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Hi Activity at the moment..and Yowie Healings

To went to Mt Franklin.( outside of Hepburn springs in Victoria Australia) This is the Inside of an extinct  volcano . An amazing area Also an indigenous Corroboree area im told.   As cold as it was it was good to get out in nature . I really like it there.
Felt like a real yowie area . Lots of pine trees and UFO activity hotspot. Felt very connected to Yowies there and as we drove out had an eagle circled us ( we got out of our car to look at it) then he came down low . He came right over the top of us and glided all the way. We both felt it was a positive sign connected to the Yowies as at the time both of us were thinking about them without either of us knowing this at that time

Activity in the house in the last few days…or week actually.Myself and Mick and my daughter hearing loud noises in the kitchen/living room and when you go in to check it out ,it always stops.Sounded like someone was tapping something on the bench ….to get your attention….. I think Yowie as they have been in our house before and been feeling their energy lately.I went in 3 times and it always stopped… went I went in again …and started when I went out.
2 nights ago mick woke up experiencing EYES looking at him .White eyes in the corner up near the ceiling . They were blinking . 5 minutes. Also A white face looking at him right next to him.He also was sleeping and felt like he was dropped back to bed. Its been a hard week for both of us and so that night he decided to sleep in my peaceful “Healing”room where  I do my healing. He had asked to be healed from benevolent beings the yowies. He felt good in the morning  and told me what he felt…..

He is type 2 diabetic and the last few days his blood sugar is way to high. He was telling me another thing he saw( and I didnt add it because its hard to explain but now i think i understand here goes) he saw above him about 6 or 7 rectangular boxes all in a row . Each one had a different color he said the bottom was red the top was purple etc…I said its the chakras! The colors of the chakras…you have had some kind of chakra healing from them…wonderful- also the last high attack he end up in hospital so the are definitely looking out for him.

Mick says..I went into the healing room to ask for help from the Yowie people and I swear there was this strange semi White streak of light about a foot high and three feet long on the wall reaching up to the corner of the ceiling…. I was laying there looking at this light and suddenly these Fairly White eyes appeared in the light and it was as if someone was there looking at me …. I clearly saw them looking about and blinking, squinting and staring at me….. I had no fear because I am past that now and said ” If you are not here for my greater good, leave now !”…. The eyes just turned and looked at me in a non threatening way…. I asked for my stress to be removed ,my Diabetes to come down and normalise please…. I watched these eyes for about five minutes and then fell into a deep sleep, then this white face came close to me in my dream state and it was slightly wrinkly and I then saw a coloured group of rectangular blocks with like single wires coming from each one come down to me, then I felt this weird feeling in my chest like something was in it ( Hand) and finally it felt like I was dropped several inches into my bed and woke up… I later got up to go to the Loo and felt so much better checked my Blood Sugar levels in the morning and they were down considerably and my stress levels felt much better too ! There is some high strangeness happening at our house at the moment and we are just going along for the ride, interesting times.Leigh and myself have very close contact with them and I use Copper Divining Rods to ask questions to them.. It was a very positive yes to the question was it our yowie friends having their hands in my chest ? “Yes” was the answer.

Yes lots going on around here at the moment !!!

Leigh Kerr and Mick Harrison


YowieDown under Mick and Leigh -Facebook

Mt Franklin

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