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Experiencer story, by Martin Paul Coss, from Australia

By Martin Paul Coss

Hello Sunbôw,
I am Martin, or known as eagle breeze from Scenic.
You kindly replied to my questions of the Yowie forest people and it wasn’t to long after I think about the following week l received Scenic mail containing Leigh Kerr’s telepath messages from Tunnika and Armardge, this information that came through l felt an instant connection had been brought to me.
If l may l would like to brief you in on a few things as l can see this is all connected…..
5 years now l have been in regular meetings or speaking with a physic medium, this is Alison. She has been my communication with Claire you see and Claire l shared a very close loving relationship for some many years, so how it was Claire left her physical self presence just over 5 years now and from here my life has really progressed, my grief has mainly passed as l am still in my relationship with Claire for many reasons.
Claire is my loving guide assisting in with myself for the alignment process.
As from about one week ago l met with Alison, Alison is a lovely physic, l soon mentioned with her l had been hearing a name Asitar and Asitar is one of my guides l was looking more for conformation to whom he is and Alison told me he is a white Sasquatch or Yowie forest people.
I have been receiving telepathic messages from him about the same time l first sent you my email questioning about the Yowie forest people a little on a month ago, so l was intrigued to know what this was about, you mentioned of your two books that l now am reading and things are becoming clearer, thank you.
To be honest l am very happy that l did hear Asitar as l did have some doubts at first. l haven’t always been completely trusting of myself ability, early days with inexperience with telepathy and my own thoughts sometimes confuses me. However l was able to make out Asitar’s name, and Alison confirmed to me l have got what it takes to hear guides, l have a little more work of the heart alignment, holding me to my knowing and owning my worth, very true.
The conformation is a blessing for me to grow and realign. Since then l know this is true as l am conscious of a recent test made for me only days ago from Asitar a test on my ability of trust. l didn’t do so well at this early stage, Asitar reassures me there is more opportunities plenty more to come over time, Asitar also mentioned to me, if l focus in with him, he said “l am here for you.” This is very nice and feel great full in fact l do feel like a little brother!
Also from this reading Alison went further, I received knowledge that l am living as Sasquatch on a transformational level, l didn’t have a chance to ask what this meant? However, l am male and what was rather more of a surprise, my Sasquatch partner is my lovely Claire!  we also have a young son.
To be completely honest l haven’t yet reached a personal understanding of this, I can to some degree imagine l am experiencing other lives through a splitting of my soul of other experiences.
It all makes a lot of sense, Claire and myself spent much of our time in nature from our canoe….. Living close to a national park and we had the privilege to spend our time with a pair of wedge tail Eagles….. I have bonded with a few eagles, the one in the photo is a young eagle who came over to see me whilst l was on a hike only months after Claire passed over however l am familiar with two other adult wedge tail eagles, a relationship that has been going on for about 15 years now.
Sometimes one the male or the pair will fly over towards me and circle right above for a good while then fly off, it happened again today, they also know where l live as l do live near the national park. l will give them a big wave and talk to them, l am excited to see them. l am sure Claire brings them with her as she to was very familiar with this pair….. What has been fascinating is they have been flying over head regularly lately…..  l feel honoured and blessed ever so glad l can share special moments a wonderful bond with these eagles.
Blessings Martin
wedge tail eagle

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