cleans us and grows our food along with Earth Mother soil. Honor the Holy Waters always and she will find her balance.”

“Air! We All BREATH! Our air must be clean for ALL of us to live on this planet, honor the four winds, always, daily if you can! She will be in balance, all four are ONE Spirit! Remember who you are, you who have so many gifts of light and joy and your people are the most miserable. It is truly sad.”

“The way to light and happiness is through the Heart. Your heart holds your Spirit to your body, it is never through the mind. For you to honor your collective and individual spirit you must LOVE; the Self at all times of your life must forgive and love yourself. With the love of Self comes the love for nature, for others, for children, for mates, for WORLD and for all that is unseen. Respect yourself, set boundaries, stop when you want to. Learn to want and receive, honor the trade and the gift, release expectations, love people who are conflicted for they are suffering, (yet take no crap). Walk from what does not serve you. Let is all go and journey to your heart. It can happen in as little time as one second, or it can take a lifetime. The choice is yours.”

“Earth! Earth is everything all at once so her spirit is the Queen Mother of us all. Honor your mother, care for her, keep her comfortable and in balance. Pray to her, touch her lovingly and with reverence and with utter respect. She is waiting. It is not hard to walk outside and touch your mother, connect, ground and honor her, she will always be here, but we may not. Earth Mother does not NEED us to be here, but she loves us and loves the energy that we bring when we are in JOY. There is not enough joy in this planet and this is how we and Earth Mother are out of balance. “Be in joy and dance among her energies, pray with your power and joy. Dance and sing to her and she will begin to heal. It has to start NOW! Our mother has been known to be patient, but that time has passed and we are now in utter urgency. NOW is Time.”

“We say this in the simplest way. Love and honor, respect and be in reverence, these are only what you must master NOW. The rest we will teach you at the right time.”

“We are all family, we are all relations, so let’s start being that way consciously. A Ho! We are all one, not in theory, but in reality.”

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This chapter is an excerpt from the third book in the The Sasquatch Message to Humanity series, written by Erin Renee. The entire first two books written by SunBôw (Jean Letellier) and the third book by various authors are also published and for sale at Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis’ website here:


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