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Article about Sasquatch after contacts in dreams, by Daniel Williams

By Daniel Williams

May 13, 2017: About a month ago I had a series of dreams about the Sasquatch and began to write an article about the experience. I hesitated in publishing it, hoping that I would have more but since none were forthcoming, felt that I should just be happy with what I had learned and share the experience with my readers.

Here is the article, it is short and sweet, less than 3,000 words but describes my experience while adding a little information I have learned about our Big Brother Race from the stars.


It is now 1:30 a.m. and I was recently awoken by some startling visions, Dreams in Technicolor, incredibly vivid. It seems the Sasquatch People have a message to humanity and they have chosen me as a conduit. It is actually a very clever way to transcribe a message because all I have to do to get it, is close my eyes and put myself in a dream state. In this article I will share my Sasquatch Dreams with you.

Perhaps this will be the only one but I got the feeling it would be an ongoing exercise. What I found interesting is usually I read before I go to bed but tonight after mowing part of my yard, I was so tired, that I just went to bed. It is the first night this year that I left all the windows open. I live in rural Tennessee and there are some woods I can see from my bedroom window. I half jokingly said to myself, that I would dream of Sasquatches tonight and invite them into my astral realm . . . well they came.

I want to share what the dreams looked like, so that you can visualize what I felt and saw. Everything was in color, mostly ocher, maroon or brown, dark yellow or burnt orange. I saw myself in what looked like a Buddhist Monastery, humans and Sasquatch were practicing some sort of Martial Arts. The Sasquatch had no clothes but the humans wore robes of maroon or orange and were mostly women. There were people in sitting in gardens in meditation, it had a Tibetan feel to it, not Oriental so much but what I would think of as a scene out of Lost Horizons or Shangri-La. It was very peaceful.

I was being told I would be used as a conduit for a message and that all I had to do to receive the message was to put myself in a trance or go to sleep. I thought to myself maybe they read my article but I got no confirmation on that. I was told the message would always be there for me, so I would never lose it. I tossed and turned and awoke often but each time I went back to sleep, I was right back at the Monastery with the words “We Have a message, you will be the conduit. We will share the message with you and you can share it with your readers.”

Their messages is quite simple, so far, treat all life with respect. That means bugs, plants, pets, domestic life stock, birds, each other, all life. It has the right to exist, just because you do not know their language does not mean they are lower than you, we are all one.

I was told that I will always know the message is true because it will be in my dreams waiting for me . . . I am now going back to sleep.

The Message

Now after a day of work and contemplation about my Sasquatch Dreams, I find that I have a need to share the feelings I got from the dream. I want to emphasize that the overall feeling I got from the dream, which is like a strong under-current of emotion that I still feel right now is about education, not sensationalism. Yes, it is exciting to have a vivid dream about a sentient, spiritual species of People, that our modern society has for the most part written off as fantasy and folklore but I feel the contact was made so the Sasquatch People would have another avenue in which to share their version of reality with humans.

I write articles about many fascinating subjects that interest me to educate my fellow humans on a wide variety of historical knowledge that isn’t very well understood, the Sasquatch People are no different than any of the other subjects I research, except they are able to reach out and share their story. It is very important to me to be as accurate, detailed and descriptive as I possibly can be. While I do get some money for this, it isn’t very much and certainly wouldn’t allow me to make a living doing it. I write because I enjoy it, love to research and read and I like sharing my knowledge with others.

Many people may scoff at the idea of the Sasquatch People, I have no problems accepting them as real living intelligent beings and People, without ever having seen one, their tracks or even heard one of their howls for myself. Although maybe I have because where I live in Tennessee we have many coyotes and I have read that their language is called the Coyote Language. What better way to disguise your language than by imitating the wide range of vocalizations of the coyote. However I really think that a Sasquatch uses his innate psychic abilities to communicate with each other and on the rare occasions humans, after all my only contact with them has been from one very vivid dream.

The main theme of the message I received last night from my dream was that I would “know” the truth of the information because it was coming through me, in the form of my inner visualizations, symbols and feelings. This was stressed over and over again because I realized I was dreaming and receiving important information and so I would bring myself back closer to consciousness and then fall back into the dream. I did this over and over again, almost to test myself, that I was dreaming so vivid was the imagery and visuals.

I can tell you that I am looking forward to more communication in this form but want to remain objective and try not to project any expectations into this communication process. Many researchers become writers to share the information they have gained over their life’s work but I am a researcher and writer that does not limit myself to one particular subject. I would love to share their version of reality with the human race and hopefully gain some spiritual wisdom and knowledge along the way. So how do I go about educating humanity about a subject I already feel is true . . .

Sasquatch Basics

I have read from many different sources, that there are seven basic species of Sasquatch, they prefer not to be called Big Foot, would you? Their bodies are built (engineered or designed) so that they can survive in the wilds without the need for clothes, shelter, fire (heat) or tools. Their hair, not fur, is thick as well as their skin to protect them from biting insects or snakes. They have a gland, much like a skunk that can eject a strong odor, if they feel threatened or frightened. They have a different way of breathing, through their nostrils, that allows them to be able to absorb oxygen at high altitudes.

They can eat almost anything but are primarily vegetarians, which allows them to have the entire planet to live on or in. They are primarily nocturnal, meaning they spend most of their waking hours at night foraging for food, when most of humanity is asleep. They prefer to sleep inside in, in caves during the day, where they also bury their dead. They are very fast walkers and runners are extremely agile and are expert rock climbers. They are incredibly strong, which makes them more than a match for any animal on the planet, including gorillas. Their only “known’ natural enemies would be man but this is not by choice. They prefer avoidance over confrontation but will defend themselves if left no other choice.

