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Petrified larger than human size footprints

By SunBôw

May 16th, 2017: Who would have thought? The book of Mother Earth…

In these magical deserts around, I’ve see a lot of awesome wonders, ancient ruins, remains from ages past, fossils, petrified trees and bones, dinosaurs tracks and eggs, and at least half a dozen of Human-like fossilized footprints in different locations.

214 tracks

But who would have thought that this clear 18 inch footprint was just down the street from here on the outskirt of Tuba City?

210 tracks

That site is also rich in petrified bones of many creatures, including a whole dragon-like pterodon of some kind sticking out of the rock.


Just coming back from a four day quest on the east side of the Grand Canyon along the gorges of the Little Colorado overlooking the Sipapu. Many altars and ruins, and plenty of pyramidal structures and platforms of piled up layers of blocks.


One of the most remote wilderness left on Earth, where I didn’t see or hear anyone nor even a car for 3 days. But spirits were strong, winds were talking loud and flying lights traveled around.

As for the Sipapu, the underground civilization, it is there; the lower entrance was plundered and sealed in 1909 after Kincaid’s discovery; then the upper entrance was plundered and the access cut off in 2012, when helicopters and big trucks were observed and filmed carrying large loads out of the canyon.

Some powers don’t want us to know about such a place that holds great knowledge about our past, they want us to stay in this 4th world. But even though the place of emergence is sealed, we will emerge into the coming 5th world, it’s our destiny.

Too many stories to tell in one post and too many photos for one album, starting with our tour on Black Mesa last week, but I’ll catch up with the internet planet as I land back from this journey.

This photo is a good example of what the history of the Earth written on the book of mother rock can tell us about the distant past of our home-planet. This footprint proves obviously that a Human-like being with 18 inch long foot was walking barefoot on the Earth at the time of the dinosaurs, tens of millions of year ago. Sounds like our Sasquatch Elders and friends…

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