Sasquatch Poem, by Ellen Aitchison

Thanks to my friend and reader on SCENIC for this beautiful poem.

Sasquatch Poem, by Ellen Aitchison

Sasquatch is the man to see

He lives unemcumbered and is free

Large as life and twice as bold

Ancient stories oft are told.

Of skills and majesty of ones so mighty

They seem very able to travel lightly.

Often heard as a breath or a whisper

Knowledge to impart to the eager listener.

Heartfelt and truthful these ancients are

Hailing from some distant star.

Thoughts are shared and knowlwedge too

Telepathy is their gift to you.

Persons on earth both loving and kind

are receiving messages with us in mind.

Teachings of ancients tell

How humans are capable of cohabiting well.

Once we learn to love and accept

We can converse and be an adept

At adopting new ways of being on Earth

And share a culture and give birth

To lofty principals based on Love

As Sasquatch guides us from above.

Based on Love and acceptance whether

We’re tall or short, furry or feathered

Light skin, dark skin all the same

No matter what our lineage or name.

Origins have so little consequence

As loving each other is all that makes sense.

Perhaps Sasquatch can stay on Earth

So Human kind can share their mirth.

They won’t need to disappear

When loving them dispels the fear.

Prosperous abundance can be our lot.

When we learn to share all we’ve got.

Minds can meld as well as thoughts

As interdimentionality is sought

Purity of mind, based on soul

Will allow Mankind to become whole.


-Ellen Aitchison

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