They have highly developed psychic abilities, such as remote viewing, telepathy, telekinesis, and thought projecting (meaning they can implant a thought, image or idea in the minds of humans). Some of them can travel trans-dimensionally, meaning they can exist in more than one dimension by altering the frequency in which their bodies vibrate. This allows them to become semi-transparent and even invisible to the naked eye. But they can also still retain their mass and weight in third dimensional reality, which accounts for researchers often finding a solitary track or footprint or feeling and hearing their footsteps or movement through the woods without being able to see them.

However because cameras have a wider color spectrum they will sometimes be picked up as shadows or dark areas and outlines. Because of their heightened psychic abilities they know when they are being observed, just as humans “know’ when we are being watched and can partially alter their vibrational frequency so that it is difficult to see them or capture them on film. Much like UFOs they are only “seen”, when they allow it to happen. They do this to slowly acclimate humanity to their presence, so as not to frighten people and let them get used to the idea of them being around.

They live longer lives than humans, due to a number of factors, such as healthier fresh food, resistance to diseases, spiritually more balanced lives, less stress and over all stronger bodies. They reproduce far less often than humans as means of maintaining their populations and preventing competition for resources and habitat. They don’t fight wars amongst themselves for territory or resources, they don’t murder each other or humans and they don’t live together in large groups.

Because of much of the information I have related above it is easy to understand why the rich, ruling elite on this planet would prefer if the general public would remain ignorant of the Sasquatch People, as they have much to offer humanity. Consider a species of humanoids that lives in spiritual harmony with nature, do not have laws or prisons to govern their behavior, do not work to pay rent to exist on the planet they are born on, do not pay taxes, have no fences, borders or armed forces and none of their citizens starve to death. When you recognize these things about the Sasquatch it becomes much clearer why our educational process tries to paint the picture they don’t exist.

More Sasquatch Dreams

Since my first initial dream about the Sasquatch People, I have had two more, one that showed how some Sasquatch People are able to exist in two dimensions simultaneously and the other about why the Sasquatch People select some humans to interact with based on their motives, spiritual agenda and heart. Again because the Sasquatch People have such highly developed psychic abilities they can perceive the intentions of humans that seek them out or try to make contact.

My second Sasquatch dream showed me that some of the Sasquatch People are able to exist as more pure thought forms of evolved consciousness in higher dimensions, while simultaneously existing in third dimensional reality. This was done by showing me a glimpse into a dimensional plane that really didn’t make a lot of sense to my conscious mind but allowed me to “see” what this state might look like. Then once I became convinced this world beyond my comprehension was real, my dream switched gears and showed me a glimpse into how the Sasquatch People exist in our 3D reality and how they can so easily avoid detection.

Needless to say this dream was quite confusing to me because at first I didn’t understand they were trying to show how they could exist in both places at once. The difference in the two planes of existence was abrupt and so different that I didn’t make the connection right away. But upon further contemplation and synchronicity in my waking consciousness, I realized what the dream was trying to show me. I am currently reading the book by Kewaunee Lapseritis M.S. called The Sasquatch People (2011) and the very next day after my second dream, I began reading on page 27, and I quote . . .

“We are actually dealing with unique terrestrial extraterrestrials that have been living for centuries at the fringe of civilization throughout North America. These people are so physically advanced and stealthy that they have fooled science into believing they don’t exist! Now that’s really being evolved! They are both physical and nonphysical—not one or the other as paranormal researchers claim. The beings live in a quantum realm that is really part of mainstream physics. A merging of humanistic anthropology and quantum mechanics will advance us to solving this mystery.”

What is important for humanity to realize is that the Sasquatch People have a lot to offer humanity and humanity has absolutely nothing to offer the Sasquatch People besides friendship, understanding and love. I suspect that the Sasquatch People are not all that concerned about some researchers and members of humanity finding proof of their existence and might even prefer if they didn’t. My contention is that they are more concerned with making contact with the members of humanity that are open to their existence and less concerned with what our overall societies current paradigm is concerning their existence.

This leads me to my third dream about the Sasquatch people that was short and too the point. It was impressed upon me that although, they felt that I would be able to offer information about their existence in written form, they were not entirely convinced of my motives nor spiritual paradigm and until more interaction took place and trust was developed they would reserve their communication to dreams and synchronicity. I completely understand this, as you don’t exist on the fringes of human civilization for hundreds of thousands of years by acting impulsively or rash.

I have learned since my spiritual awakening that you cannot change another’s mind about any subject all you can do is change how you perceive or view another’s feelings and ideas and accept that everyone is on their own spiritual path of enlightenment. We are all judged by our actions and deeds, not our intentions because we cannot perceive another’s intentions and they can be easily changed. Because of this, all we can do is continue to do the next right thing and hopefully learn from our mistakes. This is why it is so important to listen to the message and not the messenger. Try not to harbor a resentment in our hearts because others do not share your perspective.

Thoughts and Conclusions

Fear of the unknown prevents more people from recognizing the truth, than any other reason. Most people are simply unwilling to explore information that may alter their safe, reliable version of reality. This will often lead to ridicule and contempt prior too any serious investigation and will undoubtable keep them rooted in everlasting ignorance, on any given subject.

Learning to overcome my preconceived and prejudicial thinking has allowed me to learn to think with my heart. My Spiritual Awakening required that I develop an open mind to learn a new way to live but what this also did was help me to develop a new way to think. This new way of thinking helped me to recognize that our intuition is very real and that when we pay attention to it and learn to trust it, we can open many new doors.

I did not write this article to prove the existence of Sasquatch, only to share with my readers how learning to trust my intuition, synchronicity in my life and paying attention to our dreams can help us unlock the mysteries of not only our planet but our lives as well. I look forward to more Sasquatch Dreams and hope one day to meet one on their terms.

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