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Shamanic journey to Sasquatch country on the Salish Sea

By SunBôw

Shamanic journey to Sasquatch country on the Salish Sea

Greetings relatives,

I’m just returning from a highly inspiring medicine journey on the Coast Salish unceded territory, the very homeland from where the world famous name Sasquatch comes from, a Chinook adaptation of the word sasq’ets in Coast Salish language, meaning ‘wild man’.

It took four days across BC, including a stop at Nakusp Hot Springs and a day in Vancouver to get my son I had not seen in almost two years, before reaching Squamish, the home of the Skwo’mish or Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Coast Salish tribe, and an eagle sanctuary.

The first night I went by the Squamish river to pray and chant, and four Sasquatch came and stood nearby to greet me and let me know they were assisting me on this journey; but these events now common in my life are not the topic here, let’s go on with the story.


The Fire in the Wind gathering is held annually (10th year) by the Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Society, a registered pagan neo-shamanistic group with ordained ministers. Their ceremonies are reconstructed from Gaelic ancient texts, lore and stories. There were some nice ceremonies all week, including a fire walk, in which I took part.


There were people from around the world, with a group from India and some Europeans. The gathering is open to different shamanic practices and healing arts, and some 30 teachers presented workshops, sharing a wide variety of spiritual teachings and methods.


Over 15 people took part in the four hour workshop I gave on Sasquatch Multidimensional Shamanism, including two experiencers, all showed a great interest, some bought books. After eight days at the gathering, I visited my friend Kelly Ann in Squamish, who had invited me. She took me where the Sasquatch left two stumps across her daily walking path by the seaside, after she had asked for a sign. She also showed me a dove feather that fell on her face one day, while she was alone in her apartment, a gift from them.


The next morning, a sundancer met at the gathering invited me and drove me to a sweat lodge in Deep Cove, where my son joined me just after his birthday, with his friend. It was a great honor to do a traditional sweat lodge on Tsleil-Waututh territory, at the home of the George family, from the lineage of world famous Elder and movie actor Chief Dan George. 

Chief Dan George -

Photo of Chief Dan George and link to Wikipedia:


His son, Chief Leonard George, joined the ancestors just last year (2017). I had met his grandson Chief Reuben George, in a couple of occasions, including at a pipe ceremony in Lillooet at the International Indigenous Leadership Gathering three years ago, where he told me to keep smoking my pipe, so I took it out.

This time Chief Reuben was not around, he is now assisting famous Elder Leonard Crow Dog who is in the hospital, as many expect him to join the ancestors soon. So the sweat was hosted by the Chief’s wife, son and daughter, to whom I apologize for forgetting their first names; a Shushwap pipe carrier also poured for two rounds and Grandfather Mike also shared his pipe and wise guidance. On Mother’s Day, we honored our Mother Earth, earthly mothers and the Sacred Feminine principle, as well as all our relations, all life.

During the pause after the second round, the Chief’s wife started talking about Sasquatch, telling stories of how they are often heard around knocking on trees or breaking branches, that she had a sighting in which the Sasquatch shape shifted, and that her friend had seen their babies visiting near her house. When I told her then, that I’m a Sasquatch channeler, that they are interdimensional beings working with the Star Elders, and that I carry some hair on my pipe on the altar that we would smoke after the next round, she was enthusiastic and highly interested, as well as others around listening. She asked me if they are connected with the Little People she had seen; I answered: for sure.

Then she asked Grandfather Mike who had been sitting in silence during our talk, what he knew about Sasquatch.

Grandfather Mike said: ”Sasquatch?!? I feed them! Their babies look like little Wookies. They hang around with the Little People. I know them, I have seen them too. You see them only if they let you see them. They can go invisible or they shape-shift, they turn into trees or into rocks, if they don’t want people to see them. Those beings are much more advanced than us. They can fly spaceships.”

Then he told us that his uncle once saw a bright space ship land on a mountain and four tall white beings came out of it carrying a sick Sasquatch whom they left for dead in a cave. His uncle went and saw the Sasquatch was unconscious, but still breathing, so he brought him water, food and medicine. The Sasquatch opened his eyes and started getting better; after two days he was gone. I thanked Grandfather Mike for his amazing stories. This is Native shamanic knowledge from a respected Elder, not a woo woo story.

sasquatch ufo

After this ceremony, for the first time in the many sweat lodges I’ve been in, we bathed in the salted waters of the ocean, in Howe Sound, facing Burnaby Mountain and the oil refinery at its foot, causing general uproar over the imposed construction of additional pipelines to triple the tankers capacity; two emergency clean up ships were anchored by.

It took three days to return home in eastern BC, with the help of friends who drove me for the last part of the journey, as there was no bus available in a very crippled and poor bus service troughout the province, which I will not waste time in criticizing, but which made the journey quite longer and considerably more expensive than expected. But the experiences and encounnters were well worth the trip, which brings me new teachings.

I returned to the Slocan Valley yesterday, by the end of the day. Late at night, between 3 and 4 am, a Sasquatch walked across the village calling out loud hoots, covering about a mile in less than five minutes, faster than an average human could run. The local tribe came by to friendly greet me back home. Dean, a local Sasquatch communicator whom I met at our last sweat lodge here on April full moon and who channels the same local white Elder I channeled in Book 3 of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, also wrote today. We should start some meetings and expeditions on the grounds around here soon.

I am now back online to share and work on our networks, as this blessed journey continues to amaze me and all who grow in knowledge and understanding of our cosmic Family of interdimensional allies and relatives, who provide guidance on our way.

Best blessings and Love to all…

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  1. Sun Bow thank you for sharing your incredible journey with us. Such blessings! I too am currently on a journey within the Humboldt county landscapes in northern California. It is a transformational travels….magic all around these ancient redwood forests, and where Sasquatch is quite commonly seen and heard and felt. Blessings friend….

